Chapter 2

*3rd Person POV*

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Ichigo heard the scream of his friend. But should he answer it? Looking as he did and unsure of his own state of mind, he wasn't sure if he could do more good than harm. But this was ORIHIME, and she was in trouble-so he should at least try and help.

Running off in the direction of the noise, Ichigo spotted Inoue, cowering in the face of some caterpillar-like hollow. Seeing as the Hollow looked as if it was about to attack her, Ichigo roared, drawing the hollow's attention away from the girl. The hollow turned around frighteningly fast and came after the berry. Ichigo just roared and, jumping up into the air, landed on the hollow's back. Pivoting, Ichigo tore off the hollow's head.

'well, well, look at the vicious side of ya, king! i didn't know ya had i' in ya!' Hichigo laughed inside his head. Ichigo sighed. he should have expected this. Instead of answering, however, he made his way over to a terrified looking Orihime.

"P-please don't hurt me!" She screamed, obviously not recognizing Ichigo.

"O-orihime..." Ichigo whispered, noting the look of absolute shock take over Inoue's features. "it's me, Ichigo. Don't you...Don't you recognize me?"

'Of course she doesn't you dumb ass.' 'Shut up, hichigo!'

"K-kurosaki-kun?" She whimpers, tears in her eyes. Suddenly, she stands up and rushes over to hug a shocked ichigo. She starts crying uncontrollably.

"O-oh, oh god, Kurosaki-kun! W-we thought you were dead! I'm so glad! Kurosaki-kun!" Suddenly she raised her voice, "Guys! GUYS! I FOUND HIM! C'MERE!" There was a rustling in the bushes, and a disheveled Chad and Ishida appear, having been looking for Orihime this entire time.

"Inoue where were-" Ishida began, but then he processed what she had said. "Kurosaki? that him? that...hollow?" Uryu gasped in disbelief-their friend had become a bloodthirsty hollow.

"..Ichigo? Are you still a friend?" Chad asked. Ichigo has been his best friend since middle school, so Chad doubted Ichigo had changed as much on the inside as his physical form had.

Ichigo looked at Chad, shocked at how trusting his friend was. "..yes. I am. If i wasn't, why would I rescue Inoue. I'm sorry I cannot give you any proof beyond that, though. Even I am unsure on how long my mind will remain clear. Everyone, I'm saying goodbye. I can't come back with you. It just isn't possible. I was killed. Leave me. I'm a hollow now, and sooner or later I will give into my instincts, willingly or not." After that profound speak, no one dared speak. Finally, Orihime broke the silence.

"But...There has to be a way to save you, Kurosaki-kun! I mean, you don't have a hollow whole. Maybe Kurotsuchi-Taicho could do something!" Oh Inoue, always hopeful in her naivety. Ichigo laughed bitterly, but before he could say anything, Ishida spoke up.

"He's right, Inoue. Soul Society ordered his death, remember? Besides, I met Kurotsuchi. He's a madman who's more likely to kill Ichigo than help him. I'm sorry Inoue, Kurosaki-kun: we have to abandon you, Ichigo." Ichigo looked slightly surprised at the fact that Soul Society had ordered his demise, but nodded at Ishida, knowing that what he said was true. Looking at the three of them, his human friends, for what will be the last time, was a heart wrenching thing.

"Goodbye, Everyone. I'm glad I got to see you one last time after I was officially killed and before my life becomes a living hell. Goodbye." And with that, Kurosaki Ichigo sonidoed off, leaving behind his three crying friends, never to see them again. Or so he thought.

X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X *3rd Person POV*

'Nice way to handle that, Ichi. Very emotional.' Hichigo snickered.

'Oh SHUT UP. I am SO SICK of you! This is all YOUR fault! Why ELSE would i turn into a hollow!' Ichigo fumed.

'Yer right. It is my fault. But what you gonna do 'bout it, hmmmm?'

