Eia- Hey everyone!

Hime - Look who started to be un-lazy

Eia - Hime, don't start with me...

Sakuno - H-hime! E-ia!

Eia & Hime - (Glares)

Sakuno - Ah! (runs and hides behind Tezuka)

Eiji - Sakuno... you do know that doesn't do anything?

Eia - (walks up to Tezuka, and cups his face with one hand) Tezuka …

Hime - (holds out a tennis ball with Tezuka's face on it) You can't do anything right?

Tezuka - (Gulps)

Eia - Hehehehehe, Fuji do the disclaimer!

Fuji - Hai! Eia does not own the Prince of Tennis!

Hime - Fujiiiiiiiiikoooo!

It was dark and cold. You could feel the waters dripping, drip drop, drip drop. There was no light. Not even the moon could be seen. But the red velvet color of ribbons that draped around the helpless body. The ribbon wrapped her neck, her arms above her head, her body was completely numb. Her eyes where covered, she was to her mind, alone. The door opened, and the only sent of bright light showered the room. The girl then showed her features to who was coming in, her hair was a flowing raven, her skin as pale as a porcelain doll, she seemed as fragile as a new born child. The voice she did not recognized scared her.

"W-who is there!" The girl trapped within the ribbons asked.

The voice was gentle, a female voice. "Don't worry! My name is Saki Hanjika. I'm here to take you out of here"

"H-How can I-I t-trust y-you?" The girl asked, but let Saki untangle her.

Saki took off the ribbon that covered her eyes, and said, "Trust me, I'm nothing like the rest of those... I'm here because my mother and I don't like how father is testing you!"

"I-I.." She said as she was dragged out the room into the light,


I then woke up, screaming. Causing Sakuno's grandmother, Sumire, to run into the room, "Hime whats wrong!"

I was panting, heavy, I got out of my trance & finally replied to Sumire who was calling out my name for sometime now.

"Y-yes! I'm fine." I said. "It's nothing."

"I guess, you and Sakuno are in one in the same. Please if you ever want to talk about it, I'm here for you okay? Your like my 2nd grand-daughter." Sumrie said as she took her leave.

I felt hot, it was like as if I was being choked and my heart was beating like crazy. I put my head in my hands and tried to clear my head.

"Hime, are you alright?" Sakuno's voice rang in my head.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Hime, what kind of dream was that?" She asked

"It was nothing,"

"Hime your a bad lier,"

"Like you aren't"

"Come on Hime tell me."

"Fine, You see Sakuno..."


"Did you see that dream?"

"The one you just had?"

"Yeah, well it was my..."

My heart then sank, and I felt a sting in me.

"STOP!" I opened my eyes once more, to see sunlight in the room.

I put my thoughts in my head, "Hey Sakuno, you there?"




She must be sleeping, I thought, I then got out of bed and began to get ready for school.

As I got out the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see that there was a tint of a crimson in my eyes. It looked like as if the sunlight was shining in my eyes, I looked around and found no window. I looked again, and they where normal. Weird, hmm i guess the sake hasn't worn off yet, I thought jokingly.

XoXoX At school XoXoX

As I entered the school gates, I think about my new day. It's been about a week now. Since I took over Sakuno's body, and surprisingly she had more of her athletic blood in her then I even imagined. It was as if she was hiding her true stamina, behind that clumsy facade. As I was lost in my thoughts a hand was put on my sholuder, making me flinch and grabb who ever was behind my in the neck.

"H-Hime-chan," The voice I heard was no one other then Fuji's.

I immediately pulled my hand back, "G-Gomen Fuji."

"It's alright," He said, while still smiling.

I then lead in his chest, "I'm sorry for what happened."

Fuji then asked, "For what?"

"Kissing you... I didn't mean to..."

I then looked at Fuji's face and he was still smiling, "It's okay, it was the best first kiss I've ever had."

I turned ten shades of red, ugh! Sakuno! Your body is reacting to him! Ah! I thought.

Fuji then chuckled, and began to walk away, "The bells about to ring you better get going now Hime."

I smiled & took a deep breath, and began to walk to my first class.

Normal P.O.V.

As Hime walked off, she did not notice or sense that there was a boy with amber eyes in a tree watching the whole scene.

"Hmmm, Fuji has a girlfriend, who would have known..." He said as he begins to sleep in the tree.

Hime's P.O.V.

As I get ready to leave for the day, Fuji came into the classroom. And luck came back to me and I didn't shutter or anything like Sakuno did.

"Fuji, What are you doing here?" I ask.

He smiled and replied, "Tezuka wants you to come and practice with us."

As I hear the name Tezuka I raised an eyebrow, "Alright."

I gathered my things and bid Au Revoir to Tomoka & the freshman trio.

As I stepped foot on the Tennis court, I saw someone who I wish I never had.

He was smirking, I saw him before, and I knew Sakuno did too. I had no doubts on who he was.

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