Everything is not what it seems….

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Chapter Two—I met the fifty sisters.

In my dream, I was in a beautiful silvery courtyard. I was sure that I had never been in there before, though it radiated a familiar aura. This time, no one seemed to be addressing me, and they acted like they didn't even noticed me, perhaps it was different than my other dream, where she—

"Hey Thetis, come one! Play with us! It's not fun when there's only forty-nine of us playing around, we need one more person!" One of the many sisters said. I assumed they were sisters, because most of them had very similar features. I looked at the one who was inviting Thetis to join, isn't that the Nereid that talked to me in my dream last time? Why was she here?

I swam towards her, ready to ask her my non-stopping questions. Thanks the Gods I was still normal this time in my dream, I didn't need that much weirdness in my life.

I stretched out my arm to tap her as she just passed though me, making my yelp and jumped away. Then I realized. This had happened already, it was not happening right then when I dream, but years ago—maybe a few years, a few decades, a few centauries or even millennia. I could never know. It was a vision of the past; I couldn't interfere with what had happened already. That made sense, since I saw a much younger version of Amphitrite.

I looked at the infamous Thetis, and I gasped. She looked exactly like mom! The same multi-colored eyes, brown hair—


What is with alarm clocks and me?

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Xelien Legacy


The following transcript is by the author, Nobody426, written according to the audio record and written documents she found in a suspicious object shaped like a black box found in airplanes, or spaceships. The author had already organized the chronicles of events according to the date entitled.

Any foreign or alien languages were translated into English by unknown method. Any background noises were not written here nor the cursing and hitting that was involved.

This is a top secret confidential file, so please don't inform anyone, by telling, writing, telepathy, or by any means noting them the existence of this file.

The consequences my be extremely severe in result.

Xelien Calender: year 8885; 14th of decatetra no. 1

Status of spaceship: stable Oxygen level, water tank, and hydrogen level: stable

Space coordinates: 4 light years away from Earth (Close to the Sirius solar system), 138 eight lights years away from Xela

Hi, 026 here. First day on Argo II, and there are still twenty-five hours and thirty-two minutes until we arrive Earth. Actually, there are only two of us, me and 027, my thick-headed cousin. We were sent to Earth to investigate, or to learn the ways and the culture of the aliens on Earth, and the reason of their sudden technology outburst compared to the Agusteins, where my siblings were sent to. Of course, being the lucky person I am, I was sent to Earth with him—Sam Mill—027's disguise name on Earth. My 'name' will be Sophie Mill, just a random name that I found on the database about Earth. I did my research, you know.

I already missed Xela, which is our planet's name in English, the language the humans used. I've been learning it since last Xela year, and finally mastered it in time for this trip. Before I went on board, I learnt some of the ways of humans in depth, but not all, so I sincerely hope that I won't raise that big of a suspicion when we arrive on Earth. I hope 027 remember to do that, or else…

Since I (not we) desperately tried to not raise any suspicions, I used the machine in the intelligence center to block out some of our brain's area, so we wouldn't be that smart and freak everyone out. That's the problem with humans; they never use the undeveloped part of their brain! If they do, they would already achieve travelling space through wormholes like us. Or telepathy with one another, yet another undeveloped skill that humans didn't have.

That's basically it for today's voice entry. I will record as soon as we land!

026 log out.

Xelien Calender: year 8885; the 15th of decatetra no. 2

Status of spaceship: 027 is supposed to check it along with oxygen level

Space coordinate: Arrived the outermost layer of Earth's atmosphere—Exosphere, prepared to land

Unfortunate to say, with our luck, we crash-landed, comet stars style. Why? It's all because my stupid cousin, let me retell the story…

I decided to use telepathy and sense his thoughts when I talked about humans yesterday, and guess what I found out? The fuel leak.

I shouldn't tell her…

You should! If she found out the hard way, you're dead!

Exactly! You—I should fix it ourselves!


Figure it out!

That was when I intervened, curious at the little conversation he was having with himself. Figure what out?

Who… 026, you freaked me out!

Confess or—

"Fine! There is a fuel leak on the side of our spaceship!" He said as he came out from the control room, hands stained with black oil from the control panel, a big contrast to his silver suit.

"Great job! What have you done?" I questioned, trudging into the control room and inspected.

"It's not my fault! A small meteor hit our spaceship's side and made an opening to the side of the fuel tank." He said, and I checked the fuel level on the screen, it was true, we had lost a lot of fuel.

"Well, it was your responsibility to check the status of the spaceship!" I nodded gravely towards the screen.

"If it's not your stupid intelligence machine, I might have fixed it! Now you blocked that particular area of my knowledge, who knows what we should do! And I am not just going to sit here and wait for the crash-landing! I already tried everything I could do in my current power, to no avail! I spent the whole night trying to stop the leak, but it was already too late, we don't have enough fuel to go back Xela." He finished his not-so-often outburst, his face red, his fists tight, his eyebrows furrowed together and I felt extremely guilty to be so harsh on him.

"I'm sorry, it's just… Too much pressure here. I really wanted to get back to Xela instead of getting stuck down there on Earth for the rest of my life…" I apologized.

He signed. "It's fine. Let's just go ahead prepare for landing. We will think of ways to gain fuel later."

And on that happy note, we sat on the two pilot seats and inspected the control panel and the statuses for each spaceship department.

"Oxygen level, check. Fuel level: 20%, enough for landing. Engine status, check. Rocket boosters, stable. Spaceship overall status, stable." I reported.

"The heat system is stable. The landing coordinates set. Prepare to land in 10… 9… 8… 7…" 027 counted.

I switched on the invisibility system, while he interfered with the radio signals so the humans wouldn't detect us with their machines or bare eyes. We gained the spaceship speed from 10% to 35.5% of the speed of light together, and we braced for the impact when we reached Thermosphere.

The leather seats shook and we gripped the arms of our seats. I watched the temperature of our spaceship caused by the friction while my cousin records the altitude. Due to the speed of our spaceship, the friction and temperature was one of the highest records we ever had. The friction slowed us down accordingly, and everything went as we had planned them.

We were still invisible to humans' eyes, and the automatic landing system was doing its job. If the data in the system was differ by even 0.001, then we would have been turned into a pulp, or an oil stain on the streets of Earth, which was highly not recommended and I doubted my cousin would enjoy that too.

We slowed down as we reached nearer and nearer to the Earth's surface, and something just had to go wrong. The system stopped working about ten meters above the corn field, and we crashed.

Why do things like that tend to happen to us?

I really wanted to answer that question. Luckily, the spaceship didn't blow up, yet.


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