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This epilogue takes place four months after the last chapter, which puts about fourteen months before the epilogue at the end of the original "Remember When".

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Four Months Later

"Why is he late? Haruhi! He's late!"


"How can you possibly have homework already? It's the first day of classes!"

"Because some of us are real grown-ups."


"Tamaki. The librarian will throw you out. Bodily. I've seen it done before. And I'll pretend not to know you when she does."

"Well then. I love you too, Ma Belle."

At the scarred wooden table in the dusty back corner of the library's law section, Haruhi still didn't glance up from the thick tome she was studying. However, her cheeks did blush the barest pink, and a tiny smile curved her lips.

"I'm just so worried!" Tamaki continued, although he made sure to carefully pitch his concern at a semi-whisper instead of a shriek. "I haven't heard from him all day, and he won't answer my calls, and I just want to know how he's settling in and-"

From above, a curled fist bopped down on top of Tamaki's gilded hair, surprising him into silence.

"Calm down, Moron. I'm right here."


"Shut up," Kyoya said pleasantly, as he slid into the available seat. "Your voice is far too vibrant for such a quiet place."

"Awww. Did you hear that, Haruhi? Kyoya called me vibrant!"

"Studying," Haruhi repeated, but she sighed and closed her book because Kyoya was here now, and so it would require both of them to keep Tamaki quiet. "You're late, Kyoya-sempai."

"Apologies. I was on the phone with my Father."

"Mm," Haruhi said, popping her chin on her palm. "I think he might be empty-nesting. He called me too, yesterday morning."

Tamaki squawked.

"Haruhi, it's strange," he insisted. "Why does Ootori-san keep calling you?"

Haruhi shrugged, supremely unconcerned by her boyfriend's irritation.

"He likes me," she explained. "I think because I scolded him that one time after he slapped Kyoya-sempai, which is a little weird."

"That's why I had Haruhi call him, to propose the transfer," Kyoya informed his friend absently, but he was smirking. "He appears to be quite taken with her."

Tamaki hissed in confusion and alarm.

"He's nice enough," Haruhi continued. "Although, I think he might still be upset that Tamaki got to me first. He keeps asking me questions about Japan's union laws; potentially he's trying to find a way for me to marry both of you, and keep it legal."

"Charming," Kyoya offered dryly, as Tamaki rocketed out of his chair.


"Yeah," Haruhi agreed, after giving her boyfriend a heroically bland expression. "I tried to explain to him what a bad idea that would be. I mean, we might be okay, but you'd probably kill Tamaki within a week. And then his dad would sue, and Anne-Sophie would be sad."

"Well, we can't have that," Kyoya said. "Perhaps you should offer to name your first born after him instead, Haruhi. He might be appeased."

"Your families are insane."

"Your father is a transvestite."

"My family is not insane," Tamaki argued over Haruhi's snort of laughter. He dropped back into his chair, an offended pout creasing his lips. "But I'm telling my mother you said so, Haruhi."

"Anne-Sophie is French, Tamaki," Haruhi pointed out. "She'll think it's funny."

Tamaki stuck his tongue out at her, but his eyes were bright with laughter.

"She's settling in to her new establishment?" Kyoya asked. "Your mother?"

"Well enough, I suppose," Tamaki answered. "She's anxious to return to work, but the Doctor is advising another week of rest, just to be safe."

Haruhi winced.

"She's arguing again, isn't she? I think the doctors liked her better when she was actually ill, and all docile with it."

"My mother has a beautiful spirit and a strong sense of will," Tamaki proclaimed, beaming with pride, and Haruhi rolled her eyes.

"Yes, well, I'll call her later," Kyoya said. "See if I can't convince her to give the medical staff an easier time."

"Please do," Haruhi said, relief evident in her voice. "You handle her so much better than me."

Kyoya arched an eyebrow at Tamaki, who was busy crafting a verbal list that extolled his mother's virtues.

"I've had more practice," he said, and he only sounded a little bit pained.

"You're better at manipulating," Haruhi corrected, and Kyoya smirked.


