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Summary: Mikado finally apologizes to the spirits for treating them cruelly. Before he can ask them about Mika Harima though; his father barges into his room announcing that they are going to London to have a meeting with Ciel Phantomhive due to the problems with work. Realizing his chance to obtain the Priestess arcana, Mikado brings his spirits along for the ride. It's only in London does Mikado has some idea on why the Priestess card won't work for Ciel.

Warning: Swearing, yaoi, violence, hints of non-con and unintentional OOC

Bold means that someone is talking in English.

Italics mean personal thoughts (but since this is in first person, there will probably be less of these).

You'll be happy to know that Ciel will finally return to the story in the next few chapters and then he'll disappear from the plot, so there will be much Ciel and Sebastian now. Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 11: To London

Mikado's POV

Around 11:30 PM, I made it back to my place. The lights were out so I was assuming that my dad was asleep and my mom was at work. Slowly, I tiptoed back into my room, and was greeted by a pillow in the face.

"You're it!" Heart exclaimed as he pointed at me and laughed. "Now you're going to have to catch us!"

I let out a huge sigh as I grabbed the pillow that fell on the floor. I wasn't in the mood for games.

"Where is Spade?" I asked him.

His smile vanished instantly as the other spirits appeared behind him. They must have been in a serious conversation before I got here.

"What do you want?" The brooding blonde asked. "If you have nothing important to say, I'm leaving."

"I do have something important to say."

He eyed me suspiciously but he didn't leave. That's a good thing…

I turned to Shizuo and then to Spade as I bowed. "I'm sorry for treating you guys like crap."

I wonder what they were thinking when I apologized. I wanted to say more than that but then it would be an excuse. They didn't say anything to me but Shinra was whispering something to Izaya. The informant just laughed as a result.

"Hey Mikado-kun, did you even do her when you were over there?" He asked.

I shook my head. He ended up laughing harder and pretty soon, Heart was joining him to. Shinra and Shizuo just smirked at my answer. Spade had an unreadable expression…really…I didn't understand what was so great at not doing a girl besides the fact that I won't have another opportunity like that again…

"I'm surprised that you kept your hormones in check." Izaya continued speaking. "I guess there is hope for us after all."

"So…am I…"

I didn't get to finish my sentence because I felt myself being punched into the door by Shizuo. I flinched when I felt my back vibrating against the hard wood. Sliding onto the floor, I groaned in pain.

"Now I forgive you." Shizuo said as he looked down on me. "I wouldn't need to do that if you weren't such a stupid kid."


"I think Spade wants to do the same thing to you."

Spade's punishment was much worse than Shizuo's. Why was it that he had to kick me in the groin when my erection was coming back? I ended up screaming in pain as I rolled on the floor. Heart and Izaya were enjoying my suffering.

"That feels so much better." Spade said in a rather light hearted tone. "Are you going to take back the kiss as well?"

I glare at him. "Why would I do that?"

Somehow, I know that was the right answer because his face flushed. It wasn't like I was being serious but at the same time, I meant what I said because I didn't regret the kiss.

"Regardless, you are forgiven!" Heart said with a laugh. "Now let's celebrate by partying!"

As fast as they were hateful, they were quick at forgiving. Just watching me in pain was enough…but I guess it's their way of showing me how much they were suffering this week. Maybe I should wish for something to make up for it.

"Hey Heart."

"Yes Mikado?"

"You'll get your wish because I wish for-"

I was interrupted by my dad opening the door widely. Shizuo, Izaya and Shinra stared at him in horror. Oh, they better be invisible to normal humans!


"Son, pack your things. We're heading to London."

Life suddenly took an unexpected turn. The next morning, I found myself at the airport with my things in a bag that I ended up wishing for. Dad ended up explaining to me that because he got in trouble with Ciel Phantomhive, he would have to meet him in person in order to persuade him not to merge his boss' car company. Personally, I saw it as a good thing but my dad didn't see it that way. Mom was coming with us as well and unfortunately for him, Spade and Heart had to come along too. You couldn't leave two homeless teens alone in a house like that especially because there was still a crack in the hole that Shizuo couldn't completely fix that was sadly noticed.

My dad then explained that we were lucky that Ciel was willing to pay for the trip for us. It's understandable when you keep a steady relationship with him online. Heart forced him to praise me for having a friend like him but he turned the other cheek.

