Hi everyone. I decided to see how my writing has improved over the years, and decided to try my best to do this one over. This story was originally written and started August 24, 2001 and was finished July 20, 2002. The basis will pretty much be the same and so will most of the Author's Notes, with maybe something added in, but I will get rid of some unnecessary things, like the original intro to this fic. The inspiration to attempt rewriting this comes from Yoshi-san from Bulbagarden. Hmm, I'm almost tempted to rewrite the ending of this fic since I originally had two endings for it.

The ending I used in the original ended kind of ambiguously...sort of. For this one I plan on writing out the other ending I originally had in mind for it. So yeah, this story is getting the alternate ending. The reason I ended the original fic the way I did was because of the sequel I wanted to write to it, but the whole idea has been scrapped. Think of this story as maybe the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That game technically had two endings. One ending for Link as a child and then one for Link as an adult. Child Link's story leads to Majora's Mask (which is canon). Adult Link's story...well, now that's open for major speculation (seems Wind Waker would fit that line), but yeah. The ending I used for the original version of this fic would lead to the sequel, which takes place after Adventure 02's epilogue, this one won't.

Adding on, another reason I'm attempting to rewrite this is due to the fact that there were things for this story I wanted to put in here after I finished it, just never got around to it, and also for the inaccuracies that this story originally had. Ironically, the main inaccuracy has a lot to do with how the story started….Koushirou being given an assignment of this particular nature, which was the set up for this story. Another thing that comes to mind is the mentioning of detention. For the most part, students don't have "detention" in Japan. Anyway, if you would like to read through the original, knock yourself out.

Hello everyone. Here is a new fic for you, and it is based on something that I had wanted to write about for a long time. A story involving Koushirou (Izzy) finding out more about his biological parents. The catch to this is that he knows that he is adopted, but his adoptive parents still don't know that he does. The conversation that the three of them had in Digimon Adventure never occurred for this story's continuity and that will create quite a bit of conflict. As for those to show up for this story, Koushirou is a definite candidate. Mimi too, of course, since she will be in his class. I'm also not sure about "romance"…yet.

Like I say for all of these, anything shown in italics indicates that it is a flashback (only for short sequences, anyway). Any dialogue using single quotation marks indicates that the character is thinking, unless used in a grammatically correct fashion. Anything with an asterisk by it means that there is a note about it at the end of the chapter.

Oh yes, I would also like to thank Riah-chan for helping with this fic unknowingly when originally writing it. She helped out when it came to the drama stuff and correcting some of my Japanese.

Now, as always, I do not own any of the characters or places in this story. Bandai and Toei have that honor, and here are the ages of everyone.

Jou: 16-17 (Year 10-11; First/second year of High School)

Taichi/Sora/Yamato: 15-16 (Year 09-10; Last year of Junior High School/First year high school)

Koushirou/Mimi: 14-15 (Year 08-09; Second/Last year of Junior High School)

Miyako: 13-14 (Year 07-08; First/second year of Junior High School)

Takeru/Hikari/Daisuke/Ken: 12-13 (Year 06; Final year of Elementary/First year of Junior High School)

Iori: 10-11 (Year 04-05)

Chapter 01: The Assignment…

A bird chirped cheerfully as it flew through the clear blue sky of the innovative island of Odaiba, which was located in the Minato ward of the country's capital. Odaiba was known for its leisurely activities, such as attending musical performances at Zepp Tokyo, or even heading over to Aqua City to do some shopping. Of course, on such a bright afternoon, one would expect to see many people out and about, especially with spring approaching, and the snow from the winter months melting away, but not for the children of Odaiba. This was definitely a school day, and at Odaiba Junior High, there was a Japanese History Class already in session…

"Okay class," a young, dark-haired man in his late 20s wearing thin-rimmed glasses began, "it's time for your mandatory extra credit assignment."

All of the students of class 2-B groaned. One student in particular waved his arm around wildly, calling, "Ishidzuka-sensei, Ishidzuka-sensei!"

"Yes, Tomokazu-kun?"

The boy with the medium-lengthened black hair stood. "Since when is extra credit mandatory?"

"Since the majority of you scored low on the last test I gave out, which means that you all won't get to be third years without it!"

"Are you serious?" asked the boy fearfully. The majority of the rest of the class looked a bit worrisome as well. This was definitely out of the ordinary. "Not all of us are making bad marks!"

