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Chapter 5

Reaching Mt Moon

A week later, Yami, Yugi and Joey set off from the Pewter City Pokémon Centre with the other trainers heading towards Mt Moon. On the outskirts of town they saw Ryou flying towards them so they stepped of the path and into the bushes so he could speak with them.

"What news, Ryou?" Yami asked as Ryou landed on his outstretched arm.

"Well, there are only a few trainers around Mt Moon so you should have no trouble getting through Mt Moon" Ryou informed them.

"Well that's good because we can't go any other way towardsCeruleanCity" Joey said pooping out of his Pokéball by himself and directing Ryou's attention.

"Joey? Is that you? Great Scott you've evolved" Ryou said his eyes widening in shock at Joey's new form.

"Yep, I'm now a Charmeleon" Joey said with pride.

"Well congratulations, now on to other business" he said quickly cutting Joey off "I flew over Mt Moon and found that the only way to get through the mountain is to walk through the cave in the dark using only Joey's flame to light the way."

"So we have to be very careful while going through the mountain?" Yami concluded.

"Yep, that would be about right" Ryou said preparing to take off.

"Wait, you haven't found anyone else have you?" Yami called as he flew off but Ryou just shook his head and flew off over Mt Moon.

Along the way they battled several other trainers including bug catchers and lass's. They were concerned when Yugi became poisoned but thanks to Yami stocking up on antidotes they healed him without too many problems.

Yami also managed to catch a Jigglypuff, pink Pokémon that looked like a balloon with a swirl on its head. 2 Nidoran (Male and Female). The male was pink with big ears, while the female was blue with small ears and finally an Ekans, a purple snake with yellow rings on it.

They had planned to be at Mt Moon's base by nightfall but due to all the trainer battles, they only covered half the ground that they had planned. But thanks to Yami's planning they had everything they needed to survive the night. Yugi was now teaching Yami about types.

"So Psychic is weak to Bug while Bug is weak to Fire attacks" Yami said, slowly learning.

"That's right, and Water is weak to Grass and Electric attacks". Yugi replied.

"I think I finally get the idea of these types" Yami said.

"That's good, so don't send Joey in against a water type or he might not live"

"Ok, now come on let's get to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow"

"'K, 'night Yami"

"Goodnight Yugi, Joey"

Unknown to them they were being watched by three pairs of eyes.

The next morning after waking Joey up, they set off again in the direction of Mt Moon, wondering where the others were. Soon they came across three trainers who had nothing better to do than battle random trainers. Yami soon got into a battle with one of them.

She was around the same size as Yami and had one Pokéball hanging from her waist. She was wearing a blue, shirt, jeans, shoes and a cap with a Pokéball emblem stitched onto it over her light brown hair. She said her name was Volturnus.

Yami could see why, everything about her seemed to be about water, whether it was her clothes or her very cool personality.

Her friends looked exactly like her except one had red clothing instead of blue and Yami could sense A very impatient nature surrounding him. A Charmander sat at his feet.

The other had green clothes and had a very calm nature. As if one bad word could bring her to break. She had a Bulbasaur sitting at her feet with a small flower in its ear.

"You ready?" the girl, Volturnus shouted out to him.

"Yep" Yami shouted back.

"Go Squirtle" She shouted as she threw her Pokéball.

""Go Yugi"

A Turtle Pokémon with blue arms and feet appeared. It had a blue bushy tail, a brown shell and a yellow stomach. "Squirtle" it said innocently.

"Hi, I'm squirtle"

"You ready Squirtle?" Volturnus asked getting into a battle stance.

"Yep, let's go"

"We'll start" Yami said. "Yugi quick attack and then thundershock".

Squirtle, use bubble to try and slow it down" Volturnus yelled at the Pokémon.

Squirtle drew in a big breath and a moment latter many tiny bubbles surrounded Yugi.

"Yugi use Thundershock" Yami calmly shouted.

Yugi grinned and then moments later, after all the bubbles disappeared, a small limp figure was lying belly up.

"Squirtle is unable to battle, Yugi is the winner" the red clothed boy called out.

"Thanks Hephaestus" Volturnus said turning to the boy after she silently recalled Squirtle.

"Thank-you for the match but we have to go now" Yami said, Yugi sitting back on his shoulders.

"Oh... Okay, well thanks for the battle and I hope we meet again someday" Volturnus said as she and her friends started to walk away.

Yami, Yugi and Joey reached the Mt Moon Poké centre a little before nightfall and were able to rent a room for the night. Yami was sorting through his supplies when Ryou flew into his room.

"Hi Ryou" he said without looking up.

"Hi Yami, Where are Yugi and Joey?" he asked after looking around and seeing that they weren't in the room.

"Their downstairs having a check-up"


"Yeah, were going to be travelling through Mt Moon tomorrow and I want them to be healthy" "So what's up with you?"

Ryou told him all about the mountain that he had seen and then left through the open window.

Yami was left wondering what he did when he was by himself but then thought that it was probably nothing and that he needed his rest. He wanted to be at his best while going through the mountain tomorrow.