Clare's POV

I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Went to the bathroom took a quick shower and brush my teeth. I hated these new uniforms. No freedom at all. I put on my student ID and ran down stairs.

"Hungry much Clare?" my mom asked. It's a good thing Eli helped me with making my parents talk to get other… Great Eli, have to stop thinking about him. Anyways my parents worked out their troubles. My dad was just really stressed at work and didn't get much sleep.

"Yes mom"


"Hey mom you mind if you leave me at The Dot today?"

"Sure honey, but why?" She had a small sad look on her face.

"It's just that, with the school changes I just want something to feel the same, you know?" It's true, at The Dot was the only we have freedom left that was kind of close to school, even though it's not school, every one hangs out there.

"Oh. Not happy about the new uniforms?"

"Yes mom" I answered, going back to eating.

Eli's POV


"AHHHHHH" what hell woke me up?

"Good your awake now get dress and come down stairs" it' was my mom. I hate it when she does this.

"Mom, did you have to wake me up like that?"

"Yes because poking you didn't help, you kept moving" Okay?

I got up and went to the bathroom. Today, I'm going to see Clare Edwards. I hope she wants to see me.

I got in my uniform. This is hell. This is not me. I might be the "Goth" boy but now I feel like everyone else. If only I listen to Clare about Fitz I wouldn't be here. The school wouldn't need the uniforms and the student IDs. I got a somewhat feeling Clare Edwards well be holding this against me forever.

"Come on, Eli, he has a knife" I know he won't use it. Fitz is too dumb to be playing with that.

"I can't be scared of him Clare" I never can.

"He's got a knife, this is where we go" blue eyes. Maybe… No, Eli, don't be scared of him.

"Hey emo boy, no smart ass comments?" Clare was right; I should of left.

"I'm sorry, Fitz" I'm truly am. I have gone to far.

I went down stairs to get that scene out of my head. i have gone to far

Clare's POV

"Thanks mom" I got out of the car and went into The Dot.

"What the hell?" It was Peter. He was looking at my uniform. He, himself went to Degrassi last year but last year there wasn't any uniforms.

"Long Story, Peter. I just want some coffee."

"I have time and school doesn't start until an hour or so. I really wanna now what you guys did to get uniforms and IDs. "Peter said handing me my coffee. Way not tell him when everybody I know already knows.

"CLARE, CLARE!" that was Alli and Adam running my way.

"What is it you guys"

"We heard." They both said.

"HOW!" I was shocked; I can believe Eli told them.

"My mom told me about the knife and Fitz, and Eli went right to Morty and I he doesn't pick up his calls or answers he's text" Adam tells me.


"Yeah Clare so far the only people who know are me, Adam, Drew, there bitch of a mom, Mr. Simpson, Eli, Fitz And Jenna. You have to tell us everything" Alli said.

"Hey, mom is not that much of a bitch" SO not true.

"Whatever, she called me a whore and I defined that as a bitch" very true

"Look guys I don't want to talk about it and don't tell anyone else" I ran way. This is too much. It's almost like the time when Darcy got raped. It was very hard on her. I was there for her but now I need to be alone. I now knew how she felt.

"Look this is what happened" I decided to tell Peter because he was there for me and my sister me when she was going throw a hard time.

Eli's POV

I parked outside of The Dot. I'm sitting here at Morty thinking if I should ditch or not. I turn to my left and see Clare inside. I think this is the best time to talk to her…

"Open up Eli" Damn it.

"Hey Adam, what up?"

"Nothing, really, my mom started to bitch about Drew and Alli. But I wanna know if there anything I can help with the whole, you know, Fitz and Clare thing" Adam always there when you need him. Just like Clare.

"I don't know, I think Clare hates me, maybe you can talk to her" I hope he does. She might talk to him than me.

"Fine, dude but you owe me; now get out of this damn car"