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And if loving her is heartache for me,

And if holding her means that I have to bleed,

Then I am a martyr,

And love is to blame,

She is the healing,

And I am the pain.

"Come on, Morgana!" Merlin willed her on, holding her arm in his and directing her action. "Feel it inside you, like a storm brewing in the very pits of your stomach. Concentrate."

Morgana closed her eyes again, and tried to build up that "storm". She stood facing the collapsed wall, trying with all her might to summon up a spell to fix it. Merlin had refused to fix it himself, somewhere inside his mind it had made poetic sense for her to fix, not destroy things with her magic. So, instead of fixing it quickly and escaped before the guards arrived again, he had made Morgana, who had never purposely used magic or had idea how to control it, fix the wall instead. And now they were dangerously close to running out of time and being caught by the patrol.

Merlin racked his brains for some way to get Morgana's magic to show itself. He had tried everything – describing what it should feel like, how he himself had used magic in the past. Then something occurred to him. Morgana HAD used magic before. She had unwittingly destroyed a window, and had just made that very wall collapse. If only he could recreate the circumstances in which that magic had occurred. He tried to remember what had happened. She blew the window out during a nightmare hadn't she? And she'd been furious at him when she'd made the wall collapse. He knew what he had to do, or at least try.

"Morgana!" he yelled, injecting as much fury into his voice as possible. She spun and looked at him, wondering what she had done to deserve his berating. "This isn't GOOD ENOUGH! You're supposed to be a sorceress. What good are you if you can't even clear up your own mess." He felt bad doing it, but he could see success on the horizon as Morgana started to get angry at him. He kept at his tactic. "Put some effort into it! I'm sick of being the one who has to solve everyone's problems. Now clean this goddamn mess up, will you!" He could see her brimming over with fury. He couldn't let her realise. He directed her to the wall again. "Now try again!" Morgana sent him a long, angry glare, and turned back to the wall, Merlin couldn't keep the smile of his face as she raised her arm and almost screamed at the wall.

"Deisiú!" not expecting anything to happen, she started to turn back but was distracted by the first pieces of rubble flying back up into the wall. They were soon joined soon by larger and larger pieces, flying in perfect symmetry and re-assuming their old position in the wall. It was only when the very last piece had rejoined itself to the wall that she turned around and pointed an accusing finger at Merlin.

"You knew this would happen, didn't you? You knew that would make me angry. How'd you know that it would make my magic work?" Despite her words, she sounded genuinely pleased with herself. Merlin grinned down at her.

"I didn't know it would work. I just put two and two together and went for it. You exceeded my expectations." Morgana smiled at his compliment, although unsure why. It was at that moment she heard the faint sounds of footsteps coming from where they had entered the tunnel. Merlin had a moment of realisation, and grabbed up the torch. "It's the patrol. We've got to leave now." He held out his hand to Morgana, who seemed to consider for a moment before taking it. Merlin led her up and out of the tunnel, to outside the castle walls. They put the torch out and threw it into the forest, before crouching in a darkened section of wall. Soon the patrol made its way up and out of the tunnel too, and performed a quick scan of the area before returning to the tunnel. Both Merlin and Morgana released the breath they hadn't realised they'd been holding, and Morgana looked up at Merlin who was chuckling from relief. He looked back down at her, and spoke the words he hadn't had a chance to earlier. "I never doubted you, you know." She laughed to herself at that.

"That's not the impression I was getting earlier." Silence fell between them as their eyes met. Morgana felt the feeling inside her stomach at that point, but she was certain it had very little to do with magic. The space between them got smaller and smaller, until their lips finally found each other, and now that feeling spread through every atom of her body. Nothing had ever felt so right, and nothing ever would.

Some would say that was true love's first kiss. Some would say that Morgana and Merlin were two lost souls, united by circumstance. Some would call them soul mates. Some would call them the eternal fire, the oncoming storm. some would say they're meant to be.

All this is true.

There is only one thing that they say which is a lie.

And that one thing is:

They all lived happily ever after.