AN: it's about time for a nice angsty fic! Yay! Hehe.

"I can't believe you did that! You fucking promised!"

"Harry! It was a onetime thing!"

"Don't even lie Cedric, I know it wasn't! You slept with Terry, it wasn't a onetime thing! I don't give a shit if you were drunk, it still happened" with tears streaming down his face, his almond shaped emerald eyes huge, he looked like a child more than ever, even at age 16.

"Please Harry, listen to me."

"No, you listen to me. You remember the night we met?"

"Yes," the older male mumbled it,

"I was crying outside at night during your prefect rounds, just after the choosing for the Tri-Wizard" Cedric cringed, he knew that even though Harry wouldn't say it, he was thinking about how he pulled him out of the way of Avada Kedavra.

"You sat down beside me and we talked about my past for five hours, you fell in love and I fell in love. I made you make me a promise, do you remember what that promise was?" his voice was shaking and breaking all over the place, as tears continued to stream down his face.

"Yes" Cedric mumbled again,

"You promised me you would always be thereā€¦I don't know if I can stand another heart break Ced" as he said that, he had to stop the sentence to hold back a sob. Cedric hung his head in shame and cried, grabbing for Harry's hand, who shook it off.

"Please, Harry, I was stupid, very stupid. I love you more than you could know; I want to protect you from everything." The raven-haired boy shook his head and wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, then solemnly walked away. Cedric cried openly now,

Silly hufflepuff, thought the other male looking on at the scene. Yet he had to feel for the boy, Draco had to admit he was moved openly by the emotions in those jade eyes when Harry expressed his disappointment. Draco loved those eyes, loved that face, loved the demeanor.

It was amazing how much he could love the teen, yet hate him at the same time, there was a fine line there. But right now, his heart was breaking for his lion, yes his.

It was time to make this right, over six years of hate. It was time to end this.

He caught up to Harry, who was crying next to the pond, the squid had a tentacle on the beach, wrapped around the littler teen. Draco sat down silently and grabbed the youth, holding him to his chest.

He held him through the whole night into morning.