Title: But We Were Looking To Be Free
The Black Donnellys
Characters: Jenny Riley, Joanie, Helen Donnelly, Jimmy Donnelly, Kate Farrell
Pairings: light Tommy/Jenny, light Jimmy/Joanie
Rating: PG i suppose, there's a couple of bad words thought
Summary: What if Tommy was the one who was shot and who died in the last ep? The funeral/wake in 10 lots of 50 words, Jenny centric, Jenny/Joanie friendship
A/N: Title taken from 'We Float' by PJ Harvey

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing in relation to the Black Donnellys except a deep love for the show that should have never been cancelled! I don't own PJ Harvey or her song We Float... No profit blah blah blah please don't sure me!

Jenny does her best to keep up, mumbling the prayers out of time with the chorus of other voices, the words taste funny, all she can think is that the photo of Tommy smiling, looking every bit the perfect son, is beautiful but not how she wants to remember him.

At the wake Jenny can't bring herself to eat and the shot of vodka is instantly regretted, the warm burning makes her feel even colder, Jimmy's drunk, shooting his mouth off, stumbling, Jenny smells the whiskey on his breath when he calls her all the names he can think of.

Everybody looks when Kate Farrell enters and Jenny thinks she'll be sick once she sees her there, eyes red, in black, Matthew behind her. Jimmy limps over, Jenny hopes he'll make Kate leave; instead he welcomes her with open arms. That hurts more than all the names he called her.

The blonde offers condolences, the matriarch ignores her, Jenny watches along with everyone else, Helen is adamant Kate-fucking-Farrell will not play widow, her son won't play second fiddle at his own wake, 'you're not wanted' Kate falters, not used to such treatment, and leaves with her son, not her dignity.

Helen harshly whispers words that cut 'the Riley girl' into ribbons and leave her bleeding on the floor. Jenny doesn't cry, she wants to run but can't move, Helen turns her back and it's like a slap to the face. Jenny finally weakens running to the safety of the bathroom.

Jenny shuts and locks the door, unaware, until it's too late that Joanie's there, slumped against the wall, legs splayed out in front of her, the empty needle tells Jenny everything. Joanie looks up from the tiles that had her captivated, Jenny doesn't speak, neither does Joanie, Jenny looks away.

"Least they care enough to hate you." Joanie says, unabashed to her position on the floor. Jenny considers leaving but Tommy's dead, Jimmy's drunk, Helen hates her and the rest aren't any better. Eyes closed she sighs, a bathroom and a drugged up 'ex' junkie are more than she deserves.

"You're not the 'Golden Girl' anymore" Joanie grins becoming fascinated with her hands, Jenny wants to take offence, to the title or the dethroning she's not sure but can't find it in herself to protest, it's quiet in the bathroom again until Joanie giggles "Hands are weird, don't you think?"

Her hands no longer appealing Joanie turns her hazy stare onto Jenny. Uncomfortable Jenny goes to touch Teague's ring but it's gone, she'd forgotten she'd been ready to start a new life, someone knocks on the door, Jenny presses her head to the door "Fuck off" she yells, Joanie smiles.

In the bathroom of the Firecracker, a bar Jenny supposes she's no longer welcome, Joanie finally takes pity on her, either that or the drugs that are loosening her lips, and tells the long, disjointed story of that night, afterwards Jenny cries; audience or not, Joanie watches the tap drip.