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Shit. Shit shit shit.

I was late. I was so late. God, he was going to kill me.

I raced back up stairs and back into my room, doing yet another scan of the entire area. It had been clean when I'd woken up this morning. Not so much anymore.

Where was it?

I wasn't dressed. I had yet to do my hair or make-up, and I had ten minutes until Edward showed up to give me a ride to school. I'd spent almost all morning looking for my Little Red Book. I just couldn't find it, and I never went anywhere without it.

So I stood there, in my bedroom doorway, the water still dripping from my hair and down my back. It was actually quite annoying. Where the fuck was my book?

I was just about to go searching in the dark depths under my bed again when I heard the purr of Edward's Volvo pull into my driveway.


I grabbed my dressing gown and threw it on just as a nock sounded on my door. "He's going to kill me." I muttered to myself as I headed back downstairs.

Breathing deeply, I reached for the door handle and opened the door to a very surprised and slightly annoyed Edward. He looked at me, his eyes raking over me and taking in my wet hair from my shower, my light blue silk dressing gown and bare feet. I cringed a little as I saw his eyes darken.

"Oh, Bella," he sighed as he reached forward and took a lock of dripping hair between his fingers. "What am I going to do with you, love?"

I laughed nervously. I hated it when he used that pet name with me, it was such a tease. At least I could take pleasure in the fact that I knew I was the only person he used it on.

"I was searching for my book," I muttered as he continued to eye me and shake his head. "I couldn't find it—still haven't, and I guess that I wasn't paying attention to the time."

He laughed again and stepped forward, wrapping me in a hug and getting his white button-down shirt wet in the process. I sighed happily and sank into his embrace. The feel of him holding me when I was basically only wearing a thin layer of silk felt so good, I could have stayed there all day. Who needs school anyway?

He pulled away slowly and looked down at me, smiling softly. "You go and get ready, and I'll look for your book. I tell you now, if I find it as soon as I walk in there, you're going to get it missy."

I laughed softly, turned and headed upstairs to the bathroom to do as I was told, while he made his way to my room.

I closed the door, still chuckling to myself and moved over to stand in front of the mirror. I sighed as I took in my appearance. My long, dark hair was falling over my shoulders and down my back in thick, wet tendrils, and my cheeks were flushed from my run around and close contact with Edward. At least I looked good in the robe.

As I started to brush through my hair, I yelled to Edward through the door. "If someone hadn't killed my truck, you wouldn't have to put up with the inconvenience of picking me up and dropping me home from school each day."

Edward laughed loudly back at me. I had had a beautiful—to me anyway—red Chevy truck that I absolutely adored. So what if it was old, and maybe a bit loud? I loved it. Anyway, Edward had hated the thing from the moment I got it. Over the last couple of months, I knew it had started to reach the end of its life, but it had conked out sooner that I had expected. I had my suspicions as to why that was. Rose was a mechanic—which drove the guys at our school even crazier than what her gorgeous good-looks did, and I knew that she'd taught Edward a thing or two in the many years we'd all known each other. I had accused him repeatedly of bringing my trucks life to an end sooner than necessary. He continued to deny any role in its death, but I knew not to trust him.

"For the last time, Bella, I did not do anything to your truck!" he chuckled.

I scoffed as I pulled on my short-sleeved, tight blue tee-shirt. For the first time in the past couple of weeks, the weather outside was actually slightly warm today. "Bullshit Edward. I know you killed it, so now you just have to put up with driving me," I paused to pull on my jeans, "everywhere. The inconvenience is your own fault."

I heard him start chuckling again, but he stopped abruptly to yell, "Found it!"

"Oh, thank God!"

I raced out of my bathroom to find him standing beside my bed, holding the book in one hand and my pillow up in the other. I blushed at his raised eyebrow. That was embarrassing. Walking over to him and his smug grin, I found myself unable to look straight at him as his eyes appraised me in my tight jeans and shirt.

"Thank you." I said sincerely as I took my book back off him.

