A/N: Weird as it sounds, I got this idea from Girlfriend magazine. There was an article about Kate Perry and her new album and one of the songs was called 'Not Like The Movies'. The title alone gave me an idea for a sweet little drabble about Tony's feelings. BTW the italic is a voice inside Tony's head.

It's Not Like the Movies

Name any movie, and Tony DiNozzo could summarise it, quote it, tell you what who starred in it, what year it was released and would probably throw in the awards it may have won for good measure. Anything, whether it is adventure, action, comedy, crime, drama, horror, musical, mystery romance or sci-fi, Tony would know it. Tony loved a good hero, a handsome man who was a real womanizer and always got his way, like James Bond, to name just one.

But it seemed no matter what the genre, the movie almost always seemed to follow a pattern, and in the end they hero got the girl of his dreams. Why couldn't life be like that? It would be so amazing; things would go your way and you'd live with the drama and excitement that came with any Hollywood flick. But sadly, that would never be.

In the bullpen Tony sat idly doing nothing, realising that the clock was ticking. By his age, all of his heroes would have found their perfect woman and stopped being such players. Why hadn't he done this? Was it because he hadn't met the right girl? The girls he dated were thin, attractive and hopefully not too clingy. Other than that, there were no real set 'criteria'. Maybe he wasn't looking hard enough. Maybe he needed to be more specific. He should try looking for a woman with the same interests as him. But what were his interests? Movies? The reason he watched so many is because he didn't have a pointless date that night, which lately, had been often. What were his other interests? Adult magazines? Other girls? Yeah, because a girlfriend would really love that.

What he needed was a woman. Someone who understood him, never tried to change him, someone who was professional, smart, independent. But a girl like that was one in a million, and if there was really someone out there who was his 'soul mate', she could be on the other side of the world for all he knew.

''Or she could be in the room...'' said a voice in his head, which he tried to block out.

"Think about it, she's from another side of the world, so your theory was right. You know how much you love it when you're right."

Tony smiled. He did love being right, but this was not the time. And anyway, if this subconscious voice in his head, which he sincerely hoped was not a sign of him going crazy, was telling the truth, then that would mean his soul mate was...Ziva.

"She understands you. She'd never try to change you. She's professional, smart and totally independent, everything you want. Not to mention beautiful."

For a moment, Tony let his imagination take over and he pictured him and Ziva walking hand in hand through the park on a spring day, or eating dinner at a candlelit table. It seemed right.

But then, he was brought back to reality by her voice, sweet and smooth.

"Anyone home, DiNozzo?" she said, stifling a laugh at his blank gaze, which he had been unknowingly wearing for the past ten minutes.

"Look at that smile, so radiant, so beautiful. The temptation must be killing you."

Tony wasn't sure if he liked this voice in his head. It was rather bossy, and was making life around Ziva increasingly difficult.

"What? I wasn't listening," he said distractedly.

"Didn't think so," she replied, returning to her work.

"If life were a movie, you'd have her by now, DiNozzo."

That made him feel a little better.

"But it isn't, so you better get yourself together, or you might miss your chance."

Maybe this voice was right. Ziva was virtually the perfect woman. It could be any day she met a man she loved. They would marry, have children, and Tony would sit on the sidelines, regretting never telling her his feelings, ridden and ruled by jealousy. He did not want that to happen. He was going to be the director of his own life. He would write his own scripts, cast his own roles and cut each scene at the right time. Maybe life could be a movie.

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