Saved by the bell: 20 year reunion

I do not own saved by the bell or its characters. only writing a fan fiction! This is my first one!


Zack heard the alarm clock and rolled onto his side and patted the other side of the bed. He then remembered that Kelly wasn't there anymore.. He had agreed to move out when they decided to separate. It was five in the morning, he had gotten so used to it with Kelly that he couldn't break the habit. Zack got up and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. He poured his cereal and drank his coffee. He read the morning paper and laughed at the comics. Zack looked the clock and saw it was time to get ready to teach at Bayside. That's right, he is a teacher at Bayside. He teaches English class to 11th and 12th graders. He had not planned on being a teacher but Kelly had convinced him to do something good for the world. He thought he would hate teaching but he loved it. He went upstairs and took a shower. He thought about Kelly and what had happened over the last year. Things changed between them. They were fighting a lot more, and agreed to separate for a while. He got out of the shower and dried himself off. His blackberry had vibrated and it was a reminder that he had to drop the kids at his mothers. He had four wonderful kids. Rachel, who was 9, was the spitting image of Kelly. Then there was David who was 7, he was the spitting image of his father. Then there was Noah, he was 5 years old and was a mix of he and Kelly. Then there was Catherine who was 3, who looks like Kelly but acts like Zack. Zack tied his tie (he wore a tie to teach because he looked mature, or says Kelly) tighter and was ready to leave. He heard his phone vibrate and it was a reminder that his 10th high school reunion was today.

Kelly heard the alarm clock go off. She rolled over to feel the other the side of the bed. Kelly felt Catherine and the dog on the other side. She remembered that Catherine had a nightmare and asked to sleep in Kelly's bed. Kelly got out of bed and stretched and saw the clock said five. She got up two hours earlier to get her self ready and make the kids breakfast. Zack would usually get up with her and they would have some time together. She got her robe on and went downstairs. She poured her self coffee and made some toast, and thought about Zack. These last six months have been hard on everyone. Their marriage counselor thought it would be best if they separated for a while and to go from there. Their marriage didn't go to shambles in a few days. It had been going bad for the last couple years. They fought a lot over money (though they had enough), but mostly the romance had left their marriage. Kelly remembered the first couple years of their marriage. Zack would bring her flowers home everyday and surprise her with something new. Their first year of marriage was hard. They had little money to pay for anything. Sometimes they had to use flashlights to study for tests. But, they got through it and was probably the best times of their life. Then Zack's Grandmother died and left him a lot of money. It was either buy a house in Hawaii or put Kelly through medical school to become a Doctor. Zack had minored in finances, so he invested a little and the rest was to put Kelly through med school. The biggest surprise to come was when she told him that she was pregnant with Rachel. He was scared at first but then got really excited. He worked side jobs to help pay for the baby. Money was tight, but they got through it. The biggest shock was that Zack wanted to become a teacher. He told her that she inspired him to become one. Zack got his degree and started teaching while Kelly was going through med school. Med school was hard when having three kids in the process. Zack was always there. He took care of the kids while she studied. Finally, Kelly got her degree, and decided to move closer to home. Zack got a job at Bayside and Kelly worked at the hospital. Things started to change. Zack wanted to be the t-shirt and jeans kind of teacher but Kelly told him to look mature and wear a tie. Later, Mr. Belding told Kelly that he would never imagine Zack in a tie. There were fights over Zack flirting with girls and Kelly flirting with male Doctors. Zack stopped suprising her and the passion had disappeared in their marriage and they went to a marriage counselor. Kelly took her last sip of coffee and ate the last of her toast. Went upstairs and got ready. She looked at her end table and saw the invitation to the ten year reunion at Bayside which she was attending.

