Author Notes: Scientist Matthew Williams has been kidnapped! Gilbert Beilschmidt, an elite soldier, must infiltrate the enemy fortress and rescue him. AU Prussia x Canada

Shamelessly based heavily on the manga My Life With You. It's such a cute and beautiful manga! The art is gorgeous; I can just stare at it for hours. Anyway the characters reminded me so much of Canada and Prussia, I mean come one, a soldier and a blond glasses-wearing guy? I couldn't help but think of them the whole time I was reading. Anyway, the story's going to be based a lot on the manga with a few minor tweaks and changes. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or My Life With You. Both Mangas belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 1

It was only when I saw your silhouette against the gold and crimson sky, yelling and crying at me to stay alive, did I see how truly beautiful you are.

4 years earlier


"Come on, come on…"

The room was dark; the only light visible came from a computer screen that illuminated the face of a seated figure. Apart from low mutterings, the sound of rapid taps from the keyboard filled the dark room. The figure, with his features bathed under a flickering blue-white light, was a scientist; the room, a lab.

The inconsistent light did nothing to the scientist's features however. Under closer inspection, his hair, a faint gradient of yellow and gold, fell in soft waves just below his chin and framed a slight, but well-defined face. A curled strand of hair never seemed to leave the front of his face. His eyes, hidden behind glasses, were a curious shade of violet and produced a rather entrancing effect upon anyone who so happened to see them. Long eyelashes and a full mouth gave the boy a feminine visage, but nonetheless, he was beautiful.


"Come on, come on…" the scientist muttered once again. His violet eyes followed a bar that slowly crawled across the computer screen. Biting his bottom lip, the scientist held his breath and stared at the words sending transmission, which continued to blink on the screen as the bar finished completion.

"Hey doctor."


At the sound of a voice, the scientist nearly jumped out of his seat and let out a yelp of surprise. "What are you doing so late at night?" the guard flipped a switch and flooded the room with more fluorescent blue-white light.

"Just fixing up some code…" the scientist tried to sound calm, normal. His actions appeared to be the complete opposite however as they flew frantically across the keyboard trying to hide the transmission which he knew would get him in major trouble.


Boots squeaked across tile; the man, a guard by the looks of his uniform, was walking towards the scientist. The scientist's fingers clacked with more fervor as the guard was coming closer to the screen. "What are you doing here?" he tried to ask casually.

The guard grinned. No, smirked. Slowly setting his gun on a nearby table, he replied, "visiting you of course."

The scientist could feel dread settling on himself. His eyes were on the guard, but he was glancing at the screen as well. "Oh, well I'm working right now so maybe you could visit another time?" his tone was hopeful, but he knew the hope was futile. The guard was not going to leave. The scientist was only trying to stall the inevitable action that would take place.


"You have a sense of humor doc," the guard walked determinedly toward the scientist now, "and I don't remember the chief telling you to fix anything."


The scientist tried to feign and indignant persona, "Well you don't have to know everything about me." His eyes darted to the screen again while his face remained turned to the guard.

"But I do don't I? I know everything about that body of yours."


The scientist shivered at the guard's words. Still, he managed to refute, "You don't know everything."

"Enough." The guard commanded, and in a swift motion he pulled the computer's power cord, effectively shutting it down.

"Hey!" came the scientist's yell. Already he could feel despair and disappointment. The transmission had not finished.

"No more talking doc," the guard quickly grabbed the scientist's hands and tied them behind his back. "You will cooperate today." Glasses fell to the floor. The scientist's head was pushed down on the desk and the guard began stripping the man's lab coat, shirt, and pants.

The scientist could feel tears stinging his eyes. Not only at the humiliation, but despair that his chance for rescue had failed.

"This is Dr. Matthew Williams," General Beildschmidt started as he held up a picture of the doctor.

He looks young, was the string of thought that ran through Gilbert's mind as he gazed at his new mission. Blond, glasses, and eyes a curious shade of violet. Kinda looks like France, he thought off handedly.

