Jack tugged at his bright green wig and scratched his nose. Some of the stark white makeup that his Aunt Jessica had carefully helped him apply earlier that night got caught under his short nails and he picked at it as he impatiently shifted from foot to foot. His Halloween candy was spread out on the kitchen counter and the dark clad figure sorting through it looked almost sinister as he hunched over the rather impressive haul.

"Daaad," Jack whined pitifully. "Come on! Can't I have just a few pieces? I promise I'll stop eating if I bite into a razor blade. Daaaad!"

The towering caped crusader folded his arms sternly over his chest and frowned, but his eyes looked amused behind his cowl. "Dad?" he asked in a low, gravely voice. "There is no 'dad' here. I. Am. Batman."

He lunged forward, his arms extended toward Jack and his fingers wiggling menacingly. Faced with the immediate threat of a tickling, Jack whipped a spray bottle, clearly labeled as Smilex, out of his bright purple jacket and spritzed wildly over his shoulder as he tore down the hallway toward his bedroom. Candy forgotten, he shrieked with laughter when he heard his father's footsteps thudding close behind him.

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