First off, this is based off me and Meilynn64's RP. Some things are modified so that it's not so confusing. (: I love you so much, Mei. I really hope I'll be able to talk to you again. I'll be looking forward to talk to you again, really. 8D I've waited for two whole weeks and I've finally talked to you during the weekend. Nyay!

Well, enjoy.

This is a drabble. Read at your own discretion.

An E-Mail for Axel

Axel, I still can't believe that we're separated like this. Honestly, I am pregnant and all you do it leave me. –sighs- well, not really… you didn't really leave me, did you? I'm the one who left because apparently, mom and dad don't like us together… big news… -pouts- well, seriously… I still can't believe they're not going to let us meet for a month and think that it's a great idea. –sighs- I don't like this…

I really want to have you around. It's miserable here. It's been two weeks since we're separated, right? And we didn't even have connection to one another. Mom made sure that the internet connection is off and she made sure that I didn't call you. They threaten me that if I do anything suspicious, they would hate me forever. Meh… I don't know what's up with them, really. They're not too excited to know that I'm pregnant.

Yeah yeah… it's weird that I, a boy, can get pregnant… very strange, indeed… (as Xemnas would say). But my tummy's been getting bigger and bigger as the months passed by… and we're all suspecting a twin now, right? Gods, I'm scared, Axel. I'm honestly and literally scared… I've never even given birth before and now the first thing I have to hear for my first pregnancy is "Congrats, we think they're twins?" It's not even funny…

And the reporters have been on their toes lately. They want to squish everything that can get from me. A boy who got pregnant. What a news. I'm sure you've read about me on the paper… well, the Japanese paper, at least. I don't know if this news has made it to the States.

I blame you and your hormone, Axel. I knew we should have used a condom… but… well… never in a million years would I think that I can get pregnant. I don't like this. This isn't normal at all. It's like some Gods up above decided that it's fun to have me get pregnant. Maybe they're punishing us for being… you know, gay.

You'd better start planning the marriage and the honeymoon or I'm not going to be happy about this… humph…

On the bright side, as expected and as what the doctors have been telling us… my mood swings have been becoming more and more severe… Well, I've been really tired and just standing kills my back. I do not like. I'm being honest here. I guess I'm complaining too much.

On another bright side~ I've been inviting Riku over to watch dramas and some chick flicks with me. Yeah, it's true, he feels so gay about that. I feel rather gay too, not that I'm not. –giggles- but it's fun to see his face cringe and whatnot. It's funny that he would still accept every single one of my invitation if he doesn't like those movies. I guess he just… likes me that much.

Oh yeah, I am trying to make you jealous. You know how I love it when you're jealous, right?

Uh… on another note… I've been crying when I watched some tragedies too. Man, I can never imagine myself cry over things like that! It's so… absolutely embarrassing. I've been threatening Riku not to tell anyone about it and he promised to keep his mouth shut. So that's good.

I'm going to be inviting Riku over tonight again and he said that he's going to buy a box of tissue for me along the way, so that's really cool of him. I'll nuzzle up to him tonight. –smirks-

Can you record yourself when you read this email? That would be fun. I wanna see your expressions.

Oh, I am allowed to be on the internet today because mom thinks that it's been two weeks… so I could at least write an email to you.

It's just another 2 weeks, Axel. I really can't wait to go back home… to be by your side again. To be pampered and loved by you. Don't be surprised by how much weight I have gained or I will not be happy and you know how I am when I'm not happy. –grins- Well… but of course… you'll always say that I'm perfect anyway… because you're… just you. I feel like I'm always bullying or at least, abusing you.

How are you, Axel? I miss you… tremendously. I'm not kidding… I miss your touches and your voice… your kindness… just about everything that is you. Even your hair and your eyes… -sighs- I'm really lost without you. I have nothing to look forward to when I wake up now. Because I'll be just all by myself on the cold bed without you beside me.

How have you been, really?

Have you met others who are more special than me? Did someone steal your heart away? Have you been unfaithful? Do you still love me? I know that you frequently call and dad would always hang up on you. I really really appreciate that.

I still love you, Axel. So, so much. And don't worry about Riku. There's nothing going on between us. He's just a good buddy, that's all. I like him, but not like that, you know

How is Emery? Has he been good? Did he miss me? –smiles- I miss my little baby.

Does he begin to eat something else other than banana? Does he like your food now? Does he still want to eat my chicken pie? Can he walk now? I know it has just been two weeks… but it felt like it's already been a year to me. I miss you two.

Speaking about food… I really miss your cooking. I miss the cheesecake you make, the chicken dish you make… just about everything that you cook. You are a great chef, Axel. Have you found a five star restaurant to work at yet? (: Do I get the luxury to stay at home and order you around while you have to earn money outside? :D just kidding, Axel. You know I love you and you know I also love bullying you.

I've been playing with Raven for the past couple of days. Raven is such a sweet little girl. We would nuzzle to each other sometimes and she's just really sweet. Sweeter than sugar. I love my little niece. Her red hair really reminds me of you though. I wonder if Emery still misses Raven. I'm not surprised… after all, in the past life, Raven and Emery are siblings and they're our children.

And now… we're going to have twins…

I know that you don't mind twins, but I'm still scared. I have to give birth… not only to one, but two.

Man, Ax. I'm scared. And the bulge in my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. This is… horrifying. But at the same time, I'm really looking forward to giving birth to our babies too. (: Since you seem to love them very much. I love what you love and I want to make you happy.

So anyway… I have to get off the computer now. Or my parents will be angry again. You know how they are. They're so big on disowning me.

I'll be taking the flight back to America in two weeks. Wait for me, Axel. And don't go around being unfaithful, okay? I trust you with all my heart.

I know you won't do anything that would make me hate you.

I love you so much.

You are amazing, Axel.

Remember to stay healthy and eat lots (don't worry, I am. I eat at least 8 times a day. Yes, I am that hungry).



(Hopefully I'll be able to sneak on the internet again and read your reply and reply to you.)



No, I didn't double check or anything. I'd prolly take this off sometime anyway. Hehe. Welp, time to go to sleep. I'll be updating Marionette soon, promise.