So here we were in the line waiting for them to take our bags. Izaya seemed intrigued by the port. He was like a kid walking into a candy store for the first time. He observed the little things that other humans of different races were doing. His eyes shined a shimmering red.

"You act like it's your first time at an airport." I told him half heartedly.

"It is!"

Well, I wasn't expecting that type of answer.

"When your former masters keep you underground, you're forced to sit in the darkness and wait for them to die."

His voice…it sounded different. Was he…

"Hey, hey, hey! Do you want to hear a song?"

I noticed that Izaya turned his attention to the voice. The voice belonged to a tall man in his mid twenties with red hair and brown eyes. He looked like he was cosplaying some anime character because that white suit he wore didn't suit him. The man was hitting on some younger woman with blue hair and huge breasts. Was blue hair the new trend?

"Uh…no…" She muttered.

He didn't seem to be listening as he jumped back and started dancing.

"Chi-chi-chi oppai! Boing Boing!" He started to sing. Off tune if I might add.

The girl seemed freaked out as she tried to walk away from the redhead. However, he continued to move closer to her. He started moving his hands in front of him like he was squeezing some invisible breasts.

"Chi-chi-chi Oppai! Boing Boing!"



As he started the weird dance, the girl didn't know what to do. It would be best to ignore him but I noticed that Izaya was already floating to where he was.

"Hey flea, what are you doing?"

Izaya showed us what he was going to do. He pushed the redhead on top of the girl. Since his hands were in front of him, he ended up groping her breasts like he said in the song.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed as she punched him in the face…hard. He was sent flying across the airport hitting the window near the top.

The funny thing is that no one seemed to care that a man was sent flying by a girl with superhuman strength. This must happen often.

And Izaya just laughed. It wasn't an evil laugh either. It was a genuine laugh that made it seem like he was enjoying himself. The other spirits were just as shocked as I was.

"Orihara-san is happy…" Spade stated the obvious.

"Tch, he shouldn't be." Shizuo grumbled. "But that guy deserved it."

While the other spirits were talking to each other, I turned my attention back to Izaya. He stopped with his giggling when he looked at the bluenette. She was looking up at him smiling after recovering from the harassment.

"Thank you." I heard her tell him.

For once, Izaya had a predictable expression of shock and embarrassment. His pale face was an unusually bright red color. She thought it was amusing when he disappeared entirely.

And that's probably the only time I will see him like this. I thought to myself. Heiwajima-san missed this important moment in history of course.

"Oh, he's still alive." Shizuo ended up saying. He was paying more attention to the redhead who got up and walked back to the bluenette without saying anything.

"Guess they're friends." Shinra said as he shifted his glasses up. "That would explain why no one is doing anything."

The bags were finally loaded and my dad came back to get me. I continued to watch the bluenette and the redhead because they intrigued me. I don't know what it was but there was more than meets the eye than those two being used for slapstick.

The flight to London was going to take some time. Who needed to keep track of the time when there were so many things to do on the plane? My dad told me to sit in my seat and wait until we arrived but Heart already had an idea on what he was going to do the entire time.

The first thing he did was check out the young flight attendant. What were the odds she was going to be a woman? Since the three of us were sitting away from my parents on the flight, Heart ended up calling her over.

"What would you like?" She asked in a polite tone.

"I'd like a blanket, a bag of chips and-"

Heart wouldn't let me finish. He pulled me over to him as he whispered in my ear. "What the hell are you doing getting everything at once? You're supposed to ask for one thing at a time so she'll keep coming back."

If only Saki was here, he wouldn't be able to get away with it. Spade just shook his head in annoyance as Heart just asked for a blanket. She left and came back with an awesome Dark Stalker blanket. It had the two Succubus twins on it. I was more excited about getting this blanket then the blonde any day.

"Why are you so happy?" Spade asked.

"This is a Dark Stalker blanket! You know how much money these things are and hard they are to find?"


He wouldn't know.

"I'll just say this…in Tokyo, there is an acting corporation called LME. They're best known for bringing Dark Stalkers back to life and as a result, Dark Stalkers is their second logo with their first being a heart…"

"I see…"

I felt myself blush when I realized that Spade was actually listening to me.