"It doesn't really matter now, does it? The extra credit could probably do most of you some good, you included," he responded sternly.

Seki retook his seat, embarrassed. A few of the students were whispering to one another, saying things like, "Would the PTA allow something like that?" and "Isn't this like high school work?" Another student, though, was laughing loudly at his cousin's embarrassment.

"Ueda-kun!" The man glared at the boy. "Is there something amusing you as of the moment?"

Yuuji stood up at the speed of light, his face partially red, and his somewhat long, shiny, jet-black hair swishing. "No, sir."

"If it isn't your cousin acting up, it's you," the man mumbled under his breath while massaging his temples. "You can sit now." With an embarrassed grin, he took his seat quickly, while Seki silently laughed. "Now, for your assignment, I would like for you all to write about your true family. I'm interested in your ancestry. How you decide to do this assignment is entirely up to you."

Most of the students wrote down the odd teacher's instructions, as he continued explaining his expectations of them. He was pretty well-known for his…modern way of teaching, as he wasn't all about lecturing and constantly insisted, and demanded, that his students give their input and opinions. Most attributed that to the fact that he had once studied overseas.

One 14-year-old student frowned at the assignment. He'd always disliked doing anything which would involve his having to volunteer information on his family or his parents. He didn't dislike his family, but he did feel like he was lying whenever having to speak about his "true" family.

The redheaded student was none other than the computer whiz, Izumi Koushirou. He remained seated, deep in thought over the assignment. His train of thought, though, was soon broken by that of a young girl's voice. "Koushirou-kun! Koushirou-kun! Come on! It's time to go home."

He looked up to see a girl wearing their school's dark-green winter fuku, who of which he considered a pretty good friend. He'd known her for years, anyway. "Oh, hey, Mimi-san."

The young girl with the long, wavy light-brown hair, was Odaiba Junior High's popular, outgoing Tachikawa Mimi. She'd moved back to Odaiba months earlier, right after the spring break. It was tough transferring in at that time of the year, but she managed to do so thanks to the family she was currently living with...the Nishimuras, which consisted of her aunt, Nishimura Sué, her husband – Mimi's uncle, Nishimura Kichibei – and their two children, four-year-old Isako, and one-year-old Ton.

Sué was Mimi's father's younger sister by nearly ten years, who worked at a local nursery school near her home. At first, she was hesitant and skeptical about moving back to Odaiba and living with her aunt and her fairly new family, as she felt she would be intruding, but she really wanted to return. She enjoyed America fine and had learned a lot, but she had grown homesick and missed her friends back in Odaiba.

When she passed the idea along to her aunt and uncle, they were both thrilled to have her, as she was her aunt's favorite niece and despite the age difference between Mimi and her cousins, she got along with the two fairly well. Seems that the only ones who had objected to the idea of her moving back, were her parents. They were against her going back and living there without them, but Mimi insisted that it would be good for her. It took a while, but they gave in, as they did want what was best for their daughter.

"Why are you still sitting there? School's over."

Koushirou stood up, grabbing his book bag, which was hanging on the side of his desk. "Well, I-"

"Mimi-chan!" a person called before the redhead could finish.

"Wait up, Mimi-chan!" another voice chimed in.

Mimi turned to see two familiar boys slightly taller than Koushirou, running up to her. "Seki-kun, Yuuji-kun…"

"Hi, Mimi-chan," Yuuji greeted. "Would you like for me to walk you home?"

"You?" Seki scoffed. "I was going to ask if she wanted me to walk her home!"

"Don't you have to stay after school for a punishment or something?"

"Me? You're the one who gets in trouble all the time, and our homeroom teacher keeps you back!" the boy retorted heatedly. "Besides, Mimi-chan wants to walk home with me!"

"No she doesn't," Yuuji intensely argued back, his face turning red, "she wants me to walk her home!"

"No, me!"


"I said me!"

The two continued to argue. Koushirou just stared at the two, surprised at their display, while Mimi gave the two an uneasy smile. "B-boys, please don't fight."

"Who do you want to walk you home?" Yuuji asked while flashing the girl a toothy smile. "Would you like for the handsome, wonderful me to walk you home," he glared at the boy beside him, "or my annoying cousin?"


"That's a perfect description for you."

