The streets were empty, decorated with slight cracks and pot holes that can stop a truck any day. The town square was deserted. The windows were missing. The doors were half open. And nobody was around. It was all completely quiet. No dogs barking or cats mewing. I've been sticking with the isolation for sometime now. Its the beginning of autumn and the only thing i mostly wear is a t-shirt and navy blue pants. My parents left but i stayed behind because its the only way i could ever escape from such cruelty. I sighed within my warm breath.

"Why didn't i go? I could've just bared with the pain. Like any other day i was with them." I whispered to myself feeling my eyes sting from the upcoming tears.

I always wanted to leave this place. But i never planned out where i wanted to go. The mountains, the lakes, the rivers, anywhere but here. But i guess that's life.

The sun was about to set. The temperature was dropping by the each passing minute. I shivered and felt the hairs on my skin rise. I shivered and dressed into a thick black sweater i swapped from a abandoned old navy store. After the town square went out of business they gave out stuff for free. I should consider myself lucky it was the last one. I sighed one last time and got up.

"Well ... i guess its another night of freezing my ass off." I said trying to gather as much sticks so i can start a fire.

One by one i held ten to fifteenth sticks within my left arm. It still isn't enough. I looked through street to street to see if any trees were around. But no luck so far as I'm concerned. I head my way into a dark alley where brown yellowish grass lay dead on the ground. They felt prickly against my pale feet. But it was the least of my problems. I looked down at the ground and looked backed up and something caught my eye. A orange and black light was coming from another alley way to the right. So i obeyed my curiosity and walked my way to it. And there i saw a light filled whirlpool swirling in midair.

"W-what is this?" I asked myself, slowly approaching the strange aura.

Until i felt something pushing me softly closer to it. I tried to back up but it just kept getting stronger. My eyes widened as i finally found out i was being sucked in. I turned around and tried running off the suction. But due to running so much the weak grass was no longer on the ground but dirt. I slipped from the soil and tried to grip on something but i was already in midair. My eyes so many colors other than black and orange. Their was blue and green. My body kept on going in circles as my mind began to turn blank. I have fallen into darkness.

My mind remained blank as i felt cool soft grass within my hands and feet. The rest of my body felt numb but yet slightly warm. I tightened my eyes as soon as i felt consciousness. But the i felt a presence. The sound of grass being stepped on. There are people here? Where am i? I opened my eye and saw two figures standing.

"Well well well. Someones finally awake." One of the figures chuckled.

The spoken one was taller than the other one. That was all i could see through my nebulous mind. I tried getting up my feet but my head started pounding. It felt like it was going to shatter any minute.

"Bubbles ... she doesn't look so good." The short one said with concern in his voice.

"Then help me move her body ..." The tall one said getting a bit closer to me.

"Move her body? You ... you mean like ... burying her or something?" The short one said again as i started flinching from the thought.

I heard the tall kid growling. He gave him a slap across the cheek. I couldn't really much take much more of this. I gave up and dropped myself on the ground, wanting to sleep so bad. I closed my eyes and drifted off, hearing the last words they said.

"No! I meant moving her to our trailer you idiot! ... and fast."

"Well you didn't need to hit me ..."