One year later

Jessie and Slater got the help they needed. Jessie went to the police to confess what she did. Since Slater didn't press charges, she got six months in jail. She quit her job and spent her time in jail. After she got out, she went and helped Slater in rehab. Slater went to numerous therapies and also went to 12 step programs. Slater eventually forgave Jessie knowing it was an accident. That is what Angela would have wanted. Jessie helped Slater through his tough times. After admitting what she had done to Angela to the rest of the gang, they forgave her too even though they were very shocked at what she had done. Slater got out of rehab and is still doing his 12 step program. Jessie lives in Palisades and helps Slater out. Their friendship has grown stronger and they may be starting up something but for now they are friends.

Zack and Kelly went to more marriage counseling where Kelly asked Zack to move back into the house. Zack was happy to move back in and spent more time with his family. Zack became principal and his first act was to get rid of the policy of teacher's wearing ties to work. He even came to work in jeans and a t-shirt. Since Zack became principal and put new policies into effect, students G.P.A. have gone up. Zack comes home every night with flowers for Kelly. He writes her poetry. Kelly still works at the hospital but is on leave. After their one night of love, Kelly got pregnant. They had a baby girl and named her Amber which in Arabic means jewel. She is the Jewel that brought them closer together. Zack and Kelly got remarried again and went on a vacation to Hawaii. They are totally in love.

Eric asked Lisa to marry him. She said yes. Eric has moved in with Lisa in New York and are planning a June wedding. Lisa still works in fashion and loves it. She gets her inspiration from the love Eric shows her. Eric went on a photo shoot and was seen by a modeling agent. Eric now does a little modeling. Lisa and Eric couldn't be happier.

Screech went right home after the reunion and wrote a book about his days at Bayside. He sent it to a publisher who loved it so much gave him an advance in money. Screech gave money to the bank, and got them out of debt. They are expecting their second baby. Some producers at T.V. station want to make Screech's book into a family show. They want to call it Saved by the bell. Screech is still thinking about this one.