'I am going to come in there and KILL-' But Ichigo never got to finish his sentence, because just then, 20 members of Soi Fon's squad showed up, and, commanding them was the one and only Kuchiki-taicho, with Renji at his side.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, we are here to eliminate you. Please do not defy this order. It is with great regret that I intend to slay you-but you are not the same Kurosaki Ichigo. You are but a monster." Byakuya drawled in his pretentious voice, while Renji looked on, unsure about which side to take.

the strawberry's thoughts were running wild. But suddenly the answer became clear-he must die. He was an abomination, needed to be destroyed. Suddenly Hichigo started speaking, sounding distressed.

'What do you think you're doing?" He hissed. 'you'll kill us both!'

'Exactly. I am no longer Shinigami Daiko, Kurosaki Ichigo, but a Hollow. I'm just like you. We'll die together, one and the same.'

"Okay." I said out loud. "I won't resist. Kill me." Renji's head shot up and stared at me as if I was crazy, and even Byakuya looked a little surprised.

"Very Well, Kurosaki Ichigo. It gives me no pleasure to do this." Kuchiki-Taicho said as he raised his sword. But that was all Ichigo saw, for at that moment he blacked out, with a whisper of 'Dumbass' being his last thought.

X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X *3rd Person POV*

Byakuya could tell the minute Ichigo had lost consciousness and his hollow had taken control. This is what he had been afraid of. If Ichigo's inner hollow had no trouble possessing ichigo when the boy was human, than he should be able to possess the teen even easier when said strawberry was a hollow. Just as Byakuya was thinking about the change, Hichigo attacked. sonidoing towards the closest shinigami, he attacked, decapitating her. Then, faster than the speed of light, the hollow darted from one shinigami to the next, cutting off each one's head. The only two left alive were Renji and Byakuya. As blood rained down, Hichigo laughed, startling Byakuya and Renji out of their momentary shock. They both drew their swords immediately, knowing now that they no longer faced their fallen comrade, but a bloodthirsty hollow who just coldheartedly killed 20 men.

Then both the Shinigami attacked together, as if they were one entity. Hichigo managed to dodge Renji's attack and block Byakuya's.

"Wha', no Shikai? Yer underestimatin' me. That'll be the last mistake ye'll ever make!" He screamed, flying at Renji. Renji, not quite expecting the attack, rose his sword to guard himself one second to late. Luckily though, it was enough to save his life-so while the attack hit, it just knocked the Redhead unconscious, instead of viciously killing him. Byakuya's eyes narrowed.

"Scatter, Senbonzakura." Byakuya muttered, sounding calm as ever, but inside he was furious. This..this monster had possessed Kurosaki Ichigo, a man he held in grudging esteem, and it had attacked his right hand man. Things had gotten personal, and Byakuya vowed that he would at least try to save Kurosaki from this...thing.

Raising his hand, Byakuya directed the 'petals', causing them to circle the Hollow. In a large sweeping motion, the Sixth Division Captain brought his hand down, slashing Hichigo in a thousand different directions. the hollow just laughed.

"Tha' won' do nothing, Flower Princess," Hichigo leered. Suddenly he sonidoed over to Byakuya, grabbing him by his Shihakusho. Byakuya gasped. He hadn't expected the thing to get this close to him. Raising his hand, he once more commanded his sword to attack Hichigo. Hichigo took the hit, small cuts sprouting up all over his unnatural body. But still he laughed.

"Even that won' save ya." He whispered. He lifted his clawed hand, preparing for a killing strike. Byakuya stared into the black and gold eyes impassively, not showing an ounce of the fear boiling in the pit of his stomach. This was the end. This was how he, Kuchiki Byakuya, would perish. At the hands of Kurosaki Ichigo's Hollow, his monster. As if in slow motion, the claws descended, aiming straight for his jugular.

Goodbye... Byakuya thought to himself, closing his eyes.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ichigo shouted inside his head.

Hichigo just laughed.

Then suddenly the hand stopped.

Hichigo went limp, eyes rolling back into his head. Behind him stood Renji, bleeding from a head wound, panting heavily.

"R-renji.." Byakuya whispered hoarsely, looking at his vice captain in grateful shock. Byakuya coughed, trying to regain his voice. "Thank...thank you."

"No problem, Taicho," Renji said, smirking through the blood marring his features. Then his gaze fell upon Ichigo. "Now the only question is...What do we do with him?"


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