Looking down at me, his emerald eyes sparkling mischievously, he said, "You're very welcome love."

My blush increased ten-fold.

I stepped back, trying to put some space between us before I did anything stupid and said quickly, "I'm nearly ready, I just need to chuck on my shoes and grab my bag and we can get out of here." I looked over my shoulder at Edward when he didn't reply, and he seemed to have not heard a thing I'd said, looking out the window with glazed over eyes.

I laughed softly to myself. He was always doing that. I sat on my bed and started to put on my converse as I thought it. It was a wonder that he managed to get any notes done in school with the way he never seemed to pay attention, but then, Edward was a genius, with his scores falling in top of the year only rivalled by my good friend Angela. She too was also a genius.

Watching Edward look out at the—for now—sunny sky was a mesmerizing site. He was too beautiful, his unruly bronze hair always looking perfect, even though I knew that's how it always is when he first wakes up and can't be bothered doing anything with it. His lean but powerful build, and his long pianist fingers, everything, all the way down to his dress sense was gorgeous.

I sighed. Way out of my depth.

He turned then, looking as though he'd just come back to reality, and smiled at me. "Okay, all ready."

"Are you now? Because I think there's just a couple things you forgot."

It was my turn to raise the eyebrow.

"For one; this." He bent over and picked up my school bag off the floor by my bed.

"I was going to grab it on the way out." I said impassively, keeping a straight face whilst challenging Mr. Perfect.

"And this." He stepped closer to me, holding up my book, smiling devilishly, like he knew some big secret.

"I was going to chuck it in the bag on the way out." I said just as coolly. Where was he going with this?

He stepped even closer so that now we were only inches apart. "And finally; this." He reached down, taking a hold of the top of my jeans, and before I could even ask what on earth he was doing, he'd grasped the button and pooped it in place, effectively finishing the job of doing up my jeans which I hadn't realised wasn't complete.

My face burnt red. Looking up at Edward through my lashes, I could see the cocky grin on his face and proceeded to smack him in the arm for toying around with me.

He laughed whole-heartedly. "There," he choked out, "now you're ready."

I grabbed my bag from where he'd left it and turned on my heel, whipping him in the face with my still wet hair. "Asshole."

I proceeded to stomp down my stairs with Edward's rich, musical laughter following me, my face bright red. Dick.

"Love you too." He called after me as I exited the house, him hot on my heels.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I muttered to myself, wishing it was true.

Pushing through the doorway of the classroom I'd just had my last ever exam in, I could have sighed in relief, had it not been for the massive throng of students all trying to escape through the very small doorway all at the same time, effectively smashing me into the doorjamb whilst person after person stepped on my toe, a couple of them very painfully so.

When I finally managed to shove my way through, I started hobbling my way down through the halls to the cafeteria. Just as I was reaching the door I was stopped in my tracks by Slut 1 and Slut 2. Aka, Lauren and Jessica.

"What's wrong with your foot, Swan?" Lauren sneered down at me from her vantage point on her ridiculously high heels. So these had been the bitches that had stepped extra hard on my foot going out the door. But then, who had I expected it to be in the first place?

"She probably hit it on something while running away from her reflection this morning. You know how clumsy she is." Jessica sighed as if it were some tragedy.

I glared at them both.

I was ready to just walk past them, ignore them like I normally did. But as I looked over their shoulders, I caught site of Edward, sitting at our usual table with the gang. They were all watching the situation. Then, just before I walked away, I caught Edward's eye, and saw him mouth, "The notebook", and I stopped dead. He was right, we had promised to do that today, the whole thing. And the first thing on the list was to stand up to these bitches.

"So Swan," Lauren said again, seeing my hesitation, probably thinking their words affected me in some way. "What's wrong with your foot?"

I looked up at them both, scowling. I'd so had enough of their shit over the last couple of years. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you two?" I said lowly to start with, my voice rising at my rant continued. All the anger I'd kept inside flowing out finally. "Oh, that's right, nothing right? Because it's all fake. The noses, the lips, the boobs! And yes, everyone knows about them by the way. Hell even your faces are fake! I'd hate to see what is actually underneath all that make-up, but then, I don't own a jackhammer to use to get through it all, so I guess I'll never know."

