This is a crossover of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Negima. After reading and watching both series due to a friend's request, I decided to try a fanfic for them. This will mostly be similar to the Nanoha season 1 story line but with some changes that I put in for the story, however it won't be a full retelling of the season just some of it. I do hope you all try to enjoy this.

A quick summery of the Negima series for those who don't know it. A ten year old child from Wales, England becomes a mage graduate; in order to become a full fledge magician he must pass an assignment given by the magic academy, the task is to become a teacher in Japan at a girls high-school.

As the story continues we find that the main character Negi Springfield became a mage to follow in his father's footsteps and to find the location of his father, Nagi Springfield the Thousand Master, who disappeared around the time of Negi's birth. Following an interesting turn of events, Negi and a few members of his class, who had found out that he is a mage despite it being a secret, travel to Wales, England to go to the world of Mages.

Shortly after Negi and some of his students arrive in the Magical World they are attacked by Fate Averruncus who wounds Negi with a stone spear, and Fate then proceeds to destroy the Teleportation Gates to stop travel between the two worlds. One of Negi's students, Konoka Konoe, healed his wound with her magic. Finally during the attack Fate decides that Negi should suffer some more and forcefully teleports Negi and his students throughout the magical world.

During my story instead of Negi staying in the Magical World he was teleported elsewhere because of the huge concentration of magic involved with the attacks. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own either series.

- - - - - - - - Chance Encounters

Negi Springfield limped along through the forest as his body was trying to overcome the magical attack and extreme healing that his body had just undergone. He felt completely tired and completely disoriented. As he looked forward he noticed that the sun was beginning to set just as he exited from the forest onto a cobblestone path. Just as he lost consciousness, he heard some people speaking but couldn't make it out.

Nanoha Takamachi had very short brown hair with a couple of bangs on the right side of her hair sticking up and two short braids, one on each side of her head, held at the base with a white bow, she had bright blue eyes.

She was walking home with her two best friends Arisa Bannings and Suzuka Tsukimura, both girls wore their hair much like Nanoha's with only minor differences, both had longer hair with two bangs running down the front sides of their faces. Arisa had blond hair with green emerald eyes and Suzuka had purple hair with matching eyes. All three girls still had their school uniforms on as they walked through the park.

Nanoha gasped and suddenly ran forward as she saw a boy emerge from the trees and collapse onto the walkway. He had a white cloak covering most of his body, underneath was a dark green uniform with a white undershirt and red tie, most noticeable was the large hole that had been ripped through the cloak on the right chest and behind it on the right shoulder blade surrounded by large patches of blood; short reddish brown hair and brown eyes looked up at Nanoha before closing. She noticed that he looked around her own age.

"Arisa, Suzuka, call an ambulance." Nanoha yelled with startled words toward her friends who quickly overcame shock and began to dial.

- Later that afternoon

The three girls waited patiently with Nanoha's brother, sister and father in the waiting room to hear some news. "Wow Nanoha, you're on fire today. First you rescued that injured ferret and now this boy." Suzuka noted to her best friend.

"Ferret?" Shiro Takamachi, Nanoha's father, asked.

"Yeah, Nanoha found him when we were on our way to school this morning. He was really hurt and everything." Arisa informed.

"The doctor at the vet is going to look after him tonight, but it seems like he doesn't have a home. So… I was wondering if maybe we could take in Mr. Ferret? Arisa has dogs at home and Suzuka has cats, so it might not be the best for him if he stays there." Nanoha asked her father with big blue eyes.

"While we're on the subject, just what is a ferret?" was his first reply.

"Come on, dad. It's like a long cute rodent." Kyoya, Nanoha's brother, answered.

"They were really popular as pets a while back." Miyuki, Nanoha's sister, continued "Ferrets are rather small." She held her hands only a little bit apart.

"We'll only be taking care of him for a little while, just until we can find his real owner. We'll take real good care of him." Nanoha pleaded.

"Hmm, what do you two think?" Shiro asked Nanoha's siblings.

"I don't see anything wrong with it." "Same goes for me." The two of them answered.

"Okay, I'll call your mom and talk to her, but it should be ok." Shiro told his youngest daughter before taking out his cell and walking a little ways off.

