Harry sighed, he had forgotten to shower again…He made his way to the bathroom, wiping the paint of his hands. He forgot to do that often. For he liked order, but could never achieve it himself. Being raised in an artist colony in South Wales, he found he could do what ever he wanted when ever he wanted, without any structure from his parents. He always wanted to have that structure, just to show them he could. But he could never gain it, so he often forgot to eat, shower, use the bathroom, and other important things. He would get so caught in his art, that he would lose time like a hour glass with a leak, so one day he decided to start leaving himself post it notes all over his house, on the toilet seat, on the refrigerator, even in the bed.

His lover was perfect for him, all order and power. But he left him for one weekend and he was already forgetting to bathe and eat. His art was worth it, however. He missed his new surrogate son and his lover so much that he had painted a beautiful watercolor of them sitting in the garden at Malfoy Manor.

Harry mostly lived in Lucius' manor, but when the elder left, he found it comforting to go back to his messy little soho flat in London, away from the suffocating expectations from the Manor in Paris. So he did his art until Lucius came to fetch him.

So until his love came knocking on his door he would lose time like the disorderly train wreck he was.

Just then, a warm strong body stepped into the shower behind him,

"I like your apartment, I find it endearing… beautiful painting by the way, I shall hang it in the East Wing" Harry smiled and turned to kiss his lover.

"I missed you, you are the only one who gets me"

"You're a train wreck, I understand" Lucius whispered against his lips.

A/N: I was inspired by Colorado Sunrise by 3OH!3 for this ficlet (: I loveeee LuciusXHarry