"Why, I should-"

"I'm sorry you two," interrupted Mimi, "but Koushirou-kun is going to walk me home."

Dumbfounded, both boys stared at Koushirou. "Huh?"

The redhead blinked in stupidity. "I am?"

"We better get going," Mimi motioned while giving Koushirou a sweet smile. "I promised to get home to help Sué-bachan with dinner tonight." She grabbed Koushirou's arm. "Bye, Seki-kun, Yuuji-kun." She pulled the boy out of the classroom, leaving behind a surprised Seki and Yuuji.

"Izumi? Why would she rather walk home with him than with the handsome me?"

"You probably scared her off," sniggered Seki.

"Hey!" the boy growled at his cousin.

Seki backed off. "I'm just joking," he insisted while waving his hands. He knew how easy it was to push his cousin's buttons, and usually enjoyed doing so. Content with his cousin's temperament being back at a normal level, he stared at the door. "I don't understand Mimi-chan. She's one of the more popular people in school, but she hangs around Izumi a lot."

"I don't remember them being good friends before," Yuuji pointed out while scratching the back of his head. "We've always had classes with those two, even back when we were all in Odaiba Elementary School. I don't remember Mimi-chan hanging out with Izumi much at all in year 4. Doesn't seem she did that until after our summer break that year. That was still..." the boy counted out on his fingers, "…1999. They seemed to become good friends after that."

"I'm actually surprised they managed to remain friends, especially since Mimi-chan was gone for a couple of years."

"That's just weird."

"Well, Yuuji, we better get going. We promised to help my father at his store this afternoon since most of the clubs aren't meeting this week."

"Aww." He kicked at the floor and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I wanted to play you in a game of Table Tennis."

"It's not like you're in the actual Table Tennis Club like I am. I'd cream you anyway."

"That's because I'm not good enough for it."

"What about baseball and basketball? You like both of those, and you play them a lot; why don't you join one of those clubs? I don't know why you haven't gotten in trouble yet for not being in a club, unless helping out at my father's store counts as volunteer work or something to make up for it."

"I'm not good enough for those either," he grumbled.

"You know," the boy started with small laugh, "you really shouldn't let Mimi-chan ever hear you say something like that. She'd persuade you into joining in an instant, and then probably give you a speech about how you can succeed and all that good stuff. She'd then seal the deal with her beautiful, signature smile."

"Yeah, Mimi-chan is like that," Yuuji sighed dreamily. "She always tries her best to get people involved in activities and stuff."

"What she says is probably true, though."

"I still wouldn't mind playing a game before we leave."

"Too bad; you promised to help me, let's go!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming…"

After escaping the two cousins, Koushirou and Mimi continued their walk down the emptying school corridors.

"So, what's the matter?"

He just shrugged and mumbled, "Nothing."

"I know something's wrong!"

"No, really, it's noth-"

"Izumi Koushirou-kun," the girl firmly cried while stopping her pace, and putting her free hand on her hip, "you do not sound convincing, sincere, or pure with your feelings right now! I can tell that you're lying! Now, what is it?"

Koushirou knew there wasn't much he could say or do to persuade his friend otherwise. It was surprising how he'd yet to learn his lesson whenever it came to her. She was always the type to try and get down to the root of a problem and seemed to like things to be harmonious and didn't care for pessimistic views. Despite her forceful nature at times, she did generally mean well. He hadn't noticed that about her when younger, but he definitely had since she'd been back for almost a year. He resumed walking. Mimi took suit. "If you must know, I'm just not up to doing this history research assignment. It's out of the ordinary as it is, and I'm surprised that Ishidzuka-sensei is even allowed to give such assignments and teach in the way that he does." *The threat of their being failed was the biggest oddity of the situation.

"You know, the way Ishidzuka-sensei teaches, is similar to how it was for me when in America. I'm glad he's like that. It makes learning more fun, and I know you like the way he teaches too, and most of the others do too. I look forward to his history lessons, even if some of it is boring. Anyway, maybe you can get excused from doing the assignment."

"Wait, you were exempt from having to do the assignment?"

She nodded. "I spoke with Ishidzuka-sensei while you were staring off into space. Since I have decent scores for his tests, he said that I could get out of doing it."

"But he made that threat of the assignment being mandatory."

"But, I really can't do this assignment to its fullest. My parents are abroad."

"But what about the family you're staying with and your other Japanese family?"

