Just Dance

Prompt: Dance.

The room was cold, musty and the air was dry. The walls were painted a blue tint which seemed to glow in the moonlight. The hard wood floors were dusty and stained with age. Several wooden pillars stood parallel to each other, holding up the ceiling. In the far side of the room was a tall long table. On it were several leather books in a neat stack and a recently lit candle stood tall. The lights were off and the door was closed, concealing the person inside.

"Tenten, shouldn't we be practicing for our competition?" Lee stood outside a closed door in a damp hallway. Tenten glanced at him and scoffed leaning against the tinted blue wall.

"We'll do fine. I just want to make sure Neji is ready for tomorrow, and anyway, how can we practice without him?"

Lee nodded agreeing with Tenten. He glanced at the door and pointed to it. "This it?" Tenten raised her eyebrow "Why else would we be standing at this door?"

Upbeat music played in the back ground. He walked into the center of the room and looked down at the floor. He looked around the room, looking for people he knew were not there. The music hit a loud heavy beat and he looked up and tapped his foot to it. He started the routine his team mates had worked so hard to create but had never practiced until now. He took two steps forward, and awkwardly spun around,around put one foot in front of the other and jumped back three times.

"Come on, you know Neji doesn't..." Lee started, looking at Tenten and turning the handle to the door and slowly opening it.

The door opened slowly letting in the light from the bright hallway, never noticing until it was entirely shown upon his body. He looked at the door where and his team mates stood in the doorway. He stood in embarrassment and his hands fell to his sides.


Author's note:

Yes, I know it's dumb but I got the inspiration in dance class and decided to make it something. :D Neji…fail. I wanted to put Gai coming in and screaming YOUTH but I thought that would kill the moment, so ._.''