Harry straightened up before diving headlong into the water. His large swim trunks dragged him down in the pool sized bathtub in the prefects' bathroom. He gingerly removed them before continuing to swim a couple of laps around the pool.

"Ced was supposed to be here an hour ago." he said quietly, as not to wake the stain glass mermaid who was currently lounging on her rock. He ducked his head below the bubbles and popped back up and few seconds later. He settled for floating and counting the seconds in which Cedric was not there.

Just then the door to the bathroom opened, Cedric quietly slipped off his dressing robes and into the water, sneaking up behind and Golden Boy's back.

"Heard you get into the water" Harry said smiling; he had turned to face the older male.

"Stop being such a know-it-all Potter" Cedric accused, a gentle smile on his lips, gently kissing the teen. The kiss suddenly developed into something more than innocent. Cedric grabbed Harry's legs and guided them around his waist, pinning the younger male against the pool wall. Harry was working on the taller man's pulse point and collarbone while Ced just grunted and moaned.

As soon as Potter had broken the contact with his neck, he grasped his attention with his mouth again. This time he slipped his tongue across the slit of the teen's lips and forced his mouth open. After a few minutes of sloppy open mouth kissing both men were breathless.

"I love you" Harry said, leaning his head onto the Hufflepuff's shoulder, the dominate man smirked and looked to the side at his lover,

"I love you too,"

Harry sighed and met his emerald eyes with the honeyed ones.

"Try not to be late next time." Harry murmured

"Try not to drool onto your broom during the next match and maybe we can work something out." Cedric still smirked and Harry ground his erection against the older male's stomach before darting out of his hold and into the water of the pool.

"Come now, Harry, we have no time for hide and seek" said Ced with a playful smile, Harry just stuck his tongue out.

"You are getting points taken away for that tomorrow." he followed the male around the swimming pool before finally catching him, pinning him securely to the wall.

"Mine" he growled, kissing Harry possessively, while palming his erection.

"Yours" Cedric smiled in satisfaction, hearing Harry whine it out among moans and pants.

"Yes, Mine"

A/N: Sorry if it's a bit OOC…. I normally have a problem writing or reading Cedric/Harry, either because I hate it that Cedric dies, or I get this ridiculous mental image of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliff… But I have my own Harry that looks almost completely different from Dan… so we are good ^_^