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It was the most ridiculous thing that had ever happened to Dean in his life.

Dean woke up when he heard a familiar voice call his name. He groaned and tried to turn around to lay on his right side, away from the voice, but something was pulling at his left wrist. Dean groaned in annoyance and tried to pull his wrist towards himself, but something was keeping his wrist in place and he couldn't move it towards himself.


Dean recognized the voice right away, and it only made him even more annoyed. The angel just didn't have any understanding of a human's need to sleep.

"Damnit Cas, stop pulling at my wrist and let me sleep," he groaned into the pillow. He felt Castiel shift on the bed behind him but the angel made no attempt to leave and let Dean sleep.

Dean muttered a curse under his breath and finally turned around to see Castiel's bright blue eyes stare back into his. The angel looked… uncomfortable. And he was sitting right there on the edge of the bed, uncomfortably close to Dean. If he moved any closer he would be sitting on Dean's lap.

Dean glared at the angel. "Cas? What the hell—"

That was when he noticed the reason why Cas was sitting so close.

There were handcuffs around his wrist, and Cas' too, locking them together.

"What the hell?" Dean exclaimed. He sat up and brought his hand up to examine the weird handcuffs, trying to get them open. Next to him, Cas' hand was involuntarily dragged up from where it rested on the bed, to dangle just below Dean's.

"Dean, I've tried that already. It's no use," the angel said.

Dean stared back at Castiel. "What the hell do you mean? Why the fuck am I handcuffed to you?" he demanded.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? How the fuck did this happen?" Dean snapped. He stood up from the bed, dragging Castiel with him, and tried desperately to undo the handcuffs somehow, but it was no use.

He was handcuffed to the angel. Shit.

"I believe someone has tied us together. For what purpose I don't know. I was just suddenly pulled away from my location to find my hand locked to yours." Despite always saying things without any emotions in his voice, Dean could tell that Castiel was pretty annoyed by the situation.

"Shit," Dean cursed; hands still working on the handcuffs, trying to get them off. "Have you tried to get these things off with your angel mojo?"

"My powers are not what they used to be, Dean. And yes, I've tried, but failed," Castiel said. Dean never heard the angel sound so defeated before. He was about to say something when the door opened and Sam stepped inside.

Shit, today was just not his day.

Sam entered the room and froze. He stared from Cas' defeated face and Dean's annoyed expression to the handcuffs on their wrists, which Dean obviously failed to hide from him.

"Oh dude. I do not want to know about your kink games," Sam said with a disgusted face. Cas' eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Dean's face was red instantly.

"Dude! I don't swing that way! And we're not playing around, we're locked together!" Dean said.

"Yeah I can see that," Sam said, still staring at the weird scene in front of him with a frown. "Mind to explain why?"

"I don't know why! I wake up and I'm handcuffed to the nerd angel here," Dean snapped, pulling his hand forward and Cas' with it to show Sam. "And neither of us can get them off."

Sam's frown deepened and he moved over to examine the cuffs. They appeared to be glowing faintly whenever someone tried to open them. This was definitely magic. What was even weirder was that there seemed to be no key hole in the cuffs, so technically they couldn't even be locked.

"Huh," Sam said, baffled. "And you can't get them off either, Cas?" he asked and looked at the angel.

"No. These cuffs appear to be very powerful," Castiel said, staring at the cuffs Sam was now examining.

The whole situation was so awkward and then Sam started grinning. "Seems like you're going to be handcuffed to an angel for a while, Dean. Because I doubt these things come off easily," he said, obviously trying to suppress a laugh.

"Hilarious, Sam, why don't you just burst out laughing and make us all feel better?" Dean snapped.

And with that, Sam burst out laughing, gaining glares from Dean and a confused frown from Cas. "Oh God. This made my day," he said, walking towards to the door to go out, still laughing.

Dean scowled at his brother and dragged Cas with him out the door after Sam.


The diner was busy that morning. Luckily for Dean, because then there was less chance that anyone would notice the handcuffs on his and Cas' wrists as they walked into the diner to get breakfast. Except that everyone seemed to think that they were holding hands. Which they were definitely not.

They sat down at an available table in the corner in the back of the diner. Dean and Castiel were facing the wall and Sam, so that no one would notice how close their hands were.

