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Chapter Two

Gillian lifted her eyes from her book when she sensed Cal staring at her. "Yes?" she asked mildly, but he only grinned. She rolled her eyes with amusement and returned to the book, but only a few sentences later had to look up again. "You're impossible," she said, placing her bookmark inside and closing it.

"Impossibly sexy, eh?" he asked, his grin intensifying.

"Hmm," she said. "Yes. That's not what I meant, but yes." Her eyes darted quickly to Ben, who was playing a game on his phone, before she gave Cal a quick kiss.

"Do I need to remind you that Reynolds already knows about us, darling? No need to be so secretive."

"I know," she said, sitting back in the chair. "It's just a little strange."

"Strange," he echoed. "Here's me thinking that the last two days were bloody fantastic, but apparently they were just 'strange'."

She rolled her eyes again. "I didn't say they weren't 'bloody fantastic', or that I'm not euphorically happy that we've finally gone from 'you and me' to 'us', but it's still a little strange, that's all. And we have to think about how we're going to handle things back home... I think we should tell Emily first, and..."

"Emily knows," he interrupted.

"She does?" she asked, surprised. "When did you..."

"Last night. I called her, and she asked why I was so happy. So I told her."

He saw the smile on Gillian's face, coupled with a delicate blush, and reached out to stroke her cheek gently. "She's happy for us. Said it was about time, as well."

"You didn't tell me."

"I was going to," he defended. "I went to your room and I was going to tell you, but then you seduced me before I was even in the door, and we were too busy shagging all night. Then, of course, I was barely able to remember my own name, let alone a conversation I'd had."

She laughed. "Fair enough."

He reached for her hand, caressing it lightly. She was enjoying his gentle touch when he suddenly broke the silence. "I hope you've haven't forgotten our deal, love."

"Hmm?" she asked, feigning innocence. "What deal would that be, then?"

"Oh, I think you know," he murmured, voice dripping with arousal. "You lost our bet. As a result, you and I will be joining the mile high club. I've always wanted to be a member."

"Oh, so this is just about doing it on a plane, is it?" she asked, arching an eyebrow at him. "Nothing to do with me at all?"

"Darling," he said, leaning towards her so their faces were millimetres apart. "In all my fantasies of joining the mile high club, you're the only one I've ever wanted to do it with."

"Hmm," she said, allowing him to plant a quick kiss to her lips. "I'm flattered."

He grinned. "You should be."

He was just leaning in for another kiss when the call came for them to board. "Come on," she said, quickly putting her book back in her bag. "That's us."

He gathered his things, and they joined Reynolds in the queue of people waiting to board the plane. Ten minutes later they were greeted by the air stewardess who pointed them in the direction of their seats. "Have a good flight," she chirped, and Cal glanced at Gillian.

"Thank you," he told the young woman. "I plan to have an excellent flight."

A gentle shove from Gillian sent him walking towards their seats, still grinning.


Fifty minutes later, just as she was coming to the end of a chapter, Gillian felt Cal's hand, which had been lightly holding her own, move as he started to rub slowly against her thigh. Her breathing quickened a little; she hurriedly read the last two sentences, then snapped her book shut and placed it in the pocket in front of her.

"Yes, Cal?" she asked quietly.

"Book not holding your attention?" he enquired, his hand sliding further up her leg, thankful that she'd chosen to wear a dress today. When his fingers glided under the material of her dress and made contact with her bare skin she arched her back a little, her eyes darting furtively to her left, then her right.

"I hope your plans to join the mile high club involve a little more privacy than this," she whispered, and he laughed.

"Just getting things started, darling." He kissed her, using his other hand to trail down her neck, and he smiled at the lustful look in her eyes when he drew back. She wanted this just as much as he did.

"Bathroom," she said huskily. She unclipped her seat belt and stood up, straightening her dress. Then she walked purposefully towards the curtained off area, not looking back.

When Cal stood two minutes later and started to stroll in the same direction, he caught Ben Reynolds' eye. "Seriously?" he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. "Is this what it's going to be like now?"

Cal just grinned at him, then continued towards the cabin's bathroom, where he knew Gillian was waiting for him.


"I can't believe I'm doing this," Gillian gasped as Cal broke their kiss, his hands quickly pulling off her underwear. "Sex in a cramped toilet on a plane. This is... not me."

He stopped, giving her a look of concern. "Gill... if you don't want to do this, you know you don't have to..."

"Oh!" she said, grabbing his face with both hands and forcing his eyes to meet hers. "That's not what I meant, Cal. I want this. I want you," she said, making sure her meaning was very clear.

"You sure?"

"Yes," she purred, brushing his lips lightly with her own. "I just mean... this is unlike me. But that's ok. That's good, even. My whole life has been much more of an adventure since I met you – and more dramatic, and more comedic, and more frustrating, and more petrifying..." She trailed off with a smile. "But an adventure. And now things have changed between us, now we're..." She trailed off again, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Now we're... what?"

"Together," she finished, running her hands over his chest before moving them lower to work on his belt. "Now we're together, even more things are going to change. For the better," she added, seeing the doubt on his face, and he nodded.

"Okay. Well... as long as you're sure."

"Want to know how sure I am?" She took his hand and placed it between her legs, grinding herself against his palm and letting out a moan of pleasure as he instinctively worked his fingers against her. "This is how sure I am."

"Mmm," he murmured when he felt how wet she was. "That's very sure."