Slater heard the alarm clock and rolled over on his side. He rolled over on some empty bottles of Jack Daniels. He had a terrible headache and decided to go to the kitchen and make some coffee. He made his way to the kitchen and started his coffee. He hadn't had a hangover this bad in a long time. Slater poured his coffee and sat down and wondered if he should go into work today. Then he thought how there was a big wrestling match against Valley and he had to be there, after all he was the wrestling coach for Bayside. He was also the physical education teacher. Slater drank his coffee and thought about the ten year reunion tonight. What was he going to say? Shortly after Zack and Kelly's wedding he decided to join the army. His father was very proud of him and Slater was proud of himself. After a year and a half he was shipped off to Africa to help the Rwanda situation. After he got there he was shot 5 times in the shoulder by snipers. That ended his army and wrestling career, so he decided to go back to college and join Zack in teaching. While in college he met a girl named Angela and after a few months of going steady they got married. Things were great until Slater got a phone call that his wife was walking home and was struck by a hit and run driver. Slater went into a deep depression after he heard that she was coming back from the Doctor to tell Slater that she was pregnant. Both her and, their unborn child had died. They never found out who was the hit and run driver was. Zack helped pull Slater out of his depression and seemed alright on the outside but on the inside he was hurting. He started drinking to make hurt go away. First it was one or two drinks, then four, then the whole bottle. Now it was two bottles. Slater took the last sip of his coffee. He looked at the clock and saw he needed to get ready for work. He thought that he would make up some things to tell the people at the reunion.

Jessie rolled over on her the other side of the bed. She had rolled over on her laptop. She had worked hours on her case but it was finally finished. She was going back for the ten year reunion at Bayside and had to get it done. She got up and looked around her apartment. The walls were bare except for a few pictures. She really hadn't had time to decorate. She was one of New York's most successful lawyers and devoted all her time to her work. She started packing her bags for the trip and thought about the reunion. She hadn't seen all her friends since Angela's funeral. That was 6 years ago. Jessie wasn't married, she didn't have kids, and she didn't have anyone in her life. Of course, there were a few flings here and there but nothing important. She couldn't commit to anyone because she spent her time in the office. She is a lawyer for the ACLU and numerous environmental groups. She also did some other legal work. Jessie sat down on the bed and thought she did good things for people but the good things couldn't override the one bad thing she had done her life. There was a big secret in her life that could destroy her whole career and her friends. She had killed Angela Slater, she was the one driving the car. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she thought about that morning. She was home for a Holiday and got a call from her boss to send him work on this case they were working on. She worked on the case all night when she noticed that she needed a new battery for her laptop. She saved her work and went for a drive to get a new battery. She was so tired that she closed her eyes for a second and when she opened her eyes she saw a woman in front of her. She hit her and stopped the car. She was shocked and went back to help the woman. She saw that she had hit Slater's wife. She saw her life go the drain. She would go to jail, be fired from her job, and lose Slater as a friend. She saw a car coming from a distance and she got back into her car and drove off. At the funeral, she could hardly look at Slater. Jessie opened her eyes and wiped the tears. She packed the rest of her things and went downstairs and hailed a cab.

Lisa heard the alarm and rolled over. She touched Will's shoulder. She sighed and opened her eyes. She opened her eyes to her New York City loft. She got up and saw Will was still asleep. She quietly went into the kitchen to make some Tea. Lisa waited for her tea to be finished and went to sit down. Lisa was one of the hottest fashion designers of New York. She has worked with Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Chanel, and many more. Lisa should be happy with her success but she wasn't. Lisa looked at her engagement ring and thought about Will. He was a model and they met on a photo shoot. He was handsome, charming, romantic, but she wasn't in love with him. She loved him as a friend and cared for him but she was and is in love with Eric Tramer (Jessie's stepbrother). They had dated when she had moved to New York. One night they went to a fashion party and there were snickers from people when they saw Eric. Lisa was worried about her career so she decided to dump Eric. Ever since then she has missed him. She got up and looked out her window. Her flat overlooked central park. She went and packed her things for the Bayside reunion. Lisa got ready, she was meeting Jessie at the airport. She went downstairs and got a cab.

Screech didn't set his alarm because he doesn't have an office job. He works from home. Screech rolled over and touched his wife Violet. They had been married for five years and had a wonderful son named Harry. He got up quietly and went to make coffee. He sat down when the coffee was made and thought about his life. After doing an internship for Mr. Belding, he went back to school and double majored in Biology and Astronomy. He has wrote 2 books about the stars, and has discovered numerous stars. He also worked for NASA for a while. While working in a biology lab one day, he ran into Violet and they hit it off again. Soon, they were married. They had a great life on the outside. Screech went downstairs to his study and opened a secret drawer that no one knows about. Inside were unpaid credit card bills, bank statements that say that if they don't have their mortgage payment in 90 days then they will foreclose their house. That was 60 days ago. They had one month to pay it off. Screech didn't know what to do. His books weren't selling anymore and they had spent more than they had. Screech thought about the reunion today. Hopefully Zack could help him out with his mess.