Okay, this is supposed to be a silly, generic little one-shot, but i'm terrible at those. So it's probably going to have another silly, generic chapter or two. Just for fun. :D

Title: Snick
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, sex (bondage, forceful seduction)
Summary: Edge gets an unexpected wake up call.


The sound filtered through Adam's slumber.

Snicksnicksnick Snick

He shifted and felt a tug on his boxers. Long, soft hair fanned across his stomach, caressing and tickling his skin and sending waves of tingles to his groin. His consciousness swam to the surface as he felt the warm, familiar sensation of a tongue on his cock. He started to bring his hands down to run them through the hair, but his wrists immediately met with hard resistance and the clink of metal. Panic ripped the last of the drowsiness from his brain.

Adam's eyes flew open, but he still couldn't see. He was chained and blindfolded.

"What the fuck?" He bucked and a soft but firm hand pressed down on his chest.

"Shh shh shh," a voice soothed. Warm lips brushed his ear, but whose?

"Who are you? What do you want? Let me go," Adam growled, trying to sound menacing. It wasn't easy. He tried to think who could have him trapped. He'd only had a couple drinks last night and didn't bring a ring rat to his room. Amy had left him months ago, and it wasn't likely she'd be back to nuzzle his crotch. Of course, she could just be here to torture him. His roommate wouldn't have let her in, though. "Chris? Chrissy, wake up!"

"He's gone," the voice whispered. The speaker was obviously trying to disguise it. Adam couldn't tell a thing from it. "Had a date."

Adam shook his head, trying to dislodge the blindfold, but it was tied tight. "What are you going to do to me?" In response the hand on his chest traveled south. He tried to jerk away and the cuffs clanked again. "Why are you hiding from me?"

"Shy." Shy, huh? Creepy, more like. There was no telling what this psycho had in mind. He was completely freaked out, but part of him couldn't help feeling intrigued, as well.

"Do I know you?" The fingers touched his chest again, deliberately dragging down between his pecs, back up, down, up. Was that a nod? "Does that mean yes?"

Down, up, down, up.

"Do we work together?"

Down, up, down, up. He relaxed a bit. A Diva, then. Maria had been eying him again lately.

"Have we fucked before?"

Side to side. No, then. Well, that narrowed it down a little. Couldn't be Maria, anyway.

"Do you-" The finger moved up to his lips and the voice shushed him again. The mouth nibbled at his ear and Adam sighed. "I still don't-" he started when the finger moved away, but moist, full lips quickly replaced it. His mysterious admirer had left his dick hanging out of his boxers and now it stirred. He was naked, vulnerable, and, despite his confusion, turned on. Whoever it was obviously wanted him, wanted to pleasure him, so why not? Give the fans what they want, right? It wasn't like anonymous sex was a new experience for him. "Fuck it," he murmured when the lips pulled away and he leaned up for another kiss. His lover obliged.

Adam explored the lips with his tongue, hoping for a clue. They were so soft, and they tasted like candy. Cherry. The kiss deepened and fingers caressed his jawline, running back to plunge into the hair at the nape of his neck. Their tongues slid over one another, tasting, flicking, exploring. Adam groaned when he realized that hot mouth would soon be on his cock, and he felt his lover's breath shudder in response.

The mouth left his but was soon on his body, licking and kissing its way down his neck and over his chest. Long fingers joined the act, caressing every inch of skin they could reach. He gasped when teeth closed around one nipple, tugging gently before the tongue probed at the hard bud. The mouth attacked his other nipple, biting to the point of pain and making him writhe and tug at his bonds. He cursed and felt the mouth smile against the swollen nub of flesh before gently sucking. The hair fell across him again, trailing behind sweet kisses that traveled down his stomach.

The weight on the bed shifted and settled between his legs. He let the hands pull his boxers off and spread his thighs wide. He was aching to be inside that mouth, his dick throbbing and straining to be touched. He moaned as that luscious mouth licked and sucked his inner thighs, teasing him. The tongue flicked and caressed his balls as fingers moved through the trimmed hair around the base of his cock.

"Fuck," Adam said, his hips writhing. "I don't care who's behind that mouth, just put it on my cock... please..." The last word came out as a whine. He felt that smile again on his thigh and received a sound nip for his begging. He jumped, trying not to squeak and failing. He felt warm breath on the tip of his hard cock and he had to grip the railing to keep from trembling and making his chains rattle. "Please..." he breathed, "Baby, please..." A weight pressed against his belly and hands gripped his hips so hard nails dug in. Hot, panting breaths caressed his shaft and he realized his lover was clinging to him, trying to regain composure. The moment was so fleeting he had only registered what was happening before the forehead raised off his belly and lips closed around the head of his dick.

