Season One, Episode One: "Welcome to the Brain Death"

On the walkway outside Sunnydale High, Xander Harris inexpertly wove his skateboard through the mass of students congregating for yet another day of class. As he flailed about on four wheels, the teen blurted warnings and apologies at his near misses. "Scuse me, coming through, pardon me, scuse me, whoa, scuse me, not sure how to stop, please move, whoa, scuse me..."

Then, on the steps ahead, a vision of hotness in a short skirt. His brain went other places. Happier places. "Whoa..."


Xander struck the railing at full speed and went down hard. When the back of his head connected with pavement, there was a crack followed by unbearable pain, followed mercifully by darkness.

A short distance away, Willow saw what was about to happen and winced. However, she was not prepared for the sickening crunch his skull made upon impact with the ground.

"Xander!" she cried and rushed forward to attend his supine form. "Somebody call 911! Now!"

Willow checked his vitals. Nothing. Willow attempted CPR. Nothing. Willow slapped him across the face, hard. Nothing. Willow sobbed and clutched his lifeless body as distant sirens grew closer.

Still nothing.