Sam had to hold back giggles as they sat down awkwardly at the table, and Dean glared daggers at him. Castiel, however, seemed almost unaffected by the whole situation. As soon as they sat down at the table, he turned to stare blankly out the window into the parking lot.

The waitress came over and gave them the menu. Castiel frowned at the menu which was handed to him. "I don't require food."

"No, but I do, and since you can't just fly off right now, I guess you're gonna have to sit here and watch us eat," Dean said. Castiel sighed in defeat.

Sam looked between the two of them. "We can drive to Bobby's, see if he has any clues on how to get those cuffs open."

"Dude, Bobby's five hours away. And I ain't sitting in the backseat with my hand tied to an angel for five hours," Dean complained.

"Well, would you rather sit here or at the motel for days with your hand tied to an angel?" Sam countered.

Before Dean could answer, the waitress returned to take their orders. Dean shifted uncomfortably as her gaze fell on his hand which was resting very close to Castiel's. But because of Castiel's coat sleeve and Dean's own sleeve, she couldn't see the handcuffs. Dean smiled at her awkwardly as she stared at them with a disgusted face.

Dean muttered curses under his breath as the waitress finally walked away to get their orders. He knew what it must have looked like to her.

"Dude, I'm never gonna let you forget this," Sam grinned.

"Shut up, Sam," Dean muttered behind clenched teeth and glared at his brother.

It wasn't easy for Dean to eat his breakfast with his left hand tied to Castiel's, but he managed anyway. At least it wasn't his right hand that was cuffed. Castiel's was, however, but Dean doubted it made any difference to him whether it was his left or right hand that was cuffed.


The drive to Bobby's was awkward. They drove in silence with Sam driving Dean's beloved Impala while Dean and Cas were forced to sit in the backseat together.

Dean was getting impatient. He wasn't used to have his freedom stolen from him like this. Being tied to another man was no fun. Even if this man just happened to be an angel.

It was after three hours of driving that Dean learned how inconvenient it really was to be locked together with Cas. Dean had to use the men's room, so Sam stopped at a gas station. Dean ignored how Sam was giggling when Dean dragged Castiel behind him as he rushed into the gas station's toilet.

The toilet was pretty gross, even Castiel pulled a face when they entered it, but that was how most gas station toilets were like. At least the toilet was just one small room with only one toilet in it, so they didn't have to worry about other guys coming in and see them standing there like idiots.

"Turn around and don't look," Dean said as he stood in front of the toilet.

Castiel frowned at him in confusion before his eyes lit up with understanding and turned around awkwardly.

"And close your ears!" Dean growled as he started fumbling with the zipper with his right hand.

"Dean, I can't 'close my ears', it's physically impossible."

Dean couldn't see the angel's face, but he could practically see that usual frown he always had when he didn't understand what Dean meant.

"Whatever, just don't listen!" Dean snapped.

Taking a piss with an angel standing next to you was not on the list of things Dean wanted to try again. But if they didn't get the cuffs off, he might not have a choice.

When Dean was done he zipped himself up, which was difficult when he only had one hand to use. He made his way over to the sink to wash his hands, dragging Cas with him.

When Dean turned around and faced Cas, he noticed the uncomfortable look on his face.

"Dude," Dean frowned, looking Cas up and down awkwardly. "Don't tell me you need to—?"

"No," Cas cut him off. He shifted uncomfortably before he looked up at Dean with a frown. "Is it… Is it always so noisy when you do that?" he asked innocently.

Dean's jaw dropped. "Dude! I told you not to listen!" he exclaimed; cheeks turning red. He grabbed Castiel by the sleeve. "And I am not having this conversation with you," he muttered before dragging Castiel with him out of the gas station and back to the car and Sam.

When they settled in the backseat, Sam smirked at Dean in the rear view. "Had fun?"

"Bite me."

Sam laughed and started the engine, driving them the rest of the way to Bobby's house.


They arrived at Bobby's two hours later. They hadn't called Bobby about their arrival, but being in a wheelchair, the man couldn't go far anyway.

He greeted them as they entered the house; Sam entering first with Dean awkwardly dragging Castiel behind him into the kitchen.