"So are you going to do something about it?"

He quickly divested himself of the clothing on the lower half of his body, leaving his shirt on, and she pouted as he slid his hands down her dress and along her smooth thighs.

"What?" he asked.

"Your shirt," she said, prying the top button open. "Aren't you going to take it off?"

"We're kind of on a tight schedule here, darling," he reminded her, pressing a kiss to her jaw. "They'll be knocking on the door any minute, demanding to know why we're taking so long."

"Fine," she sighed, shivering as he resumed the motion of his hand against her thigh. "Just... let me..." She prised open the buttons, and ran her fingers over his chest with a smile. "That's better. You can leave it on. But I want access." She leaned forward, kissing and licking his chest and he emitted a low growl, responding by sliding his finger inside her.

Her breathless whimper left him painfully hard, and he knew he couldn't wait much longer. He used one hand to pull her face to his, kissing her hard while he added another finger to join the first, enjoying the way she writhed against the wall and his body. When they broke apart and she moaned his name, he knew she didn't want to wait any longer either. He removed his fingers from her, sucking them clean and suppressing a grin as her eyes widened.

"I'll taste you properly when we get home," he promised. "Haven't had you like that since last night."

"Which was such a long time ago," she said with a shaky laugh.

"Feels like bloody years," he growled as he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, stilling for a moment as his cock brushed against her entrance.

"Now," she demanded, pulling him with her and making sure her back was up against the small space of wall.

A sudden jolt sent him forwards faster than he'd expected, and his hand thumped loudly on the wall next to her head. He'd entered her more forcefully than he'd intended as the first turbulence they'd experienced on the flight hit, and he looked at her to make sure she was okay. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, and her grip on his arms had tightened.


"Mmm." She pushed against him, lifting a leg to stroke his calf. "You feel so good."

He lifted her, her back still against the wall, and she wrapped her legs around him as he thrust into her again. Another jolt sent them shifting sideways, and Cal managed to grab her just before she toppled against the basin. "Damn turbulence," he muttered, noticing the seatbelt sign was now flashing.

"Never mind that." She grabbed him, pulling him towards her and guiding him inside her again. Keeping both feet on the floor this time for balance, she rocked against him, one hand on the edge of the basin to try and keep her steady as the room continued to jolt.

"You know..." he panted, fighting to keep control as the sensations began to sweep through him, "if the plane is crashing, this is a hell of a way to go."

She let out a shaky laugh, her own breath sounding ragged as he continued to pump into her. He used his other hand to dip under the top of her dress, fighting against the fabric of her bra to brush her bare skin.


He inhaled deeply, keeping his eyes on her face, even though her own were closed. The sight of her beautiful face, flushed with arousal, wasn't something he ever wanted to close his eyes to. And the sound of her moaning his name in pleasure was something he was rapidly becoming addicted to. Just like he was becoming addicted to everything else about her.

Her grip on his shoulders became tighter as he angled his hips to thrust deeper, although she managed not to cry out as loudly as he knew she liked to during sex. There were many things Cal had learnt about Gillian in the last two days, and most of them proved that his fantasies fell far short of the actual experience of being with her. She grabbed his face and pulled him closer, kissing him fiercely as he took her higher and higher. The turbulence seemed to have died down, but Cal hardly noticed; all he could focus on was the gorgeous woman in his arms, the delicious feel of her wrapped around him, and the sexy noises she was making.

"Cal..." She broke the kiss to gasp his name, throwing her head back as she came hard, her muscles clenching around him, and he groaned loudly as he followed her. When she'd got her breath back a little she trailed kisses along his jaw and down his neck, biting lightly as she felt him withdraw from her.

"I guess this means we're officially members," he said in a half whisper, tilting her face up so he could brush his lips against hers.

"I guess it does." She began straightening her dress and pulled her underwear on, while Cal worked on redressing himself. When he reached for the button on his shirt though, she swatted his hand away. "Let me."

He watched with an amused smile as she slowly buttoned his shirt, her fingers brushing against his skin every so often, causing little shivers. Even the lightest touch from her could elicit the strongest feeling in him.

When she was done she turned to look in the mirror, and began straightening her hair and the strap of her dress. His hands encircled her waist, and he pressed a kiss to her neck. "Remind me to make bets with you more often, darling," he murmured.

She laughed as she turned in his arms. "I'd say I'd learnt my lesson, but losing this bet wasn't exactly unpleasant."

"Not exactly unpleasant, eh? You say the sweetest things."

She gave him a quick kiss, then wiped his mouth to remove the traces of lipstick from their earlier kissing. "Come on. I'll go first." She slid the door open, and carefully stepped out. Cal watched as she walked confidently to the curtain, sweeping it aside as she headed back to her seat. He waited about half a minute before following.

"Subtle," came Reynolds' voice as Cal slid into his seat.

He could sense Gillian's blush without even looking at her, but she didn't reply. "Don't know what you're talking about, mate," Cal said, pulling the in flight magazine out of the holder and idly flicking through it. "No idea at all."

Ten minutes later, Gillian felt Cal brush his fingers down her arm. "Psst," he whispered, and she smiled.

"Yes, Cal?"

"Bet you anything Reynolds watches this movie," he said, tapping one of the listings in the magazine.

She looked at it for a second, glanced up at Reynolds, then looked back at Cal with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous grin. "Anything?"