A sudden chime sounded from Tamaki's pocket, cutting him off mid-rapturous proclamation.

"An email from Hikaru and Kaoru," he explained, after pulling his phone from his pocket. "They'll be traveling our way later this month, and ask that we set aside the last weekend in September for a visit."

"Why are they only emailing you, and not all of us?" Kyoya asked, pulling out his own phone to check. "It's not very intelligent. I mean, aren't they aware that messages flutter out of your hole-riddled brain approximately five minutes after you receive them?"

Tamaki heaved a forlorn wail full of sorrow, and Haruhi casually smacked his face with her book to shut him up.

"Hikaru's still a little nervous about texting me, I think," she said, quietly now to show she was serious. "He's getting better. I just think he's a little unsure of his welcome, after ignoring me for months."

For a moment, brown eyes met gray and purple in quiet communication and solidarity.

"It will be fine," Kyoya said, after the quiet moment had passed, and Haruhi smiled, because it meant something that it was Kyoya who said it.

"Yeah," Tamaki agreed, and he was smiling too. "You call yell at him when he gets here, Haruhi."

"Sure," she said, and then Kyoya's phone let out a chime of its own.

"Seriously guys," Haruhi complained, as Kyoya opened his message and ignored her completely. "Set your phones to silent. I actually use this library."

"I like the sound it makes!" Tamaki said, cradling his phone gleefully, and Haruhi planted her face on the table.

"An email from Hunni-sempai," Kyoya said, and his voice was bland enough to have Haruhi raising her head cautiously from the table. "Informing me that of course he can visit the last weekend in September, and that he's 'super excited' about my house-warming party." Cool gray eyes blinked in placid interest. "He'd like to know what kind of present I'd prefer."

Across the table, Tamaki froze like a deer caught in floodlights.

"Tamaki," Kyoya said pleasantly, and a small, benevolent smile curved his lips.

"Oh, he's totally going to kill you," Haruhi muttered, and hid her face again.

"Ah. Ahahaha. Well." Tamaki tried for a smile of his own. He meant it to be winsome and engaging, and would never admit that it actually came across as terrified. "It was supposed to be a secret?"

"Indeed." Very calmly, Kyoya set his phone on the table top and folded his hands. "I believe you and I need to have a discussion. About meddling. And why I'm the one who makes the plans, instead of you."

"Haruhi, help me," Tamaki hissed, quailing in the face of Kyoya's politely calm killing intent.

"You're such an idiot."

"YOU ARE A FAITHLESS GIRLFRIEND!" Tamaki bellowed, and then vanished out of his chair like magic.

"Do excuse me, Haruhi," Kyoya said serenely, climbing to his feet.

"Of course, Kyoya-sempai," Haruhi sighed. "Don't break anything that your medical training can't fix later, okay?"

"Only his head," Kyoya assured her as he strolled away from the table. It wasn't like he had to run; Tamaki flailed when being pursued, and so would trip himself up eventually. "No danger there. He certainly never uses it."

Haruhi sighed again, ignored the startled shriek from two rows over, and flipped open her phone when it vibrated in her hand.

Crap, Kaoru had texted. Hikaru forgot to tell Hunni-sempai that Kyoya-sempai's house-warming party is a surprise. Bad?

Kyoya's only killing Tamaki a little bit, Haruhi answered.

Oh, that's okay then. How's it going over there? Is it weird having both of them at the University?

The scary librarian was on them now, Haruhi could hear her, screeching about respecting the sanctity of a study place, and couldn't they see the reminders she'd posted about keeping quiet? Tamaki was wailing, and possibly using her body as a shield. Kyoya was speaking, low and reasonable, and in a minute, Tamaki would catch on and crank up the charm, until the woman was a puddle in their hands.

Their teamwork was ridiculous that way.

No, she texted back. Because Kyoya-sempai's already happy here.

Not awkward?

Nope. Just really, really normal.

Haruhi hit send, and then tucked her phone away. She rose from the table, and went to rescue the librarian (who had gone absolutely silent once Tamaki had started speaking in his Host Club voice) from her boys, before she offered to have their babies or something.


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