A/N: Many thanks to Bacon-Chan for requesting a drabble "that involves Tony reminiscing about his parents."And you thought I'd never fill it! :)

"Pepper, I've been called many things, but nostalgic isn't one of them." ~Tony Stark

When Tony thinks of his mother, there is piano music and a voice like a dove. He thinks he recalls her murmuring something in French as she rubs soothing circles into his back. But then, he was very young when she died, and it's possible that he just made it up.

His father, on the other hand, Tony remembers very well. The man's frantic energy as he invented weapons and ran a multi-billion dollar company. The way he would stare through Tony instead of at him.

Tony doesn't think about his parents often, but whenever he does, he becomes strangely melancholy.