My feet dangled from the edge of the astronomy tower. The cold, dark lake filled me with more bitter musings than I already possess. I felt a sudden nostalgia about remembering torturing Snivellus during our sixth year, and Remus' disappointment of my earlier mistake. The astronomy tower door opened and one of our most trusted friends, aside only to James, walked in.

"You know he is angry" I made a non-committal grunt, she flipped her long copper hair,

"You know he is worried sick about you right? Thinks you've done something stupid… again" she blinked and sat next to him, it was a Friday afternoon so they were all in common clothes.

"Yes, of course, because I am the stupid one." I mumbled under my breath and she sighed.

"Sirius, don't be childish, it was just a stupid disagreement." I looked over to her,

"How do you know about it?" My face was flushed imperceptibly and angry tears wormed their ways into my eyes. I don't know if I'm more angry because she interfered or because I was ashamed to still care for a brother who had shunned me like the rest of my family.

"He told James, who in turn told me," she said looking slightly embarrassed to the floor. She had an anti-snooping policy that she seemed to break a lot.

"Speaking of Prongs, shouldn't you be off snogging him somewhere? Away from the astronomy tower?" Lily bristled a little before glaring at me, and I immediately wanted to bite my tongue.

"Just because you are bitter, doesn't mean you can comment on my love life!" I frowned and felt even more guilty for the low blow, she drug Remus back up. Lily seemed to sense that and calmed down a little,

"Look, it's not his fault… for Merlin's Sake it wasn't that important. Valentine's day is tomorrow." I spared a sideways glance at her to see her exasperated face. I sighed heavily and thought about it for a minute, Remus could't control himself whenever it came to Regulus. Even going overboard with spite, which was never Remus' disposition.

"Okay, thanks Lily." She smiled a little and stood up, offering me a hand, which I took gratefully. My joints were a bit cold from the stone floor.

"No problem," I hugged her tightly and then departed for the library in search of my bookworm.

I had walked into the library a little louder than necessary, drawing attention from the librarian, who was already prickly at me for my "mistreatment" of Remus.

I looked and the gently sloped and toned shoulders, before raising a hand to touch them. I tapped Remus on the shoulder and enjoyed the moment of seeing that consideration in the ocher pools, the willing to help. Before they turned as cold as ice meeting my own icy blue eyes.

"Sirius" Remus' tone was clipped and quieted,

"Take a walk with me" I said without thinking through it much.

"Why? I'm busy" said the irate werewolf, thumbing his library book in a show of defiance.

"We need to talk, it would be easier outside of the library...dear"

"No, no it-" Remus frowned lightly

"Yes it would"

"Just… Tell me now" Remus said, turning in his chair completely to stare holes in me. Putting together the dust on my jeans with the floor of the Astronomy tower.

"Because. I wanted to apologize…for overreacting." Remus looked genuinely shocked, for this was one of those moments where the more mature male had seen how he spurred me to change.

"Thank you," Remus stood shakily, and kissed the me lightly before we walked out of the library, my arm slung around his waist. His head was on my shoulder, because I was slightly taller. I sighed, and opened my mouth before thinking again,

"You still angry Moony?"

"Never with you Padfoot, never with you" He smiled up at me, and my breath caught. I was glad he couldn't be angry. Angry at me at least.