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Taichi/Sora/Yamato: 15-16 (Year 10; First year of High School)

Koushirou/Mimi: 15 (Year 09; Last year of Junior High School)

Miyako: 14 (Year 08; Second year of Junior High School)

Takeru/Hikari/Daisuke/Ken: 12-13 (Year 07; First year of Junior High School)

Iori: 10-11 (Year 05)

Chapter 33: Epilogue…

It was a beautiful, clear night with a windy spring breeze. Koushirou, on the other hand, was much too nervous as he fidgeted and paced around anxiously in his best suit. Even though it was nice and cool, the boy was sweating profusely. He was currently waiting for his lovely date, outside of her home. He was invited into the Nishimura home, but insisted on waiting for Mimi outside. He continued to pace, doubts running through his mind about the dance. Since it was such a hit with the students of the previous year, the PTA allowed the students to host another one after all. Koushirou was surprised that they'd even considered it, but Mimi was ecstatic over it, naturally.

The boy stopped pacing as he thought back to all that had happened within the past year, and had come to the conclusion that the entirety of 2004 was one big emotionally confusing roller coaster. He still couldn't believe that he and Mimi were an official couple, and all they went through to actually get to that point. In some ways, he still felt that it was all a dream and that he'd wake up at any moment just to encounter Mimi and Yamato together again. He shook his head over how silly he was being.

Koushirou glanced down at his watch and then back at the door as more things from the previous year flooded his mind, such as Mimi's almost assault. He was glad that neither of them had to actually appear in court. It was an open and shut case and Doppo was found guilty of assault and convicted appropriately. Koushirou recalled the radiant smile on Mimi's face when that happened, even though she was still with Yamato at that time, as that happened in about May or June of the previous year. He was glad to see that smile of hers again, in that way.

The redhead looked at his watch again, and heard the front door opening. It was time. Mimi stepped out, and Koushirou couldn't help but stare at her beauty. Her wavy hair was hanging down loosely, and her gown was a majestic pearl color. Just like the previous year, she was going for the "rebirth" theme. Her laced gown was sleeveless, and she wore matching gloves that reached up to her elbows. The style was pretty much the same as her other gown, only it had lace this time. To Koushirou she looked like one of those fairy tale princesses.

"W-w-wow, Mi-Mimi-san, you look r-really n-nice."

She smiled to him. "Thanks, Koushirou."

"N-n-no, I-I mean it. You l-look beautiful…like a princess."

The girl blushed slightly. Even though the two had been dating for about a month, officially, she still felt shy whenever he complimented her. "Well, if I'm your princess, then you're my prince," she joked. "You look very handsome."

"Well, um, erm…"

"Never mind," she giggled. "Are you ready to go?"

He nodded goofily. She stepped up to him, and grabbed his hand. The two then began the walk to their school. Along the way, Mimi couldn't help but feel at ease. She was with the guy she truly wanted, but she still felt slight pain whenever Yamato crept up into her mind. The two were back on speaking terms, but it was still slightly awkward. After Mimi confessed to Koushirou how she truly felt, and how he'd done the same, both came to the decision of waiting before officially getting together and being open about it. They didn't become open about until March. Koushirou and Mimi went back to Saizeriya for White Day. When asked by her friends where'd she'd vanished off to, she openly told them of how she and Koushirou had gone out on a date for White Day.

The news of the two being a couple got around their school pretty fast. Of course, the Mimi Fan Club was devastated as they had, once again, lost their chances with the karaoke princess. Chinatsu, Ayame, and Yuuko were surprised, yet not. Even they sensed the tension between the two. As for their Chosen friends, some felt a bit indifferent, given the situation with Yamato. Taichi, who would usually joke around about it, didn't know exactly what to say or how to approach the subject. Sora was happy for them, but was slightly worried about Miyako, as even she'd picked up that she seemed to have something for Koushirou. Miyako was bothered by it, but had slowly, and surely been growing out of her crush with Koushirou due to his never seeing her as a "girl", but when the two hooked up, she still had some feelings left. Yamato still hated himself over the situation and hated the fact that he had railroaded Mimi into a relationship with him, when she obviously preferred Koushirou over him. He still had some hurt pride, but realized that he couldn't do anything about it.

After the long walk, the two were finally at their school, where other students were filing in. "We're finally here," Mimi said while squeezing onto Koushirou's hand.

He nodded, squeezing her hand back. "Mimi-san," he began, "I'm glad you invited me to the dance."

"We haven't even gone in yet, but even if we skip it, I'm just glad I'm here with you…"

Koushirou felt his face going red. "I-I-I'm gl-glad t-too."

Mimi stepped up, and gave the boy a kiss. She didn't care who saw. Koushirou, who was still a bit nervous when it came to kissing in public, gave in. Personally, he wouldn't have minded skipping the dance and just hanging out together, but knew how much Mimi wanted to go. After they broke, Mimi grabbed his hand again, and pulled him along and entered the school and headed to the busy gym, receiving looks of awe and envy. The music was already playing, and Koushirou asked Mimi to dance. She, gladly, accepted it.

'I hope this lasts forever,' the girl thought as they waltzed on the dance floor.

'Being with her like this…is a wonderful feeling. I hope that I will always be able to experience this with her.'

'I hope we'll be together forever…' both thought in unison.

With that, the two danced the night away, glad that the obstacles that stood in their way was no longer an issue…

The End

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