"A-Anyways, I only know this much because people chat about them a lot on the Dollars forum.

"Does Phantomhive-kun talk about it?"

"Actually…he mentioned it once when someone tried to get us to speak about Dark Stalkers. He mentioned something about his favorite character being Demitri from Romania…and then saying something about his butler."

"What is your favorite character?"

"Lord Raptor…he's the zombie from Australia…" I felt my cheeks turning red. I would have liked to hide that from everyone because I don't want people thinking I'm a nerd…wait…

"…Do you think we would be able to watch the movie someday?"


His cheeks were just as red as mine. He was trying really hard to keep the conversation going since it was ending soon.

"S-Sure, I'll pay for the both of us."

"…Thank you."

His smile…

"Excuse me miss, I would like a bag of potato chips please!" Heart ordered the flight attendant.

"Coming right up."

As she went to get a bag of potato chips, I noticed that everyone turned their attention to the front. There was a man. A very strange man wearing flashy garments that included shiny midnight, green clothes that had a Pokémon of some sort in the middle of his shirt. With a gold necklace, bracelet that were shimmering as bright as the sun; I know people will love me for this but this man out sparkled Edward Cullen…and I doubt he was a vampire with those bright clothes. I suddenly had the urge to cover my eyes from the brightness of it all.

"Alright! May I have your attention please?" He began in perfect English. It was obvious that he was a Japanese man with a strange accent. I thought it was Kansai but it might have been intentional. "When you guys get off this flight, please be on the lookout for my son. He is just as handsome and dandy as me!"

Okay…so he wanted us to find his son that would be in London? What were the odds of finding someone like him? I swear, if we end up seeing someone as flashy as him, I'm going to point to him and then back at Heart and mention their family resemblance…if there is even one.

The man was told to go into another room on the plane. Judging from how they treated him, this man must be rich. I heard my dad talking trash about the man when he was gone. I'm going to laugh if it turns out that that man ends up being one of the richest men in Japan.

London, England had a different feel to it. Japan seemed to have a happy air around it when it didn't concern people being late for work. England, it feels…like a nation for the rich, and I already knew that my family and me didn't belong here.

Already, we got our things and got off the plane. The accents of the people are what got me. British accents were rather scruffy when you actually hear it.

"This is a nice place." Heart tried to say in a British accent. It didn't work so well.

"Yeah, it is." Spade agreed.

"I can't wait to see Big Ben!" The happy go lucky blonde declared as the first thing he wanted to do was rush off. My father wouldn't let him though.

"Hey, stay with us Mr.! We are heading to the Phantomhive Mansion immediately."

"…No sightseeing?"

He was ignored as he waited in front of the airport for a person to pick us up. We were greeted by his butler who already had the limo ready for us.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ryugamine I presume?"

"Yes, that is us."

"My master awaits you."

Heart had really short attention span. He went from wanting to see Big Ben to jumping to the limo and bouncing on the seats. Naturally, I had to sit next to him to make him as civil as possible. Spade sat next to me and instantly leaned on my shoulder. My father was already eyeing me suspiciously when that happened. However, Sebastian was distracting him for us.

It's funny, my date with B.B. made me realize how important the spirits are to me. Still…even though I apologized, I couldn't really say that I was sorry for the kiss. In fact, I had an urge to press my lips against his again just so I can get that feeling in my heart again. I don't think Spade would approve of other make out session though…and I can't afford to lose his trust again…

The limo pulled up in front of the mansion. Already, I could feel this weird aura surrounding the entire place. It seemed magical and I don't mean the actual appearance of the mansion. It seemed old fashion but Ciel was an old fashioned person that preferred things from the 19th century so I didn't suspect much. My mother however seemed amazed by the exterior.

"Rich bastards…" I heard Spade comment to Heart who nodded his head in agreement.

"I could actually get use to this." Izaya said with a laugh. He went back to his usual annoying self but the hour drive here could have very well brought him back to earth. Shizuo only grunted as a response.

As Sebastian led us out of the car, I noticed four other servants standing in front of the door in sheer panic. Luckily, my parents didn't seem to catch them but Sebastian did and he let out a small sigh of annoyance. I thought I heard him say, "Must I do everything by myself" before he vanished into thin air in order to get the other servants inside. They were going to have the talk it seemed but my parents were too busy looking around the front garden.

