Cas's Logical Suggestion

By CastielLovesDean

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Warning: Some parts of this fanfiction may be offensive to religious people, particularly Christians.

"If this bothers you so much, why don't you take it?"

The room fell silent. Dean's face flushed an ugly red, and Sam and Bobby appeared to be suspended in time, twin looks of shock and amusement on their faces. Naturally, this was all Dean's fault. More than a year after the Apocalypse ended, he had to revisit the subject that bothered the hunter more than the afflicted Angel. He had just finished his pro-casual-sex rant and swore to Cas, "By the end of this month, someone will have your virginity!"

And Cas had responded with a perfectly logical, albeit naïve suggestion.

Of all the people in the world, why shouldn't Dean be the one to deflower him? Every single major change in his life had been because of Dean. How'd he end up storming Hell? To save Dean Winchester. Why did he need to take a vessel for the first time in his several-millenia-long life? Dean Winchester had him summoned. Why did he disobey and subsequently fall? Dean Winchester asked him to. Dean's the one who thinks Cas's vice-like grip on his virginity is a big deal, so why shouldn't he be the one to fix it?

"What's wrong?" Cas insisted. Sam and Bobby remained frozen, and Dean couldn't look at him. "Was it something I said?"

Finally, something changed. Sam and Bobby doubled over with laughter, and Dean left the house in a hurry. The rumble of the Impala's engine could be heard over Sam and Bobby as Dean drove off who-knows-where. Something else changed. Cas realized that, as far along as he'd come in the last three years, he'd never fully understand humans.

A/N: I consider myself a logical, reasonable slash fan. I don't expect Cas and Dean to actually fall in love and have angel-hybrid kids thanks to angelic mpreg. Or even to make out frequently. But I don't think something like this is too much to ask for. Please? Kripke? Gamble?

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