Drabbling. Again. Epically fail short and not very cool but it is definitely the thought that counts 'ttebayo! Sasuke and Naru chan's ages? Completely up to you. Old enough to love... or something.

Anyway, this is for my Izaya kun because I feel like I do not give enough to her. She's constantly drawing amazingness to feed my addictions and keeping the angst cave stocked with sustenance for me. I love you Izaya kun, you're simply stupendous!~

These Small Hours



"It's the heart that really matters in the end"



Long yellow strands of dry grass moved gently in the warm breeze as the two boys lazed in the field. One, with his blonde eyelashes fanned against the rise of his cheeks, lay with his shocking blue eyes closed and his arms behind his head, his lips parted to allow his soft breathing to slip through as he drifted between states of consciousness. His sunshine hair, pastel in the afternoon sun was pushed carelessly off his forehead. The other, was sitting up, letting the wind run its fingers through his long dark bangs and unruly hair, his eyelids at half-mast and the tiniest of smirking smiles tugging at his lips. It was peaceful and warm.

"Nice weather isn't it?" murmured Naruto sleepily, breaking the silence and opening his eyes enough to see. Sasuke snorted in response and turned his face to look down on the boy beside him, watching for just a moment with the sun casting enchanting shadows across his beautiful face-thinking it seemed, before he leaned over and pressed him mouth against the other's. The blonde felt the raven's smirk in the curve of his lips and pushed out his own bottom lip in a pout which the dark haired boy took in his teeth and bit down on gently, breathing a laugh as the kiss ended.

"That said, 'you're a Dobe'," muttered the sunkissed boy, sitting up and pulling a handful of grass out to toy between his long fingers. Again, his companion merely laughed before they fell into comfortable quiet.

"'It's nice weather'...that kind of remark from a guy who is constantly claiming hero. Not very cool," said Sasuke after a minute. Naruto pouted again but could still hear Sasuke's gentle smile; not an insult, not meant to be hurtful, when he said, "he's rumored to be a peaceful idiot."

"I heard something like that too," muttered Naruto, turning his gaze slowly to Sasuke whose dark eyes were staring off at a spot on the horizon.

He is a very beautiful type of bastard, thought the blonde watching Sasuke unnoticed, his stare grazing every part of the raven's sitting figure.

"Sasuke." Sasuke turned and Naruto leaned over and touched his lips to the other boy's; soft at first and then more firmly. Warm and gentle.

They parted.

"'Love?'" whispered Sasuke and Naruto lifted the corners of his mouth into a smile at the question.

"I do love you."

"I love you too."