"He has been missing for over 3 years, we have only recently received an SOS from a base in Siberia. I have brought together this small taskforce to rescue and retrieve the man," Ludwig recited the mission as normal, just another protocol. The team stood straight and attentive listening to the German.

"This mission is highly classified, therefore I have called your small team of specialists. The mission is simple, infiltrate the base and rescue the missing scientist."

Ludwig looked at Gilbert, "Prussia and Spain, you will be the infiltrating team," and then he turned his head, "France and Netherlands will be the backup. Read your mission files for the rest of the details. Dismissed!" The team saluted, "Yes sir!" and left the office.

"What's wrong France?" Spain asked the troubled looking man as they walked out. "Matthew Williams… I know him. He's my cousin. I haven't seen him in ages though, I didn't know…" France's eyebrows knitted anxiously.

Prussia patted France on the back, "Don't worry man, we'll definitely get him back."

"Yeah." The usually boisterous and flamboyant Frenchman was unusually quiet for once.

"But doesn't he look to young to be a doctor?" Prussia thought of the photo his brother showed them. Netherlands shook his head, "He may not look it, but he's a genius. He hacked through Russia's highest security system, sent out an SOS, and provided the layout of the base and communication systems."

Prussia only nodded in acknowledgment.

"Prussia, are you there?" Gilbert heard his brother's voice through his mic. "Yeah West, what is it?"

"It's Germany while we're on a mission!" Despite being pushed up against a cold metal wall trying to infiltrate the enemy base, Prussia chuckled to himself and smirked, "Yeah yeah, what is it Germany?" He emphasized his brother's codename.

His brother gave an audible sigh, "We have been able to pinpoint the doctor's exact location from the SOS he gave us. Your location is closest so I am sending you the coordinates now."

"Gotcha," Prussia looked at the red dot blinking on his gps watch. They had already dodged and knocked out a few guards so now all they had to do was find the doctor.

Prussia checked through the rooms moving closer to the location, he held his gun in his hands ready to shoot at any moment. He and Spain had split up when they had infiltrated the base in order to cover more ground. France and Netherlands were outside the base keeping guard and in a helicopter waiting for the retreat.

Looking at the blinking dot again, Gilbert realized he had found the target. He searched the room and found a crouched figure in the corner of what looked like a lab.

"Dr. Matthew Williams!" He called out.

Matthew visibly jumped up in shock and let out a yelp of surprise.

"Woah, calm down, I'm from the special ops and we're here to rescue you." He held up his gun and hands to show he meant no harm. It wasn't a surprise Matthew was so shocked, with Gilbert's white hair, red eyes, and gun in hand, he wasn't exactly a welcoming sight.

"W-what?" Matthew's eyes went wide as the soldier reached for his arm to help him up.

"We received your SOS, and we're here to get you out."

Matthew mumbled something and looked close to crying.

"Did you say something?" Prussia looked at the teary scientist. Matthew's voice was so quiet, like a whisper. "I thought the transmission failed, I was interrupted when I sent it."

"Well you were wrong Dr. Williams," Prussia grinned proudly, "Come on, let's get you out of here."

"Just call me Matt," the scientist said as Prussia turned around to scour the area for any incoming guards.

"Germany, Prussia reporting, I've acquired the target. We're heading out right now."

"Prussia?" Matthew questioned inquisitively.

"Yes, its my codename I use for missions… hey what the hell are you doing!" Gilbert turned back around to see Matthew stripping his lab coat and shirt, revealing pale skin, and a slight frame.

"Mr. Prussia," he revealed a bomb attached to his chest "I can't just leave. If I do, the sensor will trigger the bomb and the whole base will explode."

Gilbert sighed as he inspected the device. The bomb was fastened to his chest by a black brace. He leaned in closer to have a look, taking Matthew by surprise, as his face was inches away from Matthew's. Gilbert fingered the choker-like thing on the scientist's neck.

"A trigger sensor huh? You must be really important then if they're willing to destroy the base for you. What's the choker for?" Matthew tilted his head to the side to let Gilbert examine the bomb. "What idiot would design a bomb like this anyway?"

