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Bring Her Home

Auggie hated vacations. To him, they were pointless, endless lengths of time that were only filled with a vague sense of relaxation and an overwhelming need to be back at work. Any time he was gone for a length of time (either short or long), the tech center was reorganized into a cluttered mass of rearranged chairs and empty potato chip bags. Why did geeks have to be so messy? Time away was inconvenient, annoying, and, in the great wisdom of the bureaucracy, deemed necessary.

Over time, Auggie had built up over a month of vacation time. Joan had let him slide for a couple years, but when Auggie began to add a fifth week to the built-up month, Joan finally put her foot down.

"You ARE taking a week off!" she commanded.

Auggie scowled, her voice like a bar of cold steel in his head. "Chief," he began, trying to sound diplomatic, "Annie's only been in a couple of months now. Well, about four, but she still is very new. I promised her I'd teach her the ropes, and I don't make promises lightly."

Joan sighed. "Auggie, Annie has to learn to operate without you behind the wheel every time. A good operative works well with anyone at anytime; they do what they need to do in order to get themselves and their partners home. It's what we do. Now, Annie is headed down to Brazil for a couple of days. I am sending her with one of our international operatives, and Bert will be her handler. You WILL take at least a week off. Is that clear?"

Auggie sighed, sensing that he would not be able to have any wiggle room. "One week," he agreed, and felt the tension in the room ease.

Joan spoke again, her voice much lighter now (as if she were smiling). "Good, I am glad you can still listen to reason. Well, enjoy your time off; I have to get back to work. We have the efficiency division evaluating us these next few weeks, looking for the information leak."

Auggie nodded, still feeling like there was something he was missing. Joan seemed relieved- as though she had gotten off the hook from something. "Hey, where's Annie anyway?" Auggie asked. "I want to wish her a safe journey."

Joan answered as she sped past Auggie to the door. "She's already on her way; she and her contact, left at dawn."

Auggie felt frustration mix with foreboding in the pit of his stomach. He hated not knowing every detail about the members of his team, and he felt worried for his best friend in particular. Joan opened the door, but Auggie didn't let her off that easy.

"At least tell me where they are going!" Auggie demanded.

Joan gave another impatient sigh and began to walk away. "You are on vacation Auggie, go home!"

Auggie, fuming from being treated like a bad dog, left in a huff. His tech lab had already obviously been taken over, and there was nowhere else to go but home.

Actually, a week at home was not that bad of a punishment, Auggie decided. Due to his time in the military (and due to his blindness), Auggie was obsessively organized, and the extra time gave him a chance to super clean his apartment. He kept himself busy with organizing, stacking, and cleansing, and when all the items were finally put away, he relaxed by listening to books on tape. Still, the days were seeming awfully long. Auggie wished he could be in his tech lab; he felt really blind here. He had no idea where Annie was, and Auggie realized that he was missing Annie much more than he would have liked to admit. When Annie first came from the farm, the tech heads had laughed at the novice spy. Her training had been short, and she knew little to nothing of protecting herself. Mostly, the tech guys just commented endlessly on her good looks.

But Auggie knew there was much more to Annie than met the eye; there was strength in her, a strength of the heart that was much more valuable than spy smarts. She could take care of herself well out in the field; Auggie had witnessed her survival skills on more than one occasion. Annie was willing to learn and learned quickly. She had creativity and initiative, which made her perfect for her job. And Annie was not only kind, but she was intelligent, with a grace in her speech and actions that would make her not only a superb agent, but made her a decent human being as well.

All this seemed to hit Auggie at once while he was eating one evening, and he realized with some surprise, that he cared more for Annie than he liked to admit. Certainly they were friends; perhaps even best friends. But there was something new to Auggie, something he had only felt before for one person once long ago... love. Could it possibly be? Auggie shrugged the thought away; he knew how dangerous relationships between coworkers would be. And yet, though the thought was not present in his mind all the time, his heart still ached for Annie more than he cared to acknowledge.

One night, about halfway through his week, Auggie had a strange and terrifying dream. He rarely dreamed at all, and usually, if he did dream, it was only a jumble of disembodied sounds. But very rarely, Auggie would have a full color dream; for as he had had his sight before, his subconscious had kept an understanding of colors. Auggie dreamt that he was standing in a room. The first thing he noticed in the dream was that it was hot and smelled like rotting leaves, like the interior of a greenhouse. The floor under him was cool tile, and the walls were made of adobe. The second thing that Auggie noticed was that he was not alone; Annie was there, smelling of grapefruit. In his dream, he turned slowly to face her, and found himself staring at a beautiful, petite blonde-haired woman, dressed in a white sundress. Annie walked up to him smiling, and Auggie felt his heart leap for joy and melt at the same time. He fought the irresistible urge to run up to her and take her into his arms, but as she stepped closer, he couldn't help himself. Auggie ran up to her and kissed her good and proper. The moment seemed to last for forever, but then Annie's eyes and his were locked and they were looking happily into each other's gaze. Then, fear flickered across Annie's face.

"Help me," she whispered, barely audible, even for Auggie. Then again, "HELP ME!"

Auggie, surprised out of his embrace, let go of Annie. Then, he watched in horror as she started bleeding from a wound in her stomach somewhere. He ran forward to her, catching her as she collapsed and easing her to the floor. He grabbed his jacket and pressed it onto the wound, praying that she'd stop bleeding, but it was too late. Annie's eyes went glassy, and her bleeding trickled to a halt as her heart stopped. Auggie sat there, feeling the most pain he had ever felt in his heart before. Then, he happened to look down at his hands. They were covered in crimson.

The dream was so vivid that Auggie woke up gasping and shaking. It took him several minutes to get his heart rate back to normal, and when he finally did, he was determined to figure out where Annie went- no matter what the cost. Auggie knew logically that the dream was just a nightmare, but deep down inside, Auggie felt that it was a warning of some kind. Annie was in trouble, and Auggie would do whatever he had to to bring her home.