Chapter 4

"The Promise of Love"

Next day Ronald was wandering in the streets when he come pass by a crowd of people. They were all listening to news that says that there is something happened somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. As the news goes on he felt the darkness from it. "If I'm not mistaken, I guess it's one of Jedah's mercenaries still collecting all of the Darkstalkers around the world," he thought. Just as then, Lilith flew out of the crowd. Ronald noticed John became surprised of Lilith's disappearance so he decides to come to him to know him better.

In the crowd while John was picking the goods Lilith dropped Ronald came by and picked an apple from the grocery bag and started eating it. John was surprised to see him. "Hey you're not supposed to take that apple. It's not yours and…" he said with a pause. "Wait a minute; you're the guy who helped me in Lilith's battle with Morrigan. What are you doing here?" he said in surprise. "Please spare this piece of apple for me. I won't be able to taste this sweet little fruit anytime soon," Ronald apologized.

"So you're the one who took care of Lilith when she was in Makai, right?" John asked as he walks home with Ronald. "Indeed, I'm also the one who changed her diapers when she was a cute little girl," Ronald admitted. John was surprised. Both of them laughed. "But how did you manage to stay young and yet you're actually old?" John asked again. "Duh! Isn't this complexion obvious?" Ronald answered showing his arm. "So you're a vampire?" John followed another question. "Well not exactly," Ronald answered briefly. "You see my mind is vague about my past, Jedah said I came from human parents and he turned me into a dhamphir. But a strange looking goblin sad that my real parents are vampires and when Jedah took me he took a part of my powers and kept it secretly in the human world. Right now I'm wandering in this world to find it and use it to finally defeat the one who enslaved me," he continued.

"So how are you with Lilith?" Ronald asked as they reached John's house. "We were just fine together. But why did she go to America? Isn't it dangerous there?" John asked while unpacking the goods to the table. "Maybe she's just curious of the soul bees' job in there," Ronald replied. "Soul bees? What are they and what are they doing in that city?" John was surprised. "Soul bees are Jedah's mercenaries that come and go in the human world tasked to collect souls and give them to Jedah in exchange for their food. Right now they are inviting all of the Darkstalkers that live in the human world to fight him in the Dark Dimension. They have many different tactics in inviting them. One is from Anakaris. They took his entire kingdom to come in there. Another is from Victor in which they mocked his sister's condition and lied that they will do anything to cure her so that Victor will come over. One more incident is from Felicia, whose friends were taken by them to entice her to come over and many other matters as well," Ronald explained.

"Do you think Lilith with go with them too?" John asked. "Yes, but not this time. And if that time comes she will come back to her real body as a soul that I stole from her," Ronald said. "I guess there's no way to make her escape her fate," John sighed sadly. "But I have a way to take her back to you if you wish," Ronald said, offering John to give a chance to love Lilith. "Really? How?" John asked excitedly. "Simple. Just promise me to protect her at all costs until the time comes that she will be taken back to Morrigan. Then wait for my father to come and he'll bring her back to you," Ronald answered. He gave a ring to John and enclosed it with his hands. "Promise me John, you will do it for me and for yourself as well because I won't be able to stay longer in here and it's you that will suffer if you fail," Ronald said to John.

"What is this?" asked John. "It is the ring the goblin has given to me. Give it to her when the time comes that Lilith will come back to Morrigan so that she can remember you and everyone she met in her life. That way she can remember you when my father is able to give her back to you," Ronald answered. "Wait a minute Ronald, who is your father anyway?" John asked him his last question. Ronald opened the door and looked back. "He is the missing part that I was looking for," he replied and left without any other words.

An hour later, Lilith was able to come home at John's house. "So all this time, where have you been?" John said with an insulted smile. "A-a-America…" Lilith stammered. John was surprised. "Don't be ridiculous! I was worried and I looked all over for you! I really did!" John yelled. "You were worried about me?" she asked. "Of course!" John answered.

"At first Ronald, I was really scared at you. The way you stare at me, your voice, your appearance, I thought you were a dangerous person. But I was wrong, you're just as friendly as many people that I met. I hope you could tell me more about your life, about Lilith and about the thing that I need to do with your life and the thing that you will do with mine. Ronald, you were able to console me when my parents had gone. Thank you for doing it so," John thought as he looked at the window.

The fooling night, it rained very hard. Ronald was wandering in the streets when he noticed someone lying still in the nearby alley. Although he sensed him as a Darkstalker, he took him in his hands to find shelter. He came out of the alley and met a strange looking young man. The man was tall but skinny and looked like a little boy despite of his elegant clothes. "Sir, would you like to help me find shelter around here. I've been carrying this unconscious man for a quite time and I'm getting tired searching for shelter," Ronald asked the man. The man didn't think twice to help him. He carried the unconscious man and found John's house near the alley. As soon as they reached the house, the young man knocked the door. John came out and the man spoke "Hey! Would you like to help me out here? I've been carrying him in the hard rain,"

John let him in and together they lay the unconscious man in the bed. John noticed that the man was injured so he hurried to find ointments to cure him. Lilith was surprised about the young man who came in the house. "Sir, were you just alone when you came here?" she asked. "No, I was with…" he stopped in confusion for he noticed that Ronald who was with him disappeared. "Where is he? How strange…" he murmured.