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Dean stared at the spot Gabriel had just disappeared from. "What is it with you angels and your stupid habit of disappearing all of sudden?" he grumbled; frustrated that Gabriel had vanished before he could demand more answers from him.


The mention of his name made Dean snap back to the currently situation.

Castiel knew now. He knew what Dean had done. Guilt rushed over him once more, and he reluctantly turned around to face Castiel.

Castiel was staring at the floor in front of Dean's feet. "I thought…" Castiel trailed off. "I thought you regretted it. What happened between us earlier," he said softly, lifting his gaze to stare into Dean's green eyes.

"Cas, I would never regret that. Not with you," Dean said; voice full of honesty. Dean's words warmed Castiel inside.

"Look, I know I screwed up, okay? I just… I saw the handcuffs were open, you were sleeping, and suddenly I was afraid that you'd leave again. You always go somewhere when you think you're not needed, and I…" Dean trailed off.

He looked to the floor in shame and waited for Cas to yell at him or something. But the angel didn't yell at him. Instead, Castiel stepped closer to him and put his free hand on Dean's shoulder, making Dean hold back a moan at the warm touch of his angel.

"Dean," Castiel said, firmly but also softly; making Dean look up into his eyes. "I wouldn't have left you. I never want to leave you, Dean; please don't think that I would."

"Cas," Dean said, almost choking on his own voice. He looked into Castiel's blue eyes and saw nothing but love in them.

Castiel had forgiven him, even after what he had done to him. His heart raced with emotions, and without thinking, he leaned towards Castiel, who in response leaned towards Dean and their lips met in a soft kiss.

The kiss turned more heated when Castiel stepped closer to Dean; moaning into his mouth with pleasure. Dean moaned back in approval, moving his free hand to the back of Castiel's neck, pulling the angel even closer so their chests were touching slightly.

Dean's tongue lingered at Cas' lips, pressing and begging for entrance. It took Cas a moment to figure out what Dean wanted before he parted his lips and allowed Dean's tongue inside his mouth to explore.

The feeling of Dean's tongue inside his mouth; exploring and tasting, was overwhelming to Castiel. Eagerly, he pressed his tongue against Dean's and they fought for dominance. Eventually Cas gave in; earning a possessive growl from Dean who started to kiss him even harder; fingers digging into Castiel's neck possessively, but not enough to make it hurt too much.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps outside the door and someone grabbed the door handle. "Dean, are you in here?" they heard Sam ask.

Sam opened the door and looked inside, immediately regretting it.

There stood his brother, kissing an angel with such possessiveness and affection that Sam's jaw almost hit the floor.

Dean growled in annoyance when Sam opened the door and reluctantly pulled away from Cas' lips to look at his shocked little brother.

"Oh dude, I did not want to see that!" Sam blurted, covering his eyes with one of his hands.

"You were the one who just stormed into the room without knocking," Dean reminded him, voice like a growl. "What do you want?" he asked; moving his hand to rest on Cas' hip.

"Nothing, just wanted to get dad's diary since I'm doing research," Sam said, making his way over to Dean's jacket where he knew his brother kept the diary. "And maybe some brain bleach, too."

Dean laughed. "C'mon Sammy, it can't be that bad. I remember you encouraging us to do this actually."

"Yeah, but that didn't include me having to see it," Sam said and grimaced. He walked over to the door. "And lock the damn door already, jerk."

"Bitch," Dean replied as his brother quickly closed the door behind him and ran back to his own room.

Dean moved over to the door and locked it; making sure that no one else walked in on them tonight. Once was quite enough.

He turned to look at Cas, who was blushing slightly. His lips were swollen from the kiss and Dean guessed his own were too. Then he noticed how tired the angel looked and moved closer to him.

"Hey," Dean said, cupping Cas' cheek with his right hand. He smiled when Cas leant into the touch. "You're tired. Let's go to sleep, ok?"

Castiel nodded and Dean guided him over to the bed. They lay down under the covers; Castiel snuggling up against Dean and rested his head under Dean's chin.

Dean tensed a bit when Cas snuggled up against him, but he quickly relaxed and dragged his free right arm over Cas' side. Their handcuffed hands were resting between them.

Dean began to stroke Castiel's back gently with his right hand, earning a contended sigh from the angel. Encouraged, Dean continued the movement, trying to make the angel as comfortable as possible. He owed him that after having made Castiel worry so much about him.

By accident, Dean's hand reached Castiel's sweet spot on his shoulder blades where the wings came out of his vessel; making the angel gasp and jerk in surprise. Dean quickly moved his hand away.

"Sorry," Dean said.

"It's okay, Dean," Castiel said, relaxing against Dean. "You can touch me there if you like."

Almost hesitantly, Dean moved his hand over the spot again, making Cas moan against his collar bone.

Dean still couldn't feel anything when he moved his hand over Castiel's back. It disappointed him somehow, so he decided to ask Castiel for permission. "Cas?" he said.


"Can I… see your wings?" Dean asked, uncertainly, hoping he hadn't crossed a line. When he felt Castiel tense against him at his request, he knew a rejection was coming.

But it didn't come.

Instead, blue eyes looked up at him in wonder. Soon, the angel's face lit up and Cas nodded, somewhat shyly. He shifted until he was on top of Dean; straddling the hunter's hips. Then he closed his eyes and Dean could feel the air in the room change as two huge wings appeared behind Castiel's back.

They were pure white; the soft feathers shining with grace even though Dean knew that Castiel's grace was being restrained by the handcuffs. Apparently, they didn't prevent the angel from showing his beautiful wings to the world.

When the wings were fully visible, Castiel's body relaxed and he looked at Dean's awed expression. He leant closer to Dean, and Dean took the invitation for what it was and moved his free hand through the feathers. Castiel shuddered and moaned in response.