Bobby frowned as he noticed the awkward way Dean was moving and how close the angel was standing next to him. It wasn't until they were fully inside the kitchen that he noticed the handcuffs tying the two of them together.

"Do I even wonna know what happened?" Bobby asked, raising an eyebrow at them.

Sam laughed. "Well, this is kinda why we're here."

"I wouldn't have figured," Bobby deadpanned before guiding himself into his study, the others following behind him. "Care to explain how this happened?"

The three other men stared at each other before Dean said, "we actually don't know. It seemed that suddenly we just found ourselves handcuffed to each other. And they won't get off."

Bobby frowned and moved closer to examine the handcuffs on their wrists. "There is no key hole," he stated.

"Yeah, I noticed that too. So whatever did this certainly didn't do it the traditional way," Sam said.

"I wonder what kind of magic this is," Bobby muttered absently as he stared at the faint bluish glow illuminating from the handcuffs. "It's nothing I've ever seen before." He let go of the handcuffs and sighed. "Sorry boys, I'm not sure I can help you with this. Magical handcuffs are not something I've encountered before."

"But if we find out what kind of magic was used, maybe we can get closer to a solution?" Sam suggested.

"Sure, go ahead, but I'm telling you: this won't be easy."

Dean and Castiel exchanged helpless glances at each other. This was going to be a very annoying process until they were separated again.


The rest of the day went by with Sam constantly examining the handcuffs, trying to figure out what kind of magic was used. He had found an old book in Bobby's study about different kind of spells and magic, but so far nothing seemed to match the kind of magic that was in the handcuffs. And they were still no closer to answer to what had done this and why. Which was the question that was bothering everyone the most.

Dean was grateful that Cas didn't have to use the toilet. Last time had been very awkward, and Dean didn't really like awkward situations much.

But dinner was still awkward, with Sam constantly finding it funny whenever Dean had trouble cutting his food with one hand. Sometimes he had to bring up his left hand to help, dragging Castiel's hand with it. The angel made no comment but the action didn't seem to please him much.

Dean glared up as his brother when he heard giggles coming from Sam. "What?" he asked.

"Want me to help you cut your food?" Sam teased with a huge grin on his face.

"Not unless that food is you," Dean growled.

Sam laughed and got up from the table, hands raised in front of him in surrender. "Okay, okay, I'll let you two eat in peace then." He walked into Bobby's study and closed the door behind him.

Dean groaned in annoyance at his brother before he went back to eating his food. That was when he noticed that the angel sitting next to him had been quiet for too long. He glanced at Castiel and saw him staring intently at the food on the table.


Castiel woke up from his thoughts and stared back at Dean.

"If you want any food just grab some," Dean said; eyebrow raised at the angel.

Castiel made a discomforted grimace. "No thank you, I still do not require food, Dean," he insisted.

"Yeah whatever, just don't suck all the nutrition out of the food by staring at it, will ya," Dean mumbled and turned his attention back to his food. Castiel just frowned at him.


Dean lay down on the bed in one of Bobby's spare rooms, Castiel lying down beside him, awkwardly. He couldn't even take his shirt off because he couldn't get his hand out of the clothing, so he had to sleep with his shirts on, and so did Castiel.

Castiel had insisted that he didn't need sleep, but he had no choice but to lay down beside Dean so Dean could get his sleep.

"Dude, keep more distance," Dean said as he saw that the angel was lying way too close to him. He moved himself a few inches to the right.

"The bed doesn't seem big enough to allow much space between two people lying on it," Castiel said, and made no attempt to move. Instead, he lay on his back, staring at the ceiling above; one hand resting on his stomach and the right hand, which was cuffed to Dean's left hand, was resting on the bed in the space between them.

"Well, I'm the one who sleeps, so I need to lie comfortably," Dean said, still trying to find a proper position to sleep in. "And don't you stare at me while I'm asleep," he warned.

"I won't," Castiel said, still staring at the ceiling.

Dean stared at the angel in worry. It wasn't like him to not look at Dean.

Dean shrugged it off and finally found a comfortable position to sleep in. He was glad Castiel didn't comment that the position included Dean laying a bit closer to Castiel than was normally comfortable for him. But he was too damn tired to care anyway…

To be continued…