Chapter 2: Scissorhands

I stopped dancing when I felt someone watching me I turn to look at the mansion the windows being so dusty I couldn t see a thing I put my Ipod in my hoodie pocket. I walked up to the door I considered knocking but thought sense no one was there I turned the knob opening the door inside was the most beautiful thing, conveyer belts with cookie cutters on the I kept walking I found a staircase I looked around again then headed upstairs.

Once I was pass the dangerous stairs I looked at my surroundings. where I was it was empty and had a big hole in the roof I walked closer to the hole to look up at it I heard a snipping noise I spun around on my heel Hello? I asked looking around snip, snip-snip,snip "there is that snipping again my mind raced I heard the snipping again it to my right I whirled my head to the right Hello? I asked again Hello came a soft voice from the darkness uhh.. can you come out from there I can t see you I said stepping back alittle your not going to hurt me are you? asked the voice again No, come on I said the man... no boy came out his hair a mess of black hair sticking out everywhere his face really pale with scars some old some just healing his outfit was made of leather and kept together by zippers and buttons I notice the hands last whoa!~ I yelled backing up Put those down I said pointing to the Scissors in his hands then I realize that those were his hands.

Are there your hands? I asked looking in to his dark eyes too light to be black but too dark to be brown I m not finished he said raising his Scissiorhands I gasped and fell Ow I said when my elbow hit the wood floor I sat up and started to rub my sore elbow ouch I said again my hand to see the damage it was bleeding did I do that? I m sorry came from the boy his hands to his sides well not really the sides more like down No you didn t do it I fell it hit the floor I stand up what s your name?, mine is Mallory I said holding my bleeding elbow Edward he said I like that name I said smiling and I like yours Mallory Edward said looking to the floor Edward... I put my hand that wasn t holding my elbow to his cheek look at me when he did he turned away What s wrong? I asked I m a monster he said facing away from me I walked over to him no your not Eddy I said touching his shoulder your not afraid of me? Edward asked No I m not I said do you live here? I asked yes his soft voice answered do you have any parents? I asked again He wouldn t wake up Edward said sadly I look back at Edward s beautiful- Did I just say beautiful? my mind asked shut it! I yelled in my head Edward? I asked Yes Mallory? he said You can call me Lori I said moving close to him O.K. Lori I m so sorry about your father Edward I said putting my head on his shoulder I don t know why I m so comfortable with a total stranger.