"Yesss, oh, yes," he murmured. "Suck it, just like that. You like the way I taste, baby?" The tongue flicked and probed the slit of his cockhead, lapping at the precum he could feel leaking out of him. His lover hummed softly in pleasure and pulled back to lick up his shaft. The mouth engulfed him, sucking and slurping around his dick. A hand snaked around the base, intermittently stroking and squeezing him. Adam was in bliss and didn't think about where the other hand was until he heard the pop of a lid being opened. The mystery mouth and hand left him for a second and he whined in protest. He was shushed again and the mouth returned, taking him in until he could feel the back of the throat. He thrust up and his lover let him, swallowing around his head.

"Shit, baby, you are so good. You love swallowing my cock, don't you? Mmm, my little slut." His lover hummed again, sending vibrations through his groin and making his unseeing eyes roll back. This was the best head he'd ever had. He started to reevaluate that thought, however, when he felt a lubed finger probing his asshole. "Whoa whoa," he said, clenching up, "what are you doing?" He was shushed again.

"Just one finger," the voice whispered. "Trust me, I haven't hurt you, have I?" Adam squirmed. The finger moved with him, staying lightly pressed against his pucker. The other hand stroked his saliva-coated dick as the tongue lathed his ball sack. He really didn't think his mystery admirer was out to torture him. He'd gotten nothing but pleasure so far. And some guys he knew said they dug this kind of thing. He'd been curious, but not enough to buck up the courage to ask anyone for it. But now it was being offered, and here in the dark he felt unreal. As if this were a dream, a fantasy without consequence. He could see no eyes judging him, no lips that might sneer in disgust. He could only feel. Touching, sucking, stroking, licking... just feeling. Just pleasure. He ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the lingering cherry flavor. He shifted, spreading his legs a little wider and trying to relax.

The mouth swallowed his cock again and the finger at his entrance circled, spreading lube. He tried to concentrate on the throat fucking him and not on the pressure that breached his tight ring of muscle. The intruding finger massaged and probed, spreading him as the mouth sucked and tightened around him. The blow job helped, and he could tell his lover was being gentle, but it still hurt. Adam grunted and winced, wondering why he'd been willing to try this. Just as he opened his mouth to express his discomfort the finger inside him crooked and brushed against his prostate.

"Oh my... fuck!" He arched into the mouth and the other hand pressed on his belly, holding him down. "Holy shit baby, just like that... uhhh... fuck, do it again... suck me, you filthy slut..." His slut obeyed, swallowing his cock hungrily while the finger fucked him a little harder, hitting his button at odd intervals. That little bit of discomfort was totally worth the waves of ecstasy that coursed through him now. "Ohh... you like that? You like your finger in my ass while I fuck your throat? Shit, you feel so good, so hot..." He felt his body tighten. Just one more thrust, one more touch to that magic button...

The mouth and finger left him with audible pops. He cried out as the hand tightened around his base, blocking his orgasm. He squirmed and writhed in agony as the lid popped again and he felt lube being spread on his cock, mixing with saliva and precum.

"I want you inside me, Adam. I want you to fuck me," the voice whimpered, strained and breathy.

"God, yes," Adam groaned. "Kiss me, baby. I want to feel your lips. I want to taste your cherry mouth while I fuck you."

His lover hesitated, holding the base of Adam's cock with one hand and tracing lines across his belly with the other. The weight on the bed shifted just as Adam moved his leg, and Adam's skin came into contact with a thigh. A thick, solid, hairy thigh. Adam froze and everything snapped into place. The distance his admirer kept between them, letting only mouth and hands touch his body. The width of the fingers and the strange disguised whisper. The total lack of breasts being shoved in his face.

"Holy shit," he breathed, "you're a dude." His heart pounded. A man had been touching him, sucking his dick, shoving a finger in his ass. And he'd been enjoying it. Even now his cock throbbed and ached, and he realized he was dying to fuck the person who had brought him so close to the edge of orgasm. He still wanted to taste those lips and come deep inside... inside him. He panicked and started to thrash, struggling to dislodge the blindfold again and kicking. In an instant his legs were pinned beneath those of his admirer. His violator, his betrayer. His lover. The unknown man leaned over his body until Adam could feel his breath on his neck.

"I'm not gay," Adam panted, his voice shaky and unconvincing.