By this point, they had both paled, and I could see that not only was my group watching on now, but so was the rest of the student body present. I was making quite a scene. And I was quite enjoying myself, especially when I saw more than a few students holding back laughter.

"So don't go putting down other people just because you can't do anything more about your own insecurities. Okay? Because you know where that will get you in life? Fucking nowhere. There's more to life after high school, and with an attitude like that, you'll be needing a lot more plastic surgery to fix all the damage that people will cause on your 'precious' faces. And guess what girls? High school's nearly over."

I looked at them both, giving them a good long stare each, and when I was finally happy that they both had nothing further to say, I pushed past them and sat down at my table.

Only then did the raucous laughter register. Edward leaned over to me, throwing his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close, leaning against me as he laughed heartily. I couldn't help but start giggling softly too.

Looking around me at my friends, my family, I couldn't help but smile along with them. I caught Alice's eye and she had one of her mischievous smile dancing on her lips as she eyed Edward and myself.

I gave her a look that clearly said "shut the fuck up" and was about to pick up Edward's apple that he had sitting on his lunch tray and throw it at her when I was stopped by the feeling of Edward's breath cascading down my neck, the sweet smell of it invading my nose and turning my to mush.

He really does have an unfair affect on me.

He chuckled lowly in my ear, so only I could hear him.

"So Swan," he whispered, using Lauren's name for me, only it sounded much better coming from his lips in his voice than it ever would coming from her whiny throat. "Now that number 1 is thoroughly completed, what's next?"

I swallowed thickly before answering, trying to force my heart out of my throat and back to where it belonged.

"Set off the school fire alarm." I said hesitantly, highly self-conscious of how childish the idea was.

I felt him chuckle again against my neck, his breath tickling the tiny hairs there. "Only you, love."

I looked up at him from under my eyelashes, my chocolate brown ones meeting and colliding with his deep, forest greens ones, and I thought to myself, that if his eyes were a forest, I would gladly let myself get lost in them any day.

He'd never looked at me so intensely, he was so close, our foreheads were resting on each others, and his arm was still around me, one of mine splayed against his chest now. And for that one infinite moment, I'd never wanted to be kissed so badly in my entire life.

I had completely forgotten where we were, that we were in the middle of a crowded, very noisy cafeteria, because it was like we were in a bubble, and we were the only two things that existed for that moment.

And then the bell rang, causing both of us to jump and break out of whatever it was that we had just been in, and crash back to reality, to the loud noises of chairs scraping linoleum, the smell of rain and dirt and teenagers, and the knowing looks of Alice and Rose as they quickly got up and left for class.

Pretty soon, we were the only ones left.

Edward looked down at me and smiled my smile, and, taking my hand he pulled me up, heading toward the hall.

"Well? Ready love? 'Cause here goes nothing." He said excitedly as my eyes settled on the big, red fire alarm puller-thing in front of us.

Oh, my God, I thought to myself as Edward placed my hand on the lever, and then his over mine. We're really going to ring the school fire alarm! And in the next second, Edward had forced both our hands down, causing a deafening shriek to sound throughout the entire school.

Looking at Edward in panic, I saw his eyes light up. "Now," he said loudly to me over the noise. "Now we run!"

And using the hand that still held mine in it, he tugged me toward the parking lot where his car was, and together we bolted across the school, laughing hysterically, me tripping every few steps, and both of us wearing matching goofy grins.

"Go! Go! Go!" Edward yelled as he held open the car door for me—ever the gentleman—and ushered me in. Then, racing around to his side, he jumped in and had managed to get us out of the school grounds faster than I could put my seatbelt on.

Still laughing, I looked over at Edward, his eyes alight and his hair even more dishevelled from the run. He looked over at me, catching me staring and grinned, his hand squeezing mine.

I laughed again.

If there was one thing that Edward did love, it was a good chase.

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