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Abby Sciuto sighed as she looked into her microscope for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. She loved forensics more than anything. They were her talent; what she believed she had been put on this Earth to do, but sometimes they just bored her. Everything about them way so very decided, so very black and white. There were no grey areas. Of course, that made her work easy somewhat, but what bugged her was that it was nothing like real life.

As far as Abby was concerned, life was just one big grey area. She hated living in a world where what appears to be a compliment has so many different meanings, and may not be a compliment after all. Or where you can't say how you feel about someone because they might take it the wrong way, even when it's blatantly simple.

But Abby tried not to believe in that, and it was why she wore her feelings on her sleeve, why she hugged people all the time; because she believed that the things that need to be said the most are often never said at all. And you never know when someone will leave you forever, for whatever reason. She had learnt that from the death of her parents. She so desperately wanted the people she cared most about to know how she truly felt.

But there were a few things she was keeping back, like the fact that Gibbs was practically her father, and that, well...she loved McGee.

It was a scary concept. Some would refer to it as 'Geek Love', but Abby thought it could work. After her 'Michael' fiasco, she had taken it easy on the dating. But she was becoming tired of the repetition that she so constantly faced.

Every day, Gibbs walked into her lab.

"Whaddaya got, Abs?" he would say.

She would say something technical and overly complicated which he may or may not understand. If he did understand, he would finish her sentences and if he didn't, he would simply stare at her and she would 'translate' into English from 'geek-speak'. Then he would kiss her on the cheek and leave, if she was lucky, farewelling her with a, "thanks, Abs."

It was all routine, routine, routine, following the rules and solving cases. And it made Abby want to rebel and do something wild and crazy. Not too much so, of course, just enough to change Gibbs' plain expression.

On some days, when McGee was in her lab, it was difficult for her not to just grab him by the shoulders and pull him into a passionate kiss. Something like that is the kind of thing that would fill that need she had.

But on other days, she wasn't so sure that she wanted to change the status quo. After all, she had it pretty well made. A great job doing what she loved, surrounded by people she loved like family...what more could one ask for? And after all, McGee probably wasn't the right one for her. The possibility of a third couple meeting their soul mate in the same workplace (the first two being Gibbs and Director Shepard and then Tony and Ziva, she believed) was almost statistically impossible.

Exactly: almost.

Abby Gibbs-slapped herself and tried to get back to work.

There are a lot of things that are almost statistically impossible, Abby. But statistically, a lot of them happen.

Abby sighed. Why did her brain have to be such a smartass?

You know, sometimes giving into temptation is a good thing. It makes you happy.

But Abby was determined to get rid of this voice and tried her very best to ignore it. But it kept pushing all her buttons.

Think what it would be like, Abigail.

She grunted unwillingly at the sound of her real name.

He is so loyal, something you really admire in a man, don't you? And he wouldn't go crazy like Michael did. He would always keep you safe. He is your other half; the responsible side of you.

"Then what does that make me?" Abby asked, not intending for it to be out loud.

His wild side, Abby. Without you he might have no happiness in his life. You wouldn't want that, would you?

Abby shook her head frantically. "What should I do?" she asked the voice.

Give in...

And with that final weak whisper, she felt the voice floating away, probably to go tamper with someone else's love life.

Where she would go from here, she didn't know. It depended on whether the voice was her subconscious or a phenomenon unlike many people had ever seen.

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