This probably marks the end of the emails? I don't know. lol. Have fun.

From: Roxas

To: Axel


... Oh... god, I'm sorry Axel. Aunt Sally passed away? I'm really sorry to hear that. I... I don't know what to say. I wish I were there to comfort you.

I talked to mom and dad about it. They couldn't make it to the funeral because they have no way of leaving the country and enter the United States without renewing their visas. But they did go ahead and bought me a ticket for this Saturday. So I'm going to take a flight back to the States this Saturday, Ax. I hope you'll be okay until then. Stay strong, okay?

No, I won't do that. Not when you're in pain, Axel. I won't do anything that would only bring pleasure to myself. And no, it's ok. I'm not in pain anymore. Don't worry abuot it. I love you, Axel. I hope you and Emery would be alright. I'll be arriving at the airport early morning Saturday, Axel.

Ax... please don't say that. I am sorry... I love you with all my heart and I know that my happiness is with you, nobody else.

-smiles- Well, I love you when you're being a perv.

They didn't really do anything much... except took photos of me when I was outside and saying that Riku is the father and bullshit like that. Don't let them get to you. They don't know anything about me.

I'm so sorry... I feel so embarrassed and guilty for doing that... I'm selfish and I only worry about myself. I promise I would never do that again, Axel. I'm really sorry. And please, don't be sorry. I'm the one who are selfish to begin with.

I'm sorry that people don't like it when you're with me... I'm so sorry... I-I don't want you to leave me... but... I-I mean, if you find it better for your life and everything to leave me... then I won't blame you. As long as you give me a good reason when you leave... okay?

Okay... I... I guess I deserve punishment and being in trouble. -giggles, smiles-

Wow... I didn't remember Riku doing all of that. Seriously? That's just inhuman of Riku... Riku never mistreated me ever since I'm here. Maybe it's because we're always with people when I'm with him. I'll take precautions from now on. Riku still drinks some, but he doesn't drink until he's drunk.

I won't. -nods- I didn't nuzzle up too close with Ven.

Wow, Kai is addicted to drug? ... -sighs- I really hope she'll get rehabilitated and recovered from it.

Me too, Ax... I want you... b-but... I guess it's inappropriate to say that right now what with what happened to Aunt Sally...

-giggles- you do look good in that dress. -grins- Well... if I try to ignore your muscles and every aspects of your manliness. ;) You don't want that to happen, right?

Oh yes, I'm making sweet love with my whip cream and ice cream and chocolate syrup now. Layers and layers of them. They melt in my mouth and it's just so... great to lick them and have them down my throat... mmnn... -moans-

I see. Well, now you know what to give to Emery as food, right? (:

I won't know what to do when I meet you too... knowing me, I'd prolly just stand there like I'm having an amnesia. -smiles- well, it wouldn't be good if we both just stand there. So, you'd better plan to do something. ^^ Or nothing at all would be okay. I don't mind a hug and a kiss from you. -grins- what about you die your hair blond? -giggles- and no, ew. I don't like Saix.

I didn't get sick. Well, I'm having a bit of a sore throat and coughs, but it's nothing much. (:

Ax, I love your smile. Hang in there, okay? Promise? I'll come home in three days. And then you... can do with me whatever you want. (: You can even feel the baby kicking. It hurts for me, but I'm sure it would feel amazing for you.

Of course I'll let you near me. -giggles- I think I'll even beg you near me if you don't want to. That sounds like a deal. (:

-nods- Alright. I'll stay away from Riku from now on. I'll do what you say, Axel.

I love you.

Don't get too depressed.

I wish I were there to cheer you up.