Dean grew more confident and stroked and touched the feathers and wing bone; exploring them, seeing Castiel's reactions to his touch, and feeling the silky feathers between his fingers.

"Damnit, I wish I could use both my hands for this," Dean complained as he stroked his hand along Cas' wing bone. Cas shuddered against him and made a sound of agreement.

"Dean, please, I can't…" Castiel trailed off.

"What is it, Cas? What do you need?" Dean asked, still stroking the left wing.

Castiel was panting heavily, and Dean could feel his erection against his thigh every now and then. "Please, Dean, I want more."

Dean growled in response, and soon he moved Castiel to lie on his back on the bed – but gently to avoid making Cas' ribs hurt. Dean moved up the angel's body to nip and suck at his throat. Cas mewled in response, and Dean chuckled.

He moved his hand away from Cas' wing, making Cas whine in protest, but Dean ignored him for now. He moved his hand to Castiel's pants; working them open and pulled them down Castiel's thighs. He removed Cas' shoes and socks and threw both his pants and boxers on the floor; leaving the angel naked from the waist down.

Castiel had opened his shirt, exposing his chest and stomach to Dean and the air in the room. The sight alone was almost enough to bring Dean over the edge, but he held back. He didn't want this to end just yet.

Dean fumbled with his own jeans, and Cas moved to help him when he had trouble getting them open. Soon, Dean's clothes followed Cas' on the floor. He shifted, and Cas along with him, so he could take out a bottle of lube from the night stand.

Castiel stared at him in confusion at first, but when he realized Dean's intentions, he shifted and eagerly spread his legs for Dean. Dean positioned himself between his legs and brought his slick fingers to the angel's hole. He felt the muscles tense at first, but after circling the hole a few times, Cas' body relaxed and Dean started pressing one finger inside at the time.

Dean took his time working Cas' hole open and stretching it. In the meanwhile, he moved his mouth to the feathers on Castiel's right wing, which he had neglected to touch so far. With his left hand being tied to Cas it was difficult to pay attention to the right wing, after all.

Dean nipped gently at the wing bone, making Cas jerk and moan even more. When his fingers found Castiel's prostrate, the angel was going crazy underneath him. "Dean!" he gasped. "Please, Dean, I want you. Now," Cas almost growled.

"Fuck, Cas," Dean groaned. Who was he to say no to that?

He withdrew his fingers from Castiel's hole, chuckling when the angel groaned in protest, before he lubed himself up and positioned himself in front of Castiel's entrance. He breached him slowly, watching the angel's expression all the time to look for any sign of pain.

Castiel grimaced when Dean entered him. It felt weird, unlike anything he had ever felt before. But it was Dean and it felt good. When Dean was fully inside him, he wrapped his legs around Dean's waist and pressed him in even further.

Dean shuddered and moaned. Cas was so fucking tight and warm. When he started to move, the angel was making delicious noises beneath him.

Dean moved his hand to start stroking Cas' wings again and Cas mewled. When his cock started hitting Cas' prostrate with every thrust, the angel's body arched and his channel clenched around Dean. That was when Dean knew that they wouldn't last long.

After a few more moments of thrusting and Dean stroking the wings, they both came; screaming each other's names as their climax rushed over them. Castiel's release hit their abdomens, and Dean released himself into Cas; making Cas moan as the thick, warm fluid filled him.

They collapsed against each other and panted as they came down from their high. Dean slowly pulled out of Cas, making the angel moan at the loss. They moved into their previous position on the bed with Cas snuggled up against Dean, except this time, they were looking at each other.

Dean stroked Castiel's cheek tenderly and Cas smiled back at him; leaning into the touch.

"I never thought I was going to say this to anyone, but… fuck, I love you, Cas," Dean said, smiling at his angel. It surprised him how easy it was for him to say this to Cas, but it was the truth. He loved the angel.

Castiel's face lit up. "I love you too, Dean," he said, leaning in to capture Dean's lips in a kiss.

It was when they pulled away from the kiss again that Dean noticed that their hands were free. The handcuffs were gone. They brought their hands up and rubbed their wrists. At least they weren't sore or anything.

"I think Gabriel was playing matchmaker," Dean said, snorting at the thought.

"Yes, it seems like it," Castiel replied, studying his wrist in almost fascination.

"Stay?" Dean suddenly asked.

Castiel looked up into Dean's pleading eyes and smiled. "Of course. Even if you didn't secretly lock us back together this time, I will stay," he said, and Dean swore he was smirking at him.

"Good," Dean said, pushing Cas teasingly. Cas just smiled at him and moved closer.

"I have the feeling Sam's not gonna be so happy about this. Having to order two rooms on every trip and all," Dean chuckled.

"He'll get used to it," Castiel replied, smiling.

"Yeah. He has to," Dean murmured, as he felt his eyes give in to his need of sleep. He wrapped his arm around his angel next to him and Cas snuggled up against his body; moving one wing over their bodies for protection. They both closed their eyes, smiling in contentment, and fell asleep.

Neither of them noticed Gabriel, who stood in the dark corner of the room and observed how the two lovers fell asleep peacefully in each other's arms. He was quite satisfied that his plan had worked. He knew Dean too well and was sure that Dean would never have admitted his feelings for Castiel unless he was forced to face them. So that was what Gabriel had done: made Dean face his feelings and admit them.

As for Castiel, he just needed a little push in the right direction before he could show his feelings to Dean. And that had worked out well too.

Gabriel pulled another candy bar out of nowhere, smiled one last time at the scene in front of him and disappeared into the night; a flutter of wings being the only evidence he was ever there.

The end.


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