Author's Notes: As I said, I would be doing a chapter for Summer and Pedro. This takes place a few days after the election. This is from Pedro's point of view.

I had just won the school presidency. I don't know how Napoleon pulled it off, but he must have worked magic to get that crowd to love him. Regardless, I pulled off an amazing feat and my family congratulated me.

Anyway, it was the end of a long day at school. Napoleon told me how he was in love with Deb and how they were now boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm not sure what happened, but Deb is now really outgoing and Napoleon really calmed down. He looks better with contacts anyway. I had to stay after school for a meeting today, so my cousins were going to pick me up. I walked over to the bench to find a girl sobbing quietly. I noticed who it was immediately.

"Summer? What's wrong?" Without even thinking, the words rolled out of my mouth.

She looked up and looked away. She didn't like when anyone saw her cry, but it was too late now. She calmed herself, then said, "Since I didn't get school president, Don was very unhappy. He broke up with me and has now moved to Trisha, who is just soaking him up right now." She couldn't hold back and continued to cry.

Out of instinct, I moved closer and put my arm around her. I didn't even realize what I was doing, it just happened. She stopped crying. "It doesn't matter anyway. Don just wanted to get some action. He is just a player." I replied, "Yes, I know. He is a real jerk."

She realized that an arm was draped around her. She turned around to face me. Her face was soaked, she must have been crying hard. She then buried her face in my chest. She didn't cry, she just sat there. "You know, Summer, I still like you." She picked her head up and said, "How could you? I am just a sex symbol, nobody will like me for me." I was slightly surprised by that. I thought for a moment of what to say. I came up with an idea.

"Well Summer, do I have to prove it to you? You aren't just a sex symbol, you have just been living a fast paced life for a while. When you slow down and think about it, you realize what you are missing. I never though of you as a sex symbol. I just stopped when I saw you, frozen by your beauty. You have to get past Don, he is just a player and isn't willing to settle down." She was still staring at me, digesting what I had said. For her, it was complete shock. She was used to getting grabbed and getting perverted looks, but her eyes always said something else. Now that I got a chance to look into them, I realized that.

My heart then did an override of my brain. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her right on the lips. She seemed surprised at first, but her arms wrapped around my neck. My mind kept telling me to pull away, but I didn't want to. I couldn't. Eventually we broke. "So, do you still think that I just view you as an object?" She didn't have to answer. She just held to me. She had finally realized what it meant to be loved.

More Notes: I think that's it. They were just small things. Besides, those are the only two couples anyway. Sonic is getting an update soon. PEAZE!