"I'm not usually, either," the voice whispered, still in disguise. "But I've wanted you for a very long time." Long hair tickled Adam's face and he tried to think. Which long-haired Superstar had been secretly lusting after him? He wasn't nearly heavy enough to be Hunter or anyone else that beefy. John Morrison? Punk? There was no facial hair around the lips, but that could be easily shaved. Piercings could be removed. The mystery man interrupted his musings.

"Besides, is it that big a deal? You still get your dick wet." The mouth descended on his neck, kisses and nibbles driving Adam just as wild as they had before. His lover lost all sense of boundary and melted into him, pressing his hard chest against Adam's. He nibbled on Adam's ear, panting heavily with arousal. A hard ridge of flesh brushed against Adam's cock and he realized his own hips were grinding up, rubbing his cock into his admirer's, and it felt so good. A hand slipped between them to wrap around both dicks, pressing them together and stroking, making their lower bodies slippery with lube, and Adam groaned. This shouldn't feel so fucking good, so fucking right. A thumb caressed his lower lip and he shuddered, trying to resist, but he couldn't help himself. He kissed the digit and sucked it into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue and sucking. It was his lover's turn to groan. He did it with his face buried in Adam's neck and let go of their cocks, pressing his body flush against Adam's and holding him close. Adam let go of the thumb and ran his tongue down the side, looking for other fingers. He found an index finger and swirled his tongue around it before taking it in his mouth. Slowly, trying to suppress a gag, he let it slip to the back of his throat before swallowing around it. He heard a whispery curse and his lover's hips rocked against him in time to Adam's continued grinding. He almost did gag then and spit out the digit.

"Are you gonna finger fuck my mouth and dry hump me all night, or are you gonna get on my dick?" Adam growled in the general direction of his mystery man's ear. He raised his face from his neck, silent and still. Adam presumed he was looking at him. Fingers touched his face, caressing his cheeks and chin. They brushed his lips and stroked his hair, twirling a golden lock and, he was sure, getting lube in it. At this point he didn't care. He didn't care who was loving on him so sweetly, so tenderly. It was enough that someone was. Someone had gone to great lengths to be with him, to hover over him and admire him. Someone who knew him, knew what an asshole he could be and what a goofball he was. He hadn't felt this way in a long time, long before Amy had left him. He didn't know who he was, but he wanted to give this man pleasure back. Adam smiled.

Soft, parted lips traced his mouth. Their lips slid together and apart slowly, lingering, tasting. Adam wanted more but his lover kept his kisses feather-light as he shifted to straddle Adam's body. One of the hands left his face and he heard the lid being popped yet again. After a moment his lover grunted into his mouth and he realized he was preparing himself. Adam groaned as the thought made all the blood rush to his groin. He didn't know how much more his cock could take.

"Uncuff me," he murmured against his admirer's lips, flicking his tongue out to taste them. "I can help you with that, I've done it before. With women, but I'm sure it's the same concept."

"Not yet." He grunted again and kissed Adam harder, capturing his mouth and exploring it with his tongue. He spread more lube on the tip of Adam's cock and gripped the shaft, guiding it towards his waiting pucker. Adam moaned again as he pressed against his lover's entrance. He had to concentrate on kissing, trying not to thrust his hips and drive his cock into that hot channel. It was his lover's fantasy now and if he wanted to make sweet gentle love instead of fuck, well that's what he was going to get. No matter how much it was driving Adam out of his mind.

He thought with all the lube his lover had used it would be easy to slide into him. He hadn't counted on how tight his lover was. They'd had to break the kiss and he sat up a little, angling his hips to push back onto Adam's cockhead.

"Relax, baby," Adam said in a low voice, trying not to wince. "Don't force it, just breathe... oh yeah, that's it... open up for me, baby... uhm... yess, there we go." He grunted as he pushed inside. His lover paused for a second, adjusting before taking more of him in. He whimpered, whined and hissed as he impaled himself inch by slow inch. It was the tightest space Adam had ever shoved his dick in. His poor aching cock felt so crushed it made him dizzy, and the delicious sounds his lover was making only made him harder. Finally his hips made contact with flesh as he sank all the way in. When his lover leaned forward to kiss him again and bury his face in his neck, he could feel his hard length trapped between them.

They laid there for a moment, panting and composing themselves. Adam needed his lover to move, to relieve the ungodly pressure on his cock, but he managed to keep still. "Are you okay?" he asked. He felt him nod against his neck.

"Hurts more than I thought it would," he choked out.