"My colleagues and I did," Matthew, in a quiet voice, explained unapologetically.

Gilbert looked up from the choker, "Hah, sorry." He offered a half smile.

Matthew continued, "If you try to rip the choker, it will shoot a long needle and kill me. The bomb's also programmed so it can't be hacked." He gave a sad smile, I should know, I designed it.

Gilbert pondered a bit, "Then all I have to do is disable the sensor right?"

Matthew gaped at the man, "Are you sure you can do that? What if you get us killed?"

"Trust me, I'm awesome. I'll definitely protect you with my life." Gilbert held out a hand. His face and disposition held such confidence and certainty; Matthew couldn't help but believe the white-haired soldier.

Matthew smiled and took his hand, "I trust you then."

Prussia and Matthew suddenly heard footsteps. "I've got a plan. Stay calm okay Matt?"

The door slid open and a guard came in. "Hey doc, it's me."

"What do you want?" Matthew asked, he had quickly put on his lab coat and had his back turned to the guard pretending to work on the computer.

The guard approached Matthew and smirked, "Just came in to check up on you," he grabbed Matt's shoulder and turned him around. The guard saw Matt shirtless, the bomb exposed.

"Well what do we have here?" The guard grabbed Matt's arm and forced him to turn around, pointing the gun to his chin. "Doctor, you should know better than anyone that the bomb can't be removed."

Matthew swallowed looking down at the gun pointed to his chin, "You won't tell the colonel right?"

The guard grinned evilly, "That depends, the colonel is already really angry the U.N. is pressuring us to release you," he lowered his gun and begun sucking on Matthew's neck, quickly removing the lab coat.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let go!" Matthew tried weakly to resist but was held in place by the guard's grip.

The guard pulled on Matthew's hair forcing him to look up, "You know I can shoot your knees so you can't escape." The gun was back under his chin and Matt could feel the pressure of the cold metal on his skin.

He swallowed again and made himself look at the guard. "O-okay! I'll do whatever you want, just please don't shoot."

"Good boy," the guard began to suck on Matt's neck again and pushed him back against the table. "B-but could you take off the choker please? I'm too scared it will go off!"

"I won't take it off," the guard said as his hands moved across Matthew's pale abdomen. "Please, I'm scared, I don't want to die! I'll do anything, so please…"

Matthew begged as he tried to meet the guard's eyes. "Fine."

The guard removed the choker using a special "key" and laid it on the table. Matthew silently let out a sigh of relief.

Still holding his gun, the guard commanded, "Pants off, hands on the wall." Matthew stood up to comply when, as quickly as lightning, Prussia appeared behind the guard.

"Sorry, but I can't let you do that." The guard had barely anytime to say "What?" When Prussia hit him in the head and knocked him out.

After confirming the guard was out cold, Prussia looked up at Matt, "Good job Matt, you did great!"

Matthew just stood there for a few moments speechless before he collapsed on the floor.

"Hey, are you okay? Can you stand?" Prussia kneeled down in front of the doctor. "The bomb's disabled, we should go now." It was then he noticed Matthew was shaking and tears were coming out of his violet eyes.

He looks so fragile, Gilbert noted as he reached his hand toward the boy. He has probably reached his limit. I wonder what kind of humiliation he must have gone through, and pain he must have felt watching his comrades die…

Prussia carefully wiped the tears off Matthew's face, and made a dangerous action. He told him his real name.

"Matt, my name is Gilbert Beildschmidt. But this is a top secret mission, so you can't tell anyone." Gilbert's face was softer now, kind.

Matthew looked up at Gilbert and rubbed his eyes before saying, "Okay Gilbert, I won't tell anyone." And he returned a sweet smile.

My first fanfiction ever! What do you think? Should I continue or is it too much of the manga to be interesting? Reviews would be very much appreciated. And I apologize for any of the technical mistakes I made/make (e.g. the army, special ops missions, etc.). I am not an expert in these things. Also, I am planning on making only the beginning of the two similar, the plot will be different from the manga later on.