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When I counted up my demons,

Saw there was one for every day,

With the good ones on my shoulders,

I drove the other ones away.

So if you ever feel neglected,

If you think that all is lost,

Well I'll be counting up my demons,

Hoping everything's not lost.

So yeah. That's the explanation of the chapter names.

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She was coughing, retching, trying anything to keep herself from shutting down, the poison burned at her insides, searing her throat, robbing her of her life. She glared accusingly at Merlin, who refused to look back at her. He had betrayed her, she knew it. Why would he do this? He was her friend, a good man, not a murderer. While she felt as though she didn't deserve this, she knew that there must be a reason for it. The Merlin she knew wouldn't just kill her. Wouldn't poison her like one would poison rats, like an infestation.

She choked again; she couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, couldn't even make a sound. Now he turned around; his eyes burning with guilt-ridden tears, his body shaking from his sobs. He took her in his arms; she tried to fight, but he tightened his grip and she relented. She sunk into him, her whole body shaking as she inhaled her last breaths.

There was a great crash from behind her, and she the door of the chamber come crashing down near her. Then she was taken out of Merlins' arms and into another's. She looked up and saw Morgause, an anxious expression contorting her face. She was furious too, glaring vindictively at Merlin. Then she looked down at Morgana, eyes turning soft again. "what has he done to you?" she whispered. Now Merlin was angry.

"You left me no choice!" why was it Morgause's fault? She felt herself slipping out of consciousness, out of life, but fought to hold on. She felt her magic fight against the poison, clinging on to dear life. She opened her mouth to speak. She could only make a small choking sound. It alerted Merlin and Morgause, and they crowded around her.

"What is it?" Morgause asked gently, cutting off Merlin's attempt to speak. Another time she would have laughed at Merlin, but right now she needed to ask him something.

"Merlin…" she gasped. Morgause glared at Merlin once again. She interrupted her quickly, "There's no time for this Morgana." She turned back to Merlin. "You poisoned her. Tell me what you used and I can still save her." She looked almost pleading now, and Merlin understood what he had to do. He pulled Morgana away from her and into his lap. He could still hear the ruckus outside, and knew he had to be quick. Morgause made a move to take her back, but Merlin raised his hand threateningly.

"You don't know what I can do." He growled. Morgause looked confused, but backed off. He shuffled around and pulled a knife out of his boot and placed it gently against Morgana's neck. This distressed both Morgause and Morgana, the latter of which had sense enough to stay still. Merlin felt terrible about doing it but he pressed it down hard enough until a drop of blood appeared on Morgana's neck. Morgause looked livid but Merlin stared her down. "Stop the knights and leave or I'll kill her."

A single tear rolled down Morgause's cheek. "She's going to die anyway. No give her to me and I can save her." Merlin looked her straight in the eye. "And I can save her too. I'm not exactly unprepared. Now leave." He pressed the knife harder into Morgana's neck. He glared with all his might. "LEAVE!"

Morgause looked bitter, but stood, muttered a spell, then disappeared into a whirl of dust. Merlin turned his attention back to Morgana. He had to be quick – he could hear Uther stirring, and no doubt Arthur would return soon. If he wasn't dead, he considered pessimistically. He took the knife off her throat and began muttering spells, waving his hand above her body. His eyes flashed gold briefly, not representative of the complexity of the spell. Morgana coughed and spluttered back to life, grabbing hold of Merlin, not caring about his past actions, sobbing uncontrollably. Merlin held her back, his own eyes full of tears, tears of guilt and pain, of sorrow. And for a moment, just a moment, neither cared about the rest of the castle, the village or the world; for a moment the world revolved around them.