Girls POV:

I felt myself stir within the warm blankets. I opened my eyes and saw the sun brightly shine against my face. I flinched a bit and sat up to get the rays away from my eyes. I rubbed and felt that i wasn't as sore as i was anymore. My nose was less stuffy and i don't feel warm. I sighed in relief and felt some weight on the edge of the bed. It was Bubbles, snoring. I couldn't help but laugh. It was actually kindof cute to see him like this. All content and not in his grumpy self. I looked at the ground and saw Squeak snoring too but in a cat like position with his body stretched out.

I remember little by little of what happened last night. I remember a jackass and bubbles saving me from him. And also making a promise to myself to atleast make Bubbles happy in return. I don't want to be helpless anymore like i was in the world i was in. I want to make a new start. A new life ... with him and also Squeak.

"Hey. Spike! Wake up." I said, shaking Bubbles lightly.

He let out a grumble and tightened his grip on the sheet.

"mmph ... leave ... me alone."

"Hey! Wake up!" I cried out, shaking him more.

He jumped up and looked at me with his cold eyes and unfortunate bed head.

"Dammit, don't do that! I hardly get any decent sleep these days!" He growled, trying to fix his hair a bit.

"Yeah, i noticed that." I rolled my eyes, observing his eyes.

They seemed darker than they seemed before. His nose seems a bit red too. Uh no. Looks like i passed a little "friend" to him.

"Um ... you don't look so good, Spike." I said with a bit of concern in my voice.

He looked at me as if i was stupid. Atleast i'm being honest.

"Gee no shit captain obvious. Whats next? You'll tell me how i dress?" He growled taking something from the ground and throwing it at Squeak.

Squeak let out a yelp as he rubbed the small bump on his head.

"Don't take your anger out on him! I said that because its actually true! The circles under your eyes are darker and your nose seems red."

"Like Rudolph?" Squeak interrupted but then flinched for cover from Bubbles.

"Yes Squeak. Like Rudolph." I sighed.

Such a cute idiot he can be. Its like talking to a 5 year old at times.

"But anyways ... maybe you should rest Spike."

"What are you my mom?" Bubbles scoffed and crossed his arms.

"I mean it! I don't want it to get any worse like i did when i had my cold. And your really starting to piss me off." I hissed, wanting to hit him with a rock or possibly a boulder.

"Your not the freaking boss of me so quit bossing me around!" He yelled and stomped his way to the door.

I looked down at the bed, feeling the ball of anger slowly raising up and up. This is like what happened back at home. People wouldn't listen to me at all even though i was worried for them. I tried my hardest. I felt like i had the need to cry but i feel a sudden feeling to my hand. It was Squeaks.

"Please don't take it so hard. Hes just .. uh ... crabby! He's had worse days. Trust me." He said with a soft smile on his face.

I smiled and nodded, wiping the early tears from my eyes. I patted his head.

"Thanks, butter ball."

Bubbles POV

God damn it. I freaking hate this! I hate having to being pushed around 24/7 by this whole town! The reason why i'm here is to sucker punch the little squirts and also ... Monica. I hate that little ... ARGH!

I should just kick her out and not care what happens to her. I can't believe what i did last night. Thats why i got this damn cold. My head freaking hurts and i can't concentrate with this clogged up nose. And this was the day when i wanted to ask Monica out. The worst has to get the best of me doesn't it? I sighed and saw her walk down the sidewalk. I couldn't help but smile. I ran down the stairs to catch up with her.

"M ... M ..." Thats all i said as she was an inch away from me.

Why can't i speak out the words? I need to say it now! Its either now or never!

"M-Monica!" The very word that i worship bursted from my mouth.

She stopped, slowly turning her head and looked at me like an owl would do if it was disturbed in its sleep. For the first time in my life, i felt a bit terrified of her.

"Yes?" She said with her voice so low and cold.

I was frozen in my tracks. I can't move nor speak. Idiot! Your letting her get away! Act now you dumbass! She slowly turned her away at the same position and continued walking.

"W-wait, M-monica! What i n-needed to say was ... w-would you like to g-go out w-with me?" I said with my shaky voice.

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my mouth. She stood there still and here i am anxious for an answer. What if she says no? Oh god i can't bear that. I just can't.

"M-Monica?" I said as i was about to place my hand on her shoulder.

"Meet me at the park this Friday, I'll see you there." She said quietly as she started walking again.

From the looks of it, i would say she would like to. But at the park? Strange place for a date but whatever! I can finally have my girl and i can finally be happy again. Oh how i imagine what the kiss would be like! This is the happiest day of my life! I could care less about the cold i'm having now.

But ... one thing that's bothering me now is ... a little ball of something saying .. this isn't right. Is it?