Stan was stunned at the Jew's words. "Take this upstairs?" he thought. "Is he asking what I think he's asking?" Stan pushed all thoughts aside for now, and nodded. Kyle took him by the hand and led him upstairs. When they got to Kyle's room, he led him to the bed. Stan leaned into Kyle for another kiss. "I'm so…glad…you came…to your senses." Kyle whispered between kisses. "Me too." Stan agreed.

Stan's hands moved from the red-head's hair, to his jeans. His hands fumbled to find his belt buckle. He undid it, wondering to himself if Kyle would protest him to stop. He didn't. Kyle slowly took off Stan's shirt. He broke their kiss to allow this to happen. Kyle took off his own shirt. Stan lowered his head and began to kiss Kyle's nipple, slowly circling it with his tounge. Kyle let out a moan of extacy. Stan smiled and continued what he was doing.

"God, Stan…" moaned Kyle. "You have no…fucking…idea…" Stan looked back up at Kyle. "How 'bout we get you outta those pants?" Kyle smiled and nodded. He positioned himself on his back while Stan propped himself up over him, kissing him. Kyle arched his back, allowing Stan to slide his pants off. He looked down at the buldge in his boxers and chuckled to himself. He lowered his head, tracing his tongue from the top of his boxers to his bellybutton.

Finally, Stan removed the last article of Kyle's clothing , along with his own pants. He gasped slightly at his size, and then smiled. "Dude," he said simply. He wrapped his hands around it, and began to pump slowly.

"Fuck, Stan…" Kyle moaned out. Stan began to pick up the pace a little, lowering his head and licking the tip of his member. Kyle's felt like he was going to explode with pleasure. Stan stopped pumping, and replaced his hands with his mouth. He ran his tongue up his length slowly. He then took as much of Kyle in as he could before he slightly gagged. "Goddamn gag reflex," Stan thought. He used his hands to pump what his mouth couldn't reach.

Kyle began panting heavily, sounding as if he was running a marathon. "Harder, Stan…" the raven boy tightened his grip, and began bobbing his head faster. Waves of pleasure were shooting through every inch of Kyle before he couldn't take it anymore. "Stan…I'm gonna…Oh, God, yes!" he shouted, as he shot his seed into the back of Stan's throat. Stan was taken a bit off guard by the warm liquid that filled his mouth, but swallowed, and made sure to leave none behind.

Kyle lay there, panting. He grinned up at Stan. "Whoa dude," he said nonchalantly. Stan simply nodded. "Dude what's that taste like?" he asked. Stan laughed. "It's kinda salty and sweet," he answered. Kyle seemed to ponder this. "Weird," he said. He looked back at Stan. "I guess we gotta take care of your little situation now, huh?" he said, looking down at Stan's buldge in his boxers. "Guess you're right," he said, removing his own underwear. He stood, and motioned Kyle to lay on his stomach. He did just that. Stan knelt behind him, and Kyle got up, resting on his elbows and knees.

Stan thought for a second. "Oh, shit, dude," he said suddanly. "Lube?"

"Ah, there might be some in my parents bedroom. I'll go check." Kyle said, getting up. As he walked to his parents room, he thought about Stan, and how right this second, he was in his bed, waiting to have sex with him. The thought of that made him want to come on the spot. He went to his mother's dresser, and fumbled through the drawrs before finding a bottled of KY. He walked quickly back to his room, feeling strange standing so openly naked in his parents bedroom.

He found Stan sitting on his bed. "Dude, got it!" he said, getting in his previous position. Stan took the bottel, and squeezed some onto his fingers. "Now, this may hurt a bit," he warned. He interted one finger into his ass. "Damn, he's tight." He then inserted a second finger. Kyle winced in slight pain, and bit down on his lip so as not to cry out. Stan finally inserted a third finger. He figured this would be enough, and pulled his fingers out of him. He squirted a bit more lube into his palm, and rubbed it onto his length. He positioned the tip of his hard member at the red-head's entrance.

He slowly pushed himself into Kyle. The Jew wimpered in pain. Stan pushed on, fitting his whole length into him. "Dammit Stan, that hurts!" Kyle complained. "Do you want me to stop?" Stan asked, hoping he wouldn't say yes. "N-no. Just wait a second."

Kyle waited a couple seconds for the pain to subside, before he told Stan he could move. Stan slowly pulled back, and then forth. Pain was replaced with pleasure, and Kyle was in Heaven. "Oh God…go faster." He pleaded. Stan did as he was told, and began speeding up his pace. He couldn't believe this was happening. Here he was with his best friend, fucking his brains out.

Kyle moaned loudly beneath him. He gasped as Stan hit his prostate. "Yes! Right there, Stan! Harder!" He shouted. Stan could feel himself reaching his peak. He reached out his hand and began stroking Kyle's member. The two were in unbelievable pleasure. "God, Kyle! Fuck!" Stan yelled, as he exploded inside Kyle.

It wasn't long before Kyle came right after Stan, and shot himself all over Stan's hand and his bedspread. The raven pulled himself out of his friend, and colapsed beside him. They were both trying to catch their breath, before Kyle looked over at Stan, and kissed him softly.

"Dude. That fucking kicked ass." Kyle stated.

"Yeah, I can't believe we didn't think of doing that sooner." Stan agreed.

"Better than Wendy?"

"Fuck yeah, it was better than Wendy."

The two boys laughed, and held eachother in a tight embrace.

"I love you, dude," said Stan, softly.

"I love you too." Kyle said, smiling.

"Dude, Cartman was right. We are fags."

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