"I'd rather talk to my parents, to be honest, and some of my older relatives are no longer with us. He did say that if I wanted to go on with it that I could."

"Hmm, maybe I should talk to him."

"He's probably in the teacher's room."

With the task set, the two detoured from their walk to leave the school to head to the teacher's room. Once arriving at the door, Koushirou hesitated. "Koushirou, go on in."

"I'm not sure if I should…what if he's not even there? What if we're not even allowed in there?"

"Why wouldn't we be allowed to go in? We're students with questions! It's perfectly allowed and you know it! You should know that better than anyone being head of the Computer Club!"

Not waiting for a response, Mimi knocked, opened the sliding door and pushed Koushirou inside, saying, "*Shitsurei shimasu, Ishidzuka-sensei imasuka?" To the surprise of both, they saw the lavender-haired, 13-year-old Inoue Miyako. Koushirou pretty much considered Miyako to be one of his best friends, as he did Mimi, to some extent. He felt that both were his best female friends, currently. Mimi was very good at cheering one up, and Miyako was good at giving pep talks to get one motivated to do almost anything, but seemed she was only like this with friends and family.

When he was younger, he would've definitely considered his best female friend to be Sora, since he'd known her for such a long time, even before his first adventure in the Digital World. Now that Sora was older, and busy with a various amount of other school related activities, he rarely had the time to speak with her much. When he was in his final year at Odaiba Elementary, and Sora had graduated to Odaiba Junior High, the two still didn't spend much time together due to their different years, and the same applied with his best male friend, Taichi. Due to this, Koushirou started to spend a little bit more time by himself, until Miyako and Mimi both came along.

"Hey there, Izumi-senpai, Mimi-oneesama," the girl greeted brightly while pushing her slipping glasses back onto her nose. "What are you two doing here?"

"We're looking for our history teacher," Mimi explained.

"How come you're here?" asked Koushirou.

"I have *classroom duty this week. We needed some more cleaner for the desks, so I came to ask my homeroom teacher where I could find some more."

"Isn't it a bit late to still be cleaning?" asked Mimi. "We usually have cleaning time after lunch."

"I know, but, one of the guys in my class spilled some stuff, so we're cleaning it again. I don't like it, but what can I do? Either way, I better hurry up and finish if I want to join up with Ken-kun and the others this afternoon since we don't have any club meetings." The girl waved to the two. "See you later."

After Miyako was long gone, Koushirou and Mimi continued on, realizing that the room was empty, with the exception of the vice-principal who was busy writing up something. Koushirou just figured that most of the other teachers had other things to deal with at the moment. They made their way towards the spot that Mr. Ishidzuka usually sat, and saw him there. The man was seated contently, while reading a paper and sipping on a cup of tea. "Go," hissed Mimi.

"Um…h-hi there, Ishidzuka-sensei," Koushirou managed to get out, as it felt like his voice wanted to leave him.

The man took his attention from off of the newspaper, and looked over the rims of his glasses. "Hey there. Two of my good students. So, what's the problem, Izumi-kun?"

"Well, um…you see…it's just…er…"


"It's about our assignment."

"Yes, what about it?"

The boy looked down at the floor, fumbling and shifting his shoulders. "I-I was wondering if I could, possibly get out of doing the assignment like Mimi-san. I have a decent average as well and have kept it there all year."

The man took off his glasses, and gave him a curious look. "Is there any reason why you want to get out of my assignment? I know it's different, but you all should be used of that by now."

Dejected, Koushirou sighed out, "No, sir. I don't have one."

"Then I can't allow it." He slipped his glasses back on, and sat back in his chair, making himself more comfortable. "The situation of Tachikawa-san is a bit different since she's not currently staying with her immediate family, but with outside family. Her living arrangements are special. She's the only person I'm giving the option to on whether to do the assignment or not."

"Yes sir."

"To be honest, Izumi-kun, I would really like you to work on this project. I've noticed it through our discussions in class. Anything involving the past of anyone, you get unusually quiet about it. You don't participate to your full extent, and I'm hoping this assignment will help to open you up a bit. In a way, you could say that you were the inspiration for the assignment."

'Why did I have to get this new age teacher? I don't want to do this assignment! I can't! It wouldn't be right…' Koushirou nodded slightly. "Yes sir. You're right, sir. That's why I didn't want to do this assignment. I'm very bad at history that involves stuff like that."

