Title: A Solution
Nurse Jackie
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S2. Zoeys potential pregnancy
Eleanor has a strange solution to Zoeys potential pregnancy.

A Solution

Zoey faced Eleanor in the chapel.
"Dr O'Hara" Zoey said fiddling with her hands. Eleanor took a deep breath and rubbed her sweaty hands on her expensive designer skirt.
"Zoey" Eleanor begun "I know you're in a bit of a predicament but I have a solution" Eleanor uttered with faux happiness. "I want a child, and you're pregnant and I could adopt it." She uttered at a vast speed like the hot caffeinated Goth girl on that crime show, Zoey sometimes watched with the Scottish guy. "I would not have to get fat or throw up. I could raise it. You could see it or whatever. It would have the best childhood. Private schools and dance recitals" Eleanor babbled. "It would be perfect"

Eleanor O'Hara had once imagined her life. She had been eighteen and embarking on medical school. She had decided, as any child born after the feminist revolution was that she would have it all. A medical career, a husband, a couple of perfect children born four years apart (she liked that age gap), and if the need arose a nice little thing on the side. (Male or female depending on her desire).

Now, Eleanor had none of that. She was getting closer and closer to forty, had a career at a crappy hospital in New York hospital and an occasional girlfriend. Jackie got to live out Eleanor's naïve teenage dream but Zoey. Zoey was pregnant. She could raise Zoey's baby.

"Dr O'Hara" Zoey uttered. She bit her lip unsure what to tell her. She finally had her period. She was no longer in the predicament Eleanor had described. "I'm not pregnant,"
"Oh" Eleanor said. She looked down at her knees in her fancy skirt. "Forget everything I just said" Zoey put her hand on Eleanor's healing hand.
"If I'm ever in the same predicament. I'd give it to you," Zoey said. Zoey's sentiment was no comfort to Eleanor. She got up and walked out. Her high-heeled shoes echoed on the hard floor. As she walked away from Zoey. And walked away from her dream.