"Wait, you've never done this?" This time he shook his head. "Oh, baby..." He wanted to rub his back, kiss him and whisper sweetness in his ear. Just a finger had hurt enough, he couldn't imagine the pain his lover was in now. "Uncuff me," he purred in his ear. "I can hold you, kiss you, touch you. I'll make love to you nice and slow, make the pain go away. I'll make you feel good." His lover shuddered against his body, but then shook his head again and pulled up. He sat back, wiggling his hips and adjusting the angle, making Adam groan. Slowly, too fucking slowly, he began to move, his hands pressing down on Adam's chest. And he started making those sounds again, those sweet keening sounds that told Adam he was hurting. That Adam's thick, hard dick was stretching him and tearing him up inside. The thought sent a perverse thrill through him and Adam squeezed the railing until he was certain his knuckles were white. Finally he couldn't take the slow pace anymore and thrust his hips up, making his lover gasp.

"Sorry," he panted. "I just... please fuck me. I need... you're so fucking tight, please..." He heard another whimper and his lover moved faster. Adam moved with him, bracing his feet on the mattress so he could thrust more easily. Doing so angled his hips and his lover cried out and bucked against him.

"Yes," he gasped, still trying to disguise his voice, "just like that." He thrust up again and his lover moaned, bouncing on him faster, harder. Now that he knew where it was and how to hit it, Adam tried to brush his prostate on every other thrust or so. He moaned as he recalled how it had felt, knowing his lover was feeling the same mind-numbing pleasure. One of the hands left his chest and he strongly suspected his lover was stroking himself. Adam found himself wishing he could watch. There was no point anymore in denying to himself that he'd been attracted to men in the past, not now that he had his dick stuffed up another man's ass. And was loving every minute of it.

"So close, baby," Adam said. "Can't hold on... much longer... uh... cum for me, baby. Jerk yourself off, cum while I'm inside you... oh, yeah..."

"Fuck, Adam, so good..." his lover moaned. "Keep... just like that... fuck me, harder... uh, fuck, Adam, I love you..."

Adam's eyes opened, though it didn't matter. He still couldn't see. His lover had forgotten to disguise his voice. He knew that voice. He had fantasized so many times about that voice saying those very words... but it couldn't be. There was no possible way. But what if it was? And... he loved him? Fuck, he loved him...

He threw his head back as his orgasm took over. He pulled on his bonds, thrusting madly into that hot, tight hole, growling and shouting obscenities. He came so hard it almost hurt and left him breathless. He buried himself deep as he spilled into his lover, and was aware of his lover babbling his name.

"Adam, Adam... so beautiful, Adam. Knew you'd be beautiful... coming inside me... fuck, I can feel it... fuck!" Warm wetness splattered onto Adam's chest and up his neck. Muscles contracted around his cock, milking him and making him cry out again. After a moment he felt his lover lean over him again, weight he thought was hands pushing down the mattress on either side of his head. His lover's sweat dripped onto his forehead. His softening cock slipped out of its tight haven and a warm mixture of cum and lube followed, dribbling down his skin. His lover whimpered and gave him a tentative kiss.

"Uncuff me," he panted.

"So you can hit me?" he whispered. Back to disguising his voice again. Adam wanted to look in his eyes, be really sure that his ears weren't playing tricks on him. Be sure he wasn't hearing what he wanted to hear.

"So I can hold you." he answered. His lover sighed and laid down beside him.

"You might change your mind if you knew who I am."

It was Adam's turn to sigh. "Maybe I will. Maybe I loathe you. But you said you've wanted me for a long time. What if I feel the same way and you walk out? Right now you've got two options. One, cover me up and leave, let Chrissy find me and set me free. I'll never speak of it again and tonight will be a memory that I jack off to, and you'll never know who I fantasize is on the other side of this blindfold. Two, you uncuff me and we find out if there's something more between us. Ball's in your court, baby." He fell silent and waited for a long moment.

"You hurt people." Adam's heart sank. Every fresh chance he got, he inadvertently ruined because his past came back to bite him in the ass. Why couldn't anyone see how hard he'd been trying? Why did his whole life have to be tainted by a few bouts of stupidity? He swallowed.

"I have. I was blind and stupid and selfish for a long time. I think I can be different. That I have been different. But if you don't believe that then you can just walk out that door. If you can't trust me we'll never have a shot." They were silent again and Adam begged in his head for his lover to uncuff him, please. Let him prove he was worthy. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath until the weight left the bed and he exhaled in disappointment. "Dammit," he whispered to his cuffs.

Weight came down on the bed again and his lover straddled him. "Please give me a chance," he whispered and Adam felt tugging on his wrists.