"I just want you to work to your full potential. Tachikawa-san here usually does well on assignments and in discussions involving this type of subject."

"Thank you, sir."

"I've been observing the whole class, so don't think I'm singling you out, Izumi-kun."

"Yes sir," he responded dully.

Koushirou turned to head out, along with Mimi, when the older man called to them. The two turned to see what he wanted. "Izumi-kun, since you don't have much of a knack for this type of thing, I would like for you to have a partner."

"A partner, sir?"

"Yes. I want Tachikawa-san to be your partner on this. Since she's the only person who is exempt from this assignment, she could help you with yours."

"I would be honored to help out, sir. I was going to maybe write about my aunt's family, but helping Koushirou-kun sounds like it'd be much more fun."

"Good. Now, you two better head home and get some work done."

"Yes, Ishidzuka-sensei."

"Shitsurei shimashita." Both walked out, Koushirou partially scowling, as a couple of other teachers entered the room. His teacher noticed this and shook his head. He just didn't understand the boy, and pulled out his mobile phone…

"That didn't do any good," the boy grumbled, while changing into his outdoor shoes.

"Aww, stop worrying!" Mimi opened up her shoe-sized locker very cautiously. One thing she was known for, was receiving love-letters. There were quite a few of them just that morning. Relieved there weren't a bundle of letters waiting for her, she put in her school shoes, and took out her outdoor shoes. "I'm sure you'll do a good job on your assignment, especially since I'm helping you."

"Yeah, I guess so." The two had finished, and headed out the school.

"So, when do you want to start the project?"

The redhead inwardly rolled his eyes, and huffed annoyingly. "You know, I don't feel like talking about that now. Do you still want me to walk you home?"

"Not if you're going to have that cranky attitude," the girl snapped.

"I'm sorry. I just have a lot on my mind. I'll accompany you home."

"Oh-kay," she began slowly, wishing he'd speak a little less formally, "but you don't have to if you don't want to."

"I honestly don't mind." Mimi liked his response, as he sounded truly sincere this time around. "It's very nice out, and it's good that I don't have a club meeting today."

"Oh yeah. There's no Computer Club meeting for you or Miyako-chan today. Too bad everyone else seems to be busy. Both Sora-san and Taichi-san are busy with the Tennis Club and Soccer Club, even though they are done with both since they're graduating, and Yamato-san has his own band to worry about and practice with."

"What about your club meet?"

"I'm just going to skip it this once."

"Wait, why? Are you allowed to do that?"

"The Volleyball Club can miss me this once; besides, I promised to help my aunt today. I talked with the coach during gym today."

As the two continued their walk, they managed to talk about most anything they could think of, which consisted mostly of their other friends of the Chosen Children (Digidestined), but every time Mimi got on the topic of their history project, Koushirou would abruptly change the subject. Mimi gave up on trying to get him to discuss it, and came up with a craftier idea. She knew of one of the boy's weaknesses, and was going to use it to her advantage.

"Well, you're home."

The Nishimura family lived in a big house, which had a gate, two floors, five bedrooms, and even a spacious attic. The suburban neighborhood was also very nice, as each house there was built in similar fashions. It was evident to most that the Nishimura family was well off financially, as owning a house in a place like Odaiba was usually expensive, unless in a rural area, which Odaiba wasn't known for.

Mimi's aunt loved her job and children. Since she was a teacher at the nursery school, both Isako and Ton could attend the school. Both were students there. She didn't have to worry about having someone come to the house to watch Ton or work part-time. As for Mimi's uncle, he worked for a successful law firm, and was just recently promoted to partner.

"Want to come in?"

"I don't think that I-"

"I could make you a snack," Mimi told him coyly.

"A snack?"

"Yes, some nice *ohagi. I made some last night, and I just know how much you love it. I got the recipe from Hida-san, thanks to Iori-kun. Miyako-chan told me how much you loved them and it took me a while to make them. I could use a taste tester outside of my family."

"Ohagi? R-really? You made ohagi?" He shook his head. "No! I have to pass." He felt like crying, since he loved the dessert treat. "I really have to get home."

"W-well, if you have to go," she blinked. 'I was going to get him to talk! So much for my plan.'

"I'm sorry, I really am."

