He's gone, She's gone, She's back, He's ganna get beat!

Chapter one;

~She's back!~

I've never been the best at anything, once i start something i usually give up. No one's ever en-courged me to do anything, unless it's for there own personal deed. Thus leading me to not trusting most people, now I'm sitting here on the grass, well fake grass, on the football felid, doing what? Thats a good question, I am doing nothing but staring at the clouds, yep, no one came to bother me about anything, so i was basically a loner. I didn't care for a fact i was. I was scared at first, but seeing as there as no way to change it, I took it as a time to be able to not get bugged by anyone for a matter of fact. My head got tired of being pushed back so I changed position and laid on my back. I could still hear the whispers of all those around me. "Look what a loner" "No friends" "She thinks she's better then everyone" None of those where completely true, I never think of myself as better then anyone, i have friends, and i do want to be alone sometimes but not all the time. It wasn't like i was a complete loser. As i look up to the sky i notice that it began to rain, lovely. I hear girls scream and run out the rain but i enjoyed it, it was peaceful and laying on the grass made it better, i closed my eyes and then thats when i heard some one scream, "LOOK OUT!" I sat up and turned my head to be in contact with a soccer ball right into my face. My face for a second was alright, then it began to sting, it began to hurt really bad. I then started coughing, blood was what lead to it, it hurt. I then took out a tissue, observer all the blood. As the bleeding died down, the rain got heavier. It was so heavy i was being completely socked. But one thing was for sure,no one help, no one asked if i was okay, they all fled. I got up and walked towards the gym. The teacher looked at me with concern, "What happened?" she asked, "I was hit by a soccer ball," I said truthfully. "Alright you can change now, it's an hour before class ends but you have permission since your socking wet." I walk towards the locker room which was on the other side of the gym everyone was in, no matter where i went they would see me, so i walked in. The loud laughter was then gone into a silent moment.I walked towards the locker room, where i changed. As i changed i noticed that after i began to cough again i was coughing up blood. This wasn't the best thing, as i walked towards the gym again with my backpack on one shoulder, i walk to the bleachers to sit and read. My blood coughing would stop, was what i thought. As the class continued on, of course i was reading, and hearing girls calling me lazy. Then i heard the words again, "LOOK OUT" I turn my head and saw a basket ball headed my way, and bam it hit me. There i was on the floor, coughing more blood then ever. The teacher came in and ran towards me, screaming at everyone to shut up. That's when she took over, the one thing that i would have never let out, but all secrets must be told. As the laughter increased in my head, she spoke, "I'll take over, Don't worry."

Normal P.O.V.

As she stood up, the laughter decreased and then she fell again to hear more laughter.

"Why don't you people ever shut up?" They hear her speak. The non-so talkative, goody girl was not as good as she seemed.

"Oh the emo girl's got guts."said a girl,

She took charge at the girl and held her by the collar, "Do you know how it feels to bleed?"She asked with a death glare.

The girl was terrified, "Your lucky she isn't here right now, she would have never have the guts to do this."

"W-who are you?" The girl asks.

"Hmmm, who am i?" She asked, "You never payed attention to rode call or something?"

She then turns to everyone else, "Does anyone know my name?"

Everyone was silent, then the teacher spoke,"Yes, I do, Ryuuzaki Sakuno."

She then began to laugh, "That's who's body i am, well at least you know my other self, Listen," She pointed to herself, "My names Hime Sakura, and I'm here for Sakuno and her alone!"

She then took a bunch of balls and hit everyone,"By everyone,"

Was all Hime Sakura said before she left, after that Sakuno left to Seigaku, 4 years later. Now 12, and unaware of Hime Sakura's existence Sakuno is a shy girl who has played tennis, and is in love with Ryoma Echizen. But what Sakuno doesn't know is that Hime Sakura will come back. And Sakuno can barley can control it.

-Days after Ryoma left-

"Saku-chan!" Tomoka screams as she enters Sakuno's room to find her, on the floor. "RYUZZAKI-SENSEI!"

Now where they? The hospital, who where they? The Seigaku regular team,minus Ryoma, Tomoka, and Sakuno's grandma, Sumire.

"Excuse me," The doctor came in, "May i speak to a family member?"

Sumire left the room to speak with the doctor,

"Will she be okay doctor?" Sumire asked worried.

"Yes she will be, but can i ask you something?" The Doctor asked, "Have you ever heard the name,Hime Sakura before?"

