Everything is not what is seems…

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Chapter 1—it all started with a dream

I was drifting in liquid, sparkling greenish blue water all around me. Then realization hit me, I was in the ocean, right below the surface, under the glazing bright sun, a.k.a. Apollo's chariot. The weird thing was, I wasn't, I dunno, the usual feeling when the water currents went through my toes wasn't there. In fact, when I exclaimed more, I… I didn't have toes! Instead of legs, I could see two sea-green limps coming out from my waist. I.. wasn't human anymore, not a single trace of it, well, I know, I was only half mortal, as my mom was a mortal, but the dream me felt really powerful, and sorrowful at the same time. I had no idea why. And most of all, why was I like THAT? My skin was still the tan I usually had, but other than that, my lower half was exactly like Triton's. What happened to me?

Just as I was thinking about it, the sea in front of me stirred and one of the currents formed into the Nereid I met several years back when I was twelve during the quest in Mississippi on my way to retrieved Zeus' mater bolt. I nearly called her mom again, as I did back then. Well, you can't blame me, they looked really alike.

"Ah, Perseus, I see you again." She began. I had no control over dream-me's body, as I nodded and she continued, "You finally discovered who your mother is."

I nodded again in my dream, but I was completely bewildered, what did she mean? Who my mother was?

"Yes, I did miss my sister after all those years. After all, she is," She caught herself, "was my favorite sister among all Nereids." Why did she talk about her sister all of the sudden? My mom is not her sister of course, I mean, why would she be?

My alarm clock woke me off and I slammed my hand on it. I shook my head and prepared for today—a sweet movie day with Annabeth. Little did I know, demigod's dreams always mean something.

I went down the stairs to the living room, preparing for the breakfast. Blue pancakes-only the best. I stared at my mom for a few seconds, then shook my head, she is mortal, I'm absolutely sure about it, she must be.

My birthday was two weeks ago, August 18th, and I'm 18 years old now. I've been dating Annabeth for two years, and all goes smoothly. My Wise Girl... With that, I smiled.

"Percy, you should go now, you don't want Annabeth waiting for you, do you?" My mom said and I went to the movie theater immediately after that.

The movie was okay, I guess, but most of the time, I was forcusing on Annabeth. Anyways, we went to a restaurant for lunch after that, and hopefully, no monster can track us and interrupt it.

"So, Percy, how's school?" Annabeth asked.

"Good, I guess, and all that stuff." I replied, suddenly, there's this tingly feeling, like... Like I couldn't breath air. Oh no, because indeed, I COULDN'T breath, not even the slightest bit? What's happening? An idea came to me, no it couldn't be, my mother WAS mortal, I'm positive about it, it couldn't be changed, right?

"Water..." I croaked, and Annabeth handed me a glass of it. I sip and breath in it, immediately, I felt better. Why? Why couldn't I breath air just now? It remainded a mystery to me. But after that sip, I felt better, and breathed normally again, maybe I just choked on something? But my instincts told me otherwise.

Annabeth just looked really concerned, and flabbergasted, I guess her gears in her brain were running miles per second again, and I really wished someone would tell me what happened.

That night, I had another dream. And with that dream, it shocked me to core. I was determined to find out what it meant.

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