"It's beautiful." My mother praised as she stared at the red roses.

"Roses are this nations flower." I told her as she continued to stare at them in awe.

"Hey, maybe if we're lucky, we'll be greeted by the great Arthur Kirkland." Heart commented.

Spade and I shook our head as Sebastian appeared before us again.

"My lord wants to see you first." Sebastian told us. "He'll see your parents later after he has a chat with you."

He was referring to me. I turned toward my other spirits and realized they were gone doing their thing. Heart was gone after he saw the other servants that worked here. Izaya, Shizuo and Shinra were taking a break and Spade seemed to be just as interested in the roses as my mom was. I nodded my head as I allowed the butler to take me away at lightning speed. My parents didn't even know I was gone.

The things I saw in the mansion were a blur. I concluded that Sebastian was not human if he could run at such speed. Before I knew it, I was already in front of the door to Ciel's office room.

"My lord, Ryugamine-kun is here." He said as Ciel gave the approval to let us both in.

Instantly, I felt like I was in one of those detective movies where a person came into the detective's office where they would confirm things for the detective. Ciel was sitting in his chair in a professional manner. He was still wearing his top hat and gentlemen clothing that made him look like an old man personally. The first time I saw this, I thought he was trying to be identified but if this is what he wears every day…

I bursted out laughing and I think I hurt my funny bone in the process. Ciel was not amused but ordered Sebastian to leave. I disrespected him but I couldn't help it.

"I don't see what you find amusing." He scowled. His glare could rival that of Medusa's but that wouldn't stop me from laughing. I would probably be turned to stone giggling like crazy if he had powers to petrify people.

"Sorry, you look so refine." I teased.

He continued to give me the evil eye. "I'm starting to question you now that this is the second time we meet in person."

"Hey, I didn't expect to be taken to London after learning more about the spirits."

"…Sit down."

There was a seat right in front of him. After insulting his attire, I decided to finally sit down. Looking around the room, I noticed that there were a lot of books in there. Everything was exotic and expensive in my eyes. Then again, Ciel was rich so he probably didn't think the same way.

"I hope you like what you see."

"Huh? Uh…yeah…um…"

"I have the Priestess card right here." Ciel continued as if he knew what I was going to ask. "I plan on giving it to you before you leave but not now. You have to do something with me first."

"And what is that?"

It was then I noticed that near the table besides me, there was already a game of chess out. White was facing my direction and black was on the opposite side.

"I want to test your might." He said simply. "Play a chest game with me and I might give it to you sooner than later."

I already felt the hair in the back of my neck sticking up. I was not a chess player. I always lost one reason or another. To be fair, the computer is a cheating bastard at this game and I felt like I was fighting chess masters on that one online chess website. Ciel looked like a person that was a professional at this game for smart people.


"It doesn't matter who loses," Ciel continued, "I just need to test your strategy."

Great…I was screwed…

Twenty minutes later, I just wanted to wave the white flag like any Italian would. The Japanese do not surrender though since that would be damaging their pride.

So here I was with a king, queen, one bishop, one rook and one knight. Ciel still had a lot of his pieces but whenever I was close to taking the more threatening pieces, Ciel would put a pawn in front of them and I ended up taking them.

"What is your strategy?" He finally asked as he took my rook away. "I know you're not that bad at playing chess."

"I'm sorry…I might need a handicap next time."

He didn't buy that answer for some reason. "Answer my question."

"Well…" I had to come up with something fast. "I was thinking more about that online gang the Dollars. I like to think from a perceptive point of view. The millions of people online are the pawns that would do anything for their leader if her ever responded. Of course, there are a selective view people that stand out from the pawns. Those are the other pieces. Their goal is to do slightly more than the actual pawns but in reality, they don't do that much either. The queen is the person closest to the king. In other words, the queen is the one person that knows the identity of the Dollars leader. The creator is the king. He never moves from his spot because his job is to stand around and give orders. He's not powerful in terms of moves but he has the highest authority. Compared to the queen and the reason why she can move anywhere because she is willing to do anything to keep the leader safe."

I realized I was rambling so I decided to stop right there. Glancing at my opponent, Ciel's overall expression changed. Was he surprised at my response or was he thinking that I was a complete delusional idiot?



