A/N: I do not own Twilight or The Vampire Diaries. This is my first try at writing a crossover. This first chapter mainly focuses on Bella. In the next few chapters we will get more VD characters. I'm looking for a beta if anyone is interested.

Chapter 1

So empty, can't feel no more,
As I'm left with my tears on the floor
I wait for my heart to mend,
But you keep tearing a hole

Inside, I'm so lost,
In the middle of my heart
It's a battlefield of love,
I've been fighting for too long

And now I'm shattered,
(From the chip in my heart, kept taking it till it broke)
Oh how it hurts
(Felt) it slipped from your hand, hit the ground and now it's shattered)
I'm so shattered
(Can't believe it was me, I'm so shattered)
So shattered
(Can't believe, you and me, ahh)
So shattered
(Can't believe, you left me, I'm so shattered)
I'm shattered, cut from with-inside, oh

What am I still here for,
Could it be that I'm just waiting
Hoping you'd rescue me,
And put the pieces together again

Tell me what you're really here for,
If you never really loved me
I gave my all but it still wasn't enough

You took my emotions
and scattered them on the ground
So hard to just pick up,
and move on with life, again

Can't believe, you left me, ahh

Bella POV

"Bells, you got everything?" Charlie asked from outside as he threw the last couple of boxes into the U-HAUL.

"Yes dad, I double checked. We've got everything." I said as I took one last look at my room. So many memories in this room. Memories that I desperately wanted to get rid of. I wanted to be in a room that didn't make my stomach turn every time I walked in. A room where I could just be, and not remember him.

Him. I missed him deeply. My soul aches for him every day. He broke me. He led me on, and I believed him. This is why, when Charlie told me he had gotten a job offer in Virginia, I had supported him and told him to take it. I needed a place to star over, start fresh. And now we were ready to leave. Everything was packed and we were staring new.

As I went out the door I took one last look at my room and closed the door. Charlie was already in his car. I got in my old truck and turned the engine on. We were headed over to La Push first. We had to say goodbye to Billy and Jake, and also, I was leaving my truck there with them. There was no way this truck was making it across the country. I loved it, but I had to let go of it.

When we pulled into the reservation, Jake and Billy were waiting for us outside their house. I parked the truck and opened the door. Just as I was going to climb out Jake took me into his arms and gave me a tight hug.

"I'm gonna miss you Hun" He said.

"I wont be gone forever Jake, I will be back." I told him, even though I really never wanted to return to this place. "Now, could you please put me down…. I can't breathe".

He chuckled and did as I said. Charlie said his goodbyes to Billy and I handed Jake the keys to the truck.

"Take care of it. Promise me." I told him.

"I'll try, although I can't promise it'll still be standing here when you come back." He said.

"Respect the truck Jake, respect it." I told him laughing.

"Bye Bells," Jake said.

"See ya later Jake. You'll come visit right?"

"Of course! Once things have settled around here, and we've finished tying that lose end we have running around, I'll come and visit you. I promise." He told me, looking at me with that you know what I'm talking about look.

"Tell the guys I came over to say goodbye. Give them my love" I said as I hugged him one last time. I got into Charlie's car, and Jake held the door open.

"Will do. Now, stay out of trouble will ya?" He said leaning on the door.

"I'll try." I said. He closed the door and we drove away.

I glanced out the window when we pulled out of La Push, and through the trees I could see a pack of wolves running alongside our car. I gave them a little wave and a small nod, hoping Charlie wouldn't notice.

The trip to Virginia was going to be long. Charlie had planned a couple of stops along the way. Saying this would be a father-daughter trip, like the ones we took when I was little. We would get there in two weeks.

Mystic Falls, Virginia. That's where we were moving. I really hope there's nothing really mystic about that town. I don't think I could handle anymore paranormal creatures. And knowing me, Danger Magnet Bella, I wouldn't be surprised if I attracted any.