Nanoha, Arias and Suzuka were all happy that they had one problem solved; now they just had to find out how the other one was. As the three were beginning to talk to each other about the little ferret a nurse came over and began to talk to Kyoya. She talked with him for a little before heading off.

"Girls, I have some more good news. That boy you brought in is doing better and if you want we can go and talk to him, he just regained consciousness. Miyuki will stay here and talk to dad." The three girls looked at each other with even bigger smiles on their faces as if each had gotten the Christmas gift they had wanted.

Nanoha and her friends entered the patient room and greeted the boy and told him their names.

"I thank all of you for rescuing me, especially you Nanoha-san. Who knows what would have happened had you not shown up." He tried his best to give a formal bow as he sat in the hospital bed.

"So could you tell us your name?" Arisa asked after the boy finished bowing.

"I'm… I'm Negi Springfield, but more than that I am not really sure." The boy spoke with disappointment in his voice as he looked away.

Nanoha noted that while he spoke perfect Japanese, he had a distinct western accent.

Nanoha and her friends began talking to Negi asking him what he could remember, and telling him a little about themselves.

After a short time had passed, Nanoha's father entered the room and greeted Negi.

"Hello Negi Springfield, the hospital contacted the police and they did some checking for you and unfortunately, your name didn't come up anywhere. They are going to continue to investigate for you, and in the mean time the police and I talked and agreed to have you stay with us until the situation changes." Shiro spoke.

"Thank you Takamachi-san, I would be honored to." Negi replied as he tried to bow in the bed again.

"OK girls, unfortunately visiting hours are over now. Negi, I'll be by to pick you up in the morning." Nanoha's father said before ushering the girls out.

- That evening

Nanoha was reflecting about the day's events when suddenly she heard a voice speak in her head.

"Can you hear me? Can you hear my voice?" the voice sounded in her mind.

"It's the same voice from last night's dream and this morning." Nanoha spoke to herself.

"Please listen to me. You, who can hear my voice, please! Please lend my some of your strength!" as the voice urged her for help, an image of a yellow ferret wearing a red jewel around its neck entered Nanoha's mind.

"That ferret, is he the one speaking to me…?"

"Please! Come to where I am! The time we have left… the danger… It's already too late!" desperately the voice called before being cut off.

Negi quickly sat up and hurried out of the hospital bed. As quietly as he could, Negi opened the door to his room and looked out. There was a doctor and three nurses standing around talking and laughing, they where about twenty feet away from his door before he closed it.

Negi grabbed the remaining items of his from the room, a white cloak with a hole in the back and front on the right side of it and a gold ring with a silver plate inscribed with foreign writing, before opening the window and being grateful that he was on the first floor. He jumped out and began running.

Nanoha ran as hard as she could to get to the vet where she and her friends left the ferret from this morning.

When she saw the vet's place she froze. The main window was shattered, a tree had been uprooted and one of the walls had a crumpled section.

"Na – Nanoha-san!" Nanoha looked for who had called her name and saw a boy about her age wearing a green suit with a white cloak flapping behind him running up toward her.

"Negi-kun? What are you doing here? You should be at the hospital."

"I could ask you the thing. But to be honest, and please don't laugh, I heard a voice calling for help and it lead me here." Negi admitted.

"You heard that voice too?"

Before either Nanoha or Negi could continue their conversation, they saw a yellow ferret jump out of the broken window followed shortly afterward by something breaking through a section of wall next to the window.

"W-What's going on? What is that thing?" Nanoha asked to no one in particular.

The thing chasing the ferret was a mass of darkness with two glowing red eyes. It's size continued to change from large to very large but Nanoha and Negi could tell that it was evil.

The ferret stopped next to Nanoha and looked at the two children. "You actually came for me." It said with happiness in its voice.

"You spoke?" Nanoha blurted out in surprise.

"Umm… I don't really understand what's going on here, but… what is that thing? What's going on?" Negi asked toward Nanoha and the ferret.

"You both are of the proper nature. Will you lend me some of your strength?" the ferret pleaded the children.

"Proper nature? What do you mean" Nanoha asked.