"And here I thought you were a moron that put his trust in people to easily. I guess you do have some hidden depths and be more than a pawn in my world now."

My brain refused to take that information in so I ended up looking at him dumbstruck. Ciel moved his queen this time and started aiming for my more powerful pieces.

"If you were the leader of Dollars," Ciel continued, "then who would be your queen?"

And if question now? I don't think I could answer that. The queen is the most important person to the king. If I had to choose a queen, it would be a beautiful girl that I would love to date…wait…I told myself I went gay because of last night's incident. Now it would be a man that would stay by my side and always do my bidding. I don't want to see Spade as that type of person. Aoba however…

There was a knock on the door. Sebastian let my parents into the room as they admired how polished the area was.

"We'll continue our game later." Ciel told me as I stood up. "I expect an answer from you eventually."


Sebastian turned to me with that familiar Cheshire grin. "Shall we leave Friend of my Lord?"

Great…he was referring me as just the friend of Ciel. I'm fine with just being called Mikado thank you very much…

As I left the room, I felt like something was watching me and it wasn't the weird butler.

Sebastian ended up giving me a tour around the mansion while my parents negotiated with Ciel. I learned that this mansion once belonged to the great Earl Vincent Phantomhive, Ciel's father, and his loving wife Lady Rachel Julles. Ciel was lucky to have such rich and marvelous business. However…that was where I noticed that the story was off. If they were alive during the early 1900s and it's the 20th century now, then how old is Ciel really? From the story, it sounded like Ciel's parents were his grandparents. Sebastian wouldn't tell anybody about the history of the mansion and if he did, Ciel must have trusted him. I wonder if Ciel wants me to figure out the secret of his mansion…

I saw the spirits with Ciel's other workers. A short old man, a cool old guy that was smoking a cigar, a cute maid with red hair and glasses and an adorable boy that looked to be our age if not a little older. Heart was having a wonderful conversation with them. However, Shinra and Izaya were also speaking to them despite being invisible to normal people.

"These people aren't normal." Spade said as he snuck up behind me.

"! Spade! H-How did you-"

"I was bored with talking to them."

I noticed that Sebastian was already gone again. Everyone in this household is so mysterious…

"So, when is dinner?" Izaya asked. "I'm famished."

They all turned to the older man who avoided eye contact with them. He started to make some whistle noises…

"The food is burnt." Spade whispered to me. "The dishes were shattered and the garden was a mess. Sebastian apparently did all the work."


"They may be useless in work but they can distract Heart so easily. That is their use."

"-sweatdrop- Spade…"

Regardless of what Spade said, dinner looked perfect for everyone. There were only six seats at the dining table. One for me, Spade, Heart, my mother, my father and Ciel; Sebastian already fixed the problem and prepared everything in record time. We just took this opportunity to sit at the table. None of the servants or the spirits could have the delicious food prepared for us. Naturally, Izaya started throwing a little childish tantrum and Shizuo grabbed him by the hood and disappeared to their world. They weren't heard from again…not like anyone was complaining about the sudden silence in the dining room.

My mother and father showed up fifteen minutes later. They took a seat at the table and made sure I didn't ask them what was taking them so long. Ciel being late seemed out of character though. He was the master that was supposed to entertain the guess. Then again, his servants are doing a good job at that. Sebastian ended up leaving to go check on the Lord. Shortly afterward, I dismissed myself from the table. I told my parents I was going to the rest room when in reality; I was heading back to Ciel's room to see what's taking him so long. He could have been doing many things from changing his clothes again (rich people) to getting the Priestess card ready for me, to waiting for me to come back to his room and continue the chess game. Then there was another thing that came to mind but I rejected that idea. There was no way that Sebastian and Ciel were a pair…but if I was talking to some crazed yaoi fan girl, they would beg to differ.

It didn't take me that long to get to his office. The door was already open and Sebastian didn't seem pleased.

"Hey Mikado-kun, you shouldn't wander on your own."

Izaya's breathe was on the back of my neck. I jumped back when I felt his presence. He grinned again. "You know you shouldn't walk the mansion by yourself. "


Sebastian noticed us but didn't reply until I asked him.

"Where's Ciel?"

He shook his head. "It seems like my Lord has been kidnapped again…"

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