"Don't worry. I'll bring you some tomorrow to have with your lunch. You will taste them."

The boy grinned in spite of himself. "I look forward to it."

"Neechan!" both heard a voice call. They turned to see a small girl run up and smother Mimi in a big hug.

"Isako-chan! Hi there!"

After getting out of Mimi's embrace, the small child with her long, bright hair in two pigtails, turned to face Koushirou. "Konban wa, Kou-niichan," Isako said with a bow.

"She really is polite."

"Yeah, she's very polite for her age," Koushirou complimented. "Hello there, *Isako-chan. How are you today?"

"I'm doing great! I had a lot of fun at school today!"

"That's very nice, but I have to get going. I'm sorry. Bye Mimi-san. I will see you in school tomorrow. Isako-chan, please say hello to your mother for me."

Koushirou walked off, while the girl waved to him. "Bye bye Kou-niichan! I'll say hi for you!" Mimi could only stare at her redheaded friend as he exited through the gate. She still couldn't help but wonder why he was reacting to the assignment in such a way. "I'm so glad that you're home, neechan! I learned how to read a new word today! Can I show you?"

"Of course, but I have to help your mother first just like I promised."

"Okay! Mama is making sweet treats for after dinner."

The girl grabbed Mimi's hand, and both entered the luxurious home…

Author's Notes

Note 1: In Japan, the students are given the responsibility of keeping the schools clean. Everyday, the students have to clean it up, and that includes the teacher's room and the principal's office. The time of the day that the classroom gets cleaned depends on the actual school. This not only keeps the school clean and tidy, but it also is used to teach the children responsibility and how to get along with others, somewhat.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Note 2: The description of Ishidzuka for this story is an interesting one, eh? Anyway, this is one of the "changes" for this story. When this was originally written, I didn't know too much about how the schools worked in Japan as far as assignments were concerned. With Ishidzuka's character, I am trying to establish that he is far from being your traditional Japanese teacher, hence his teaching methods. Traditionally, such a class would consist mostly of lecturing. Also, in Japan, students can't really be failed, which also shows how out of place the threat he made was. Now, in high school you can technically not pass, since high school in Japan is optional and the students test into it. There's a lot of emphasis on doing well if one is planning to head off to college someday. Oh, and also, in Japan, they don't use a grading scale with letter grades…instead, they go by percentages.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Note 3: "Shitsurei shimasu, Ishidzuka-sensei imasu ka?" pretty much means, "please excuse me for entering...is Mr. Ishidzuka available?" or something like that. That's the best I can come up with for that phrase. I guess you could say it's another, more formal way of saying, "excuse me".

"Shitsurei shimashita" is just past-tense.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Note 4: In the very first US dub episode of Digimon Adventure 02, Koushirou (Izzy), Iori (Cody), and Miyako (Yolei) were eating "brownies". In the original, they were eating ohagi. Ohagi is pretty much a sweet rice ball. In the original version of the show, it was referenced that Iori's mother was a very good cook.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Note 5: "Neechan" is one way of saying "sister" and I only used it in this particular way since the girl is so young. "Oneesama" is another, as well as "oneechan" and "oneesan" and "neesan". Miyako uses "oneesama" with Mimi at times, which shows that she really respects Mimi and sees her as a sisterly figure. Miyako also sometimes call her Mimi-sama. In the beginning, though, she would use Mimi-san.

It's pretty common for younger children to use an honorific that can mean brother or sister with an older person, and the person doesn't have to be family for it to be used. If I'm remembering it correctly, Takeru's even done so with Taichi. In the episode where Yamato abandoned him, in Takeru's eyes, he clung onto Taichi, and referred to him as brother since he was the only one around.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Note 6: Koushirou's character is the type to use honorifics with everyone. To be honest, I'm not sure how he'd actually address a girl as young as Isako. His using the -chan honorific here, seems like it'd be out of character for him, but chose it anyway, although, I couldn't even imagine him using it. We've never seen him interact with a child much younger than himself, let alone a female character. He does use the –kun honorific with Miyako, but that shows how casual and comfortable he is with her, as he uses the -san honorific with Hikari, which indicates that, at the time, he probably still had his adoption complex. I'll get into this more, later, though. Hm, another reason he may use "-kun" with Miyako is maybe because he was head of the Computer Club and she was under him...you know, the whole senpai and kohai thing Who knows, though.