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Soft cries and hushed voices echoed around the room on a beautiful sunny morning. Lounging on a plush couch beside the bed, Sasuke watched the scene before him with a small smile tugging on the corner of his lips.

He imprinted the scene before him on his mind, a picture he would remember and cherished forever.

Propped up on the bed, Sakura adjusted the little bundle on her arms as she fed it. She was exhausted from almost eight hours of labor from the previous night but there was a happy glow in her eyes as soon as she saw the child. Her green eyes shone with radiance and warmth which he had not seen for a long time.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" She whispered to him.

Sasuke smiled and nodded, his mind travelling back three years ago. The marriage deal, the fall-out of their marriage, the abduction and the death of their first-born; all of which they were able to surpass somehow. They started all over again and helped heal each other's wounds. They still have their differences which they vowed to work out. Like any other couple, they have frequent fights which they resolved through open communication.

It took them three to four years to have another child. It could be because of the emotional trauma and fear on Sakura's part or something to do with her body when she went into coma. Sakura had been depressed about it, thinking that she was barren although no medical evidence suggested it. Perhaps, it was not yet time for them to have another one. He remembered that night when Sakura asked what he would do if she's barren.

It was already past midnight and Sasuke and his team had just arrived from a month-long mission. They were able to finish their task smoothly and got back to Konoha two days earlier than expected of them.

Quietly moving from rooftop to rooftop, Sasuke dropped by to the window of their bedroom and was surprised to see Sakura sitting on the window sill, staring into the night sky. There were no need for words as she came to him and pulled him for a short kiss and hug. She smiled at him but he noticed that her smile did not quite reach her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She shook her head and plastered a wider smile. Then, she pulled him towards their futon and began undressing him slowly while kissing him fervently.

Perhaps she missed him badly, he thought with amusement. Not that he was complaining of course. He missed her too that's why he secretly pushed his team to cut their travel time by minimizing their breaks and stops.

As they lay naked underneath the sheets afterwards, Sasuke noticed that Sakura still seemed deep in thought and he knew for a fact that there was really something bothering her. He already had inkling on what it might be about but he wants to hear it from her.

He took her chin and made her look at him. "Tell me."

She exhaled slowly. "What if I'm barren already?"

It was that topic again. She had been deeply bothered about the fact that she was unable to conceive a child for the past four years since the death of their first-born and her near-death experience. They had consulted a specialist already and had undergone several tests all of which yielded normal results. He was quite bothered too but he did not dare speak it for he did not want to add to her frustration. He just thought that perhaps it was not yet time for them to have one.

"Don't say that," he countered her fears. "Maybe in time-"

"It's been four years already, Sasuke!" Sakura cried in frustration "And we're both young and healthy individuals. Something is definitely wrong with me..."

"What if I'm barren already?" Her voice suddenly turned emotionless. "What would you do?"

Sasuke knew that Sakura was referring on his dreams of reviving the Uchiha clan by at least having an heir to carry the bloodline. If she can't even give him a child, what would happen to the Uchiha bloodline? He was the last surviving Uchiha and he did not want for it to end with his death.

Sakura kept her eyes fixated to the ceiling, thankful for her position as she can force back the tears threatening to form on her eyes. Would Sasuke still keep her as his wife for the Uchiha's namesake and take mistresses to give him heirs? Or worse, would he lose his feelings for her and leave her seeing as she is of no use to him anymore?

Gods, she can turn a blind eye should Sasuke decided to take mistresses as long as there would be no feelings involved between them. But it would break her heart if he leaves her for another one.

Sasuke made Sakura turn to face him and he saw the fear and vulnerability reflected deep within her green eyes. He exhaled before finally speaking to her.

"Whether we have a child or not, I would stay by your side." If she can't give him a child anymore, then so be it. Perhaps, it would be the gods' punishment to him and to his clan's atrocities in the past. Sakura had accepted him in his worst and this time, the least he can do to repay her is to share her pain.

"Would you like to hold her?" Sakura asked, jolting him out of his reverie.

"What?" Sasuke blinked at her question. She was already in front of him, posed to hand him their newborn child. His eyes widened a bit and he shook his head. "Not yet."

"Why?" Sakura's brows scrunched in puzzlement. "Oh come on, she's your daughter too."

Before he could utter a protest, the infant was already placed on his unwilling arms. Looking at the fragile being on his arms, he felt his throat gone dry and his heartbeats increased in rate and rhythm. The infant looked so small and fragile on his arms. He felt an indescribable urge of protectiveness burst inside him. After all the crimes he had done, the gods still gave him a chance to have a family and start a new life.

Silently, he whispered a prayer of thanks to the heavens above. And in turn, he realized something profound.

It was not his Sharingan ability that he should pride himself with.

It's his family which he hopes would grow sooner.

His wife and especially his child.

His own flesh and blood.

Truly, the pride of an Uchiha.


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