"For now we need to leave this area. I'll explain as we go" the ferret told the children.

Nanoha and Negi looked at the mass of darkness then each other before nodding. They ran from the vet with no particular destination in mind.

"I've come here from another world in search of something. But I may not be able to handle the weight of doing such a thing alone!" the ferret told them with disappointment in his voice. "That' why... I understand it'd be a problem for you, but... I want those with the proper nature to cooperate with me. I'll repay you! I promise I will! I want you to use the power I carry within me. Use my power... my magical power!"

"Magic…?" Nanoha wondered, not noticing Negi stiffen a little behind her.

The had come a fair distance from the vet but it seemed that it was not enough as they all heard a roar from above them. It then lunged for Nanoha and the ferret she carried. Negi thinking quickly grabbed Nanoha and pulled her out of the way as the monster crashed into the wall behind them.

"I promise to repay you both." The little ferret spoke.

"This isn't the time to be thinking about that, is it? But what are we suppose to do?" Nanoha asked.

"Take this, all we need for it is a magic catalyst and then speak the words of the contract."The ferret jumped out of Nanoha's arms and landed at her feet, he then took the jewel handing around his neck and held it out for her in his mouth.

The girl took the jewel noting its red warm glow. "It's so warm…"

"You said you needed a catalyst right? I may know one we can use but will it be alright with you Nanoha-san." Negi said blushing lightly.

"Alright let's try it." Nanoha replied.

Negi nodded and stretched out his left arm and placed his right hand on his left wrist before lightly talking to himself, Nanoha noted that he had a gold ring on his left index finger. As he spoke to himself a circle surrounded him on the ground with a six pointed star on the inside, the area of the magic circle was only about ten feet wide but it came out just past Nanoha.

Nanoha could feel warmth flowing into her heart and a gentle wind pushing upward coming from the magic circle. "Everything is ready, Nanoha-san. All we have to do now is… k- kiss…" Negi stumbled over the last bit.

"Eh! A k- kiss? Is there any other way for this to work?" Nanoha looked at him with surprise.

Negi only blushed and shook his head. "A provisional contract can only be completed by a kiss. I'm sorry if this sounds weird. We should try something else then."

It was Nanoha's turn to shake her head. "No, let's try this." She then kissed Negi on the lips gently and quickly.

"Hold the jewel in your hand, close your eyes, and focus your mind. And then repeat what I say. Understand? Here we go!" The ferret told Nanoha and Negi.

"I, the one who accepted this mission..."

" the ancient contract, order you to release your power!"

"The wind is in the sky, and the stars are in the heavens."

"And a resolute heart... with in my chest!"

"This magic in my hand... Raging Heart, Set Up!"

All at once, the jewel in Nanoha's hand floated between Nanoha and Negi as it began to glow. At the same time a card began forming above t he jewel. Suddenly a blinding flash emanated from the two children as the light sailed into the heavens.

Raging Heart, the jewel sounded in a warm and kind voice "Pactio, Stand by, Ready, set up!"

"Such great magical prowess… Focus, and begin to picture things in your mind! That which allows you to use magic, the form of your magical staff; and that which will protect your body, a strong armor!" The ferret instructed.

"No way... asking me to do that all of a sudden… Umm…" Nanoha began concentrating and tried to think of something that would work "I'll go with that for now!"

Nanoha's clothing was replaced with a white dress with a blue trim running around the hem and partway up the dress; and a matching long-sleeve blazer with large blue cuffs on the end. The outfit was completed with a large red bow.

The small jewel, Raging Heart, began growing until it was the size of Nanoha's fist. It was then surrounded by a yellow crescent with two twin magic pressure release valves on the bottom, just below the release valves a pink cylinder hooked up to begin the staff. The main part of the staff was pure white with a pink tip at the end.

"It was a success!" the small ferret exclaimed.

"No way! What's with this outfit?" Nanoha spoke out of wonderment.

The mass of darkness just loomed over the three. Roaring in anticipation.

- - - To be continued - - -

I know it's been awhile since I put anything up, but here you go. I am still alive and still writing. Other than that sorry for not putting anything up sooner.