I wanted to start a chapter story so I figured I would start with something easy. So I thought, let me write about someone in a wheelchair, that will be easy enough. Well, I was dead wrong so with much effort I give you this story. Enjoy!

Alex's POV

Being in a wheelchair is not as bad as it seems. Like, if you need to get somewhere faster you just ask people to move and they scoot right out of the way. But if I was a walking person they would just laugh sarcastically at me and stay there. There's also differences in school, no one is evil enough to pick on the poor little cripple. Except the occasional popular girls that like to poke fun at everyone that's not like them. But there's also a down side to being paralyzed from the waist down. Like, I can't go anywhere without someone asking me what happened or if I need help. It's even harder to do simple things like dress myself or move in small spaces. And it's nearly impossible to make friends, well actually, that's just thanks to my awkwardness. I know this because I wasn't crippled until eighth grade. What happened was, my mom decided it would be a good day to go to the beach. So me, dad, mom, and my little brother all hoped into the car with our bathing suites on and took off towards the beach. As we were driving we all sang to NeverShoutNever's new album. My mom wasn't really paying attention and suddenly we just crashed and that's all I remember. After, I just woke up in a hospital and ta-da, I was paralyzed from the waist down. Thankfully only I got seriously injured and everyone else just had some scratches and sprains. So now I'm a sophomore in highschool and everything as is good as it could be.

I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts when I heard a load crash from next door. I rolled over to the nearest window and looked out to see a giant moving van. So, the new neighbors must be here, fun. On closer inspection, I saw a man that looked close to my dads age arguing with a gruff looking man. There was a chair that lay upside down next to the gruff mans feet. The cleaner looking man kept pointing to it with anger written on all his features. Oh, so that scruffy looking guy must be a mover and that clean guy must be moving in. I continued to watch the argument in amusement when my mom suddenly came in. I looked her up and down then met her eyes. Why was she wearing a dress, there was no special occasion today. She sighed and gave me a disappointed look.

"Alex, I told you that new neighbors were moving in today! Why are you dressed so causally?" I looked down to my outfit that I had chosen for today. Just a simple black v-neck shirt, white sweat pants, and my favorite pair of DC shoes. I soon decided that I didn't care and I was gonna meet the new neighbors anyway.

"Sorry mom, I forgot but I'm just gonna stay in this. So can you carry me downstairs so I can meet them?" She sighed and shook her head at me as I gave her the puppy dog eyes. I watched as she walked over to me and cradled her one arm under my legs and the other under my arms. She lifted me with little effort and made her way down the steps to place me on the couch. I smiled at her in thanks as she turned around to go get my wheelchair from my room. I saw my dad and brother enter the room and both gave me a wave. My little brother, Chris, ran over to me and jumped into my lap. I noticed then that they had nicer clothing than ususal on, too. Maybe, I should've gotten changed, oh well. My mom soon came back down the steps with my wheelchair and placed it beside me. My brother hooped off me with a light thud as his feet hit the floor.

"Hey, Alex!" my dad while fixing his tie. "I heard someone say that the new neighbors have a daughter the same age as you. Maybe you could hangout with her sometime." My mom walked over to assist him with his tie because the man was practically choking himself. A friend that lived next door would be kind of cool but I bet she's one of those snobby people. I lifted myself from the couch and plopped down in my wheelchair with ease.

"Yea dad, maybe." I started to push myself towards the door ready to meet the new people in town. My little brother walked next to me as I tried to open the door. But the wheelchair wouldn't allow me to get close enough. I heard giggling from next to me and turned to see a smiling, Josh, watching me. I gave up on the door knob and smiled back at him. All of the sudden I reached my hands out and started to tickle him as he burst out laughing. He started to yell stop and my father opened the door as I released him. I rolled out to see more stuff then before and the same men arguing. I saw another person trying to calm the argument how looked to be the clean mans wife. We waited for one of them to notice when suddenly a girl that looked to be about my age appeared suddenly. She was beautiful, her hair was black with tiny curls that circled her face, and her eyes were a deep blue color. She was smiling at us and her eyes soon found mine. I suddenly felt...butterflies in my stomach, what the heck? She looked back to my father and mother and shook their hands.

"Hi, I'm Mitchie Torres, you must be the Russo's?"She said in the prettiest voice I've ever heard. Wow, butterflies, beautiful, pretty, am I going crazy? I shook out of it and listen to my dad introduce everyone until I was left.

"And this is my daughter, Alex. She's your age so you two can maybe hangout." I waved at her shyly and she nodded back at me. God dad, did you have to be anymore embarrassing. I watched as she continued to talk to my parents until the other people noticed us. The clean man and women walked over to us with smiles on there faces. My dad greeted them as he introduced us all, again. I kept glancing at Mitchie only to catch her glancing back. I smiled shyly and looked down at my lap. They continued to talk but I just kept my head down, I probably looked like a freak. When my parents finally said goodbye a few minutes later I looked up to see Mitchie smiling at me. I waved a timid bye to her and she did it back as my mom turned the wheelchair away to go inside. Once we were all inside my parents said they like the new neighbors and asked me what I thought.

"Well, its gonna be amusing." My dad smirk at me as he sat down to watch the sports. Its true this will definitely be amusing. Mitchie seems to like me so maybe we can be friends. I'll just have to wait and see.