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Jesse sat in his bedroom, the lights turned off and the windows closed. Tears were streaming down his face and he didn't bother to wipe them off. He knew repressing the pain would only make it worse. There was no possible way that he could stop remembering the scene: Shalimar slapping Emma, Shalimar grabbing Brennan, Brennan striking Emma with an immensely powerful bolt of electricity. It was all too vivid.

"How're you feeling?" Lexa asked. She was standing by the door and Jesse gave her a malicious look.

"How do you think I'm doing? Do you think I'm in a world of flowers and unicorns?"

"Jesse, I didn't mean-"

"You never mean to!" he spat. "Not everyone is as cold and apathetic as you are! Can't you ever be quiet for at least a second?" Lexa was speechless. Calm and shy Jesse was yelling at her. The same Jesse who could never yell at her was now destroying her with his bitter and haunting words.

Brennan pummelled punching bags in the dojo. With each punch he remembered Emma being hit by the bolt of electricity and he punched harder. Sparks flew off his hands with each punch and a few of the punching bags had been burned.

"Don't you think that's a bit too much?" Brennan swiftly turned around. Shalimar was standing a few feet away from him. She had a smug look on her face and Brennan repressed the urge to attack her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. She gave him a bewildered look.

"This is my home. Why wouldn't I be here?" She smiled as he became angry.

"Why? Why did you do it?" Now it was her turn to become angry.

"I did it because that stupid bitch was going to take you away from me. Do you know how much I love you? If I didn't kill her I would have killed myself. In fact, why don't you do that right now? I'd rather be dead than watch you love anyone else!" Tears streamed down her face and Brennan felt a moment of compassion for her. It soon vanished as he realized that Emma was still dead.

"Do you even realize what you did? You killed your sister and your best friend. Because of you, Emma is dead!" Shalimar fell to the ground and her body shook as she cried.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry! If you want, I'll kill myself. Please, believe me. I didn't mean to kill her. Please believe me!" Brennan got her up and hugged her.

"I believe you. I know you're sorry."

Shalimar smiled and her eyes flashed. Emma was gone and she would have Brennan all to herself.

Pain. That was all Emma could feel. It blanketed her like snow and it never decreased. The steel table that was beneath her only made it worse. She could hear voices in the next room but was too weak and in too much pain to use her powers to make them clear. She tried to get up but realized that her wrists had been cuffed to the table. The same had been done to her ankles. Someone walked into the room and only then did Emma realize what was in the room. There were computers and several types of medical equipment. A large dome with a rod was above her.

"What do you want with me?" she asked. The figure didn't respond but instead flicked a few switches. The dome lit up and the rod crackled with energy.

"All we want is to know how you do it." The figure was a woman. She wore a lab coat and had short, brown hair. She was quite thin and wore glasses.

"How I do what?"

The woman laughed. "How you are able to control and manipulate the emotions of others. How you are able to broadcast your own emotions. And how your powers managed to become extremely powerful that you are able to use telekinesis and astral projection."

"You should know that I can emotionally and mentally destroy you in a matter of seconds." The woman laughed again.

"Oh, I do know. That's why we hired someone else to overlook this project." At that moment, a man walked into the room. Behind him were to men with large guns. They wore military uniforms and Emma recognized one of the men from Sanctuary. As the man was pushed forward, the pain in Emma's body vanished.

"Hello, Emma." It was Adam.