Sumire was silent,"Yes, there as an incident 4 years ago where Sakuno said she was Hime Sakura, we thought she as just playing around, till we heard from the school she was at she was calling herself that."

"Hmm, i see, Sakuno has a split persona disorder. I believe Hime Sakura was dorment for 4 years since her last apreance, but can i asked what triggered it 4 years and what could have triggered it now?"

Sumire was only in disbelief her grand-daughter had two people in her body, "4 years ago, Sakuno was bullied, and the time Hime came out was when i heard from her gym teacher there, She was hit in the face twice, leading her to cough up a lot of blood."

"Any ideas what triggered it now? Anything happen latelly that could have put her in depression?" the doc asked.

Sumire shock her head, "Well we will tell you anything further on her health if you find out what could have triggered it please let me know,"

The doc took her leave and Sumire walked back into the waiting room.

"What they say?" Tomo-chan asked.

Sumire told them what the doctor had informed her.

"So Sakuno-chan has a split persona like Taka-san?" Eiji asked.

Sumire nodded, "But it could be somewhat different, you see Hime Sakura .."

"Hime Sakura?" Everyone asked.

Thats when the door opeaned and a nurse came in and asked for them to come into Sakuno's room.

Everyone gathered around Sakuno and then she opened her eyes to see people smile at her, "Where the hell is Ryoma Echizen?" She said.

Everyone was shocked and went silent.

"Sakuno?" Tomo-chan asked.

Sakuno looked at everyone, "Oh ya, i forgot. The names Hime Sakura." She said pointing to herself.

"So this is what you meant by not like Taka," Inu said as he wrote in his book.

"Echizen, went to America, he'll be back soon though, in about a week or so" Momo-senpi said.

"Is that so?" Hime said. "Well Sakuno and i had a talk a while ago."

"Sakuno?" Fuji asked,"What did she say?"

"Sakuno was strange, changed said to tell Echizen she's won't be here for a while."

Everyone was silent, till the doctor came in and asked everyone to leave for a couple of minutes and speak with Hime.

As the door closed, the doctor looked at Hime and smiled a small smile.

"Hello, Hime Sakura," She said.

"Nice seeing you again, Saki," Hime smiled, "It's been 4 years, has it?"

"You would know of course, so how was your sleep?"

"It was alright, not that exciting,"

"So what made you wake up?"

"Like i said,Echizen Ryoma."

"The young Prince of Tennis?"


"What does he have to do with Sakuno?"

"Hurt her,"

"Hmm, please explain," Saki was then writing in a notebook, one old looking one.

"Well you see, Sakuno was in a depression state cause he was so crude to her, and well, she fell in love. Hard, with a cold, very cold, rejection to the end. Sakuno couldn't handle it and thus leading her to a coma, like a while ago, I spoke with Sakuno for the first time and asked her if i could do anything to help, and she said,she wanted to rest, for a while."

Looking at Saki, Saki only showed a concerned look.

"So she's dormant?" Saki asked,

"For now," Hime answered.

"Anything else she said?"

"Yes she did say one thing, but it is for Echizen's ears only."

"I see, what's going to happen to you when you finish this?"

"Who knows, Sakuno might even choose to let me have this body."

Saki was silent, then stood up, "I'll call the school about this and thanks for keeping your promise."

Hime smiled, and waited for everyone to comeback into the room.

"Hime Sakura," was what Sumire said,

"Obaa-san, minna, I'm sorry, but can you bare with me for a while?" Everyone looked at Hime in confusion. "Sakuno asked me to take care of her body while she rests, it'll only be for a while,"

Everyone smiled and nodded yes.

"Tezuka," Hime said, "Oh sorry,"

Tezuka said, "It's okay, what do you need?"

"Can we have a match?"

Everyone then freaked.

"I want to see Sakuno's power, and your as close to Echizen as I know."

"Alright," Tezuka said.

As Hime smiled, a voice in her head spoke, "Mou.. Hime-chan, don't over work yourself now!"

"Don't worry Sakuno, I won't it is your body," Hime thought back.

Her thoughts where interrupted by Sumire speaking,"Hime Sakura, what kind of power do you think Sakuno has?"

"Don't you remember where i was most my life? In her head, I could only see her outer power but i think i can unleash her true nature,soon enough."

As they chatted,outside the door Saki heard everything, and began taking notes, Hime never breaks promises, she wrote, even ones that might hurt her.

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