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When a new girl moves into the abandoned mansion next door, Wednesday Addams finds herself a first best friend. A series of one shots.

"En guard!" cried Lullaby before performing a flawless series of parries and stikes against her close friend, Wednesday. The ten year old girls were busy practicing their fencing skills that Gomez had taught them, in case they ever needed to "protect their honor". Lullaby took on the new class with gusto while Wednesday followed her friend like a lost puppy.

The two girls couldn't be any more different. Lullaby loved the dramatics of all things while Wednesday was more of the creepy girl in the shadowy corner looking at everything. Lullaby loved to wear different outfits that were wild and creepy while Wednesday preferred to wear the same thing every day.

Lullaby spun around three times before knocking Wednesday's foil out of her hand and resting the tip of her foil at her friend's throat.

"Nice one," said Wednesday, her face unreadable as she reached across to shake Lullaby's hand.

"Thanks," grinned the girl with crazy color in her hair. "Again?"

"Why not